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GO GREEN Filling your plate with plenty of greens is never easier than in July. Pick up a bundle of spinach, arugula, lettuce, Swiss chard, or any other leafy green, which are all juiciest and freshest during July. Cucumbers and green beans are bountiful this time of the year, as well. This July, add some fresh flavor to your water with cucumbers or create hearty salads with any of the leafy greens mentioned above. After all, there’s no better way to celebrate the middle of summer than by consuming its most delicious foods.

When you eat something during its harvesting season, you get the most out of your meal. In-season fruits and vegetables are more nutrient-dense than their out-of-season counterparts, and there’s no matching the flavor profile of fresh, in-season produce. Even better, because in-season foods are so bountiful during their peak, you can save a lot of money by shopping with the season. This July, enjoy some tasty foods during their prime with this handy guide. FRUITFUL HARVEST Avocado toast lovers rejoice! Your season is here. Avocados are in season during July, joining many other fruity favorites. Gorge yourself on scrumptious blackberries, sweet strawberries, and bountiful tomatoes. Don’t forget about the cherries and blueberries, too! Because these fruits are so plentiful this time of the year, it’s easy to find ingredients for your favorite recipes. Host a Latin-inspired foods night with fresh guacamole and salsa, or make a delectable shortcake with a blackberry and strawberry mixture on top. GRILL GAME SO STRONG There’s no better time to fire up the grill than July, and not just because of the weather. Zucchini and corn reach their peak during July, and these grilling favorites pair well with steaks, burgers, hot dogs, or fish. Go low-carb by stuffing your zucchini with vegetables and a protein for a charred skillet bowl. Even better, add some corn to your fresh salsa to add an extra zing to your tacos. Regardless of how you utilize them, zucchini and corn are sweetest, juiciest, and freshest during July.



Service dogs have a tough job — one that often includes odd hours, long workweeks, technical or specialized knowledge, and few breaks in- between. If you have a service dog, keep in mind that in these soaring summer temperatures, you should watch for several

While certain dog breeds thrive in hotter climates, all pups need a little extra care when it comes to staying hydrated during the summer. For starters, always make sure they have ready access to drinkable water. If you have a long day planned, think about bringing a collapsible water bowl. MAKE ALLOWANCES While dogs usually work better in the heat than most people, it’s important to allow your working K-9 some leeway in performance. Keep in mind that dogs don’t sweat (except on the pads of their paws), so panting and direct heat exchange with the environment are the only ways they’re able to cool themselves. Give your partner extra time to complete tasks outdoors, and don’t be surprised if their obedience is a little less snappy or polished than it is when it’s cooler. Here at the Disability Help Center, many of our advocates work closely with clients who have service animals. If you need any other guidance about how to keep your own canine cool this summer, don’t hesitate to let us know!

detectable signs of heat exhaustion, including abnormal lethargy, vomiting, or a brightly colored blue or red tongue. Knowing the signs is important but so is prevention. Here are some tips to keep your service dog cool this summer. ACCLIMATION IS KEY Start by spending a few minutes each day working outside with your canine. If you carefully expose them to rising temperatures over the course of several weeks, then their body will begin to naturally adapt to the heat.

SOME INVALUABLE INVENTIONS Many contraptions can help keep your canine cool in the summer heat. Booties to insulate toes and protect paw pads from hot asphalt, cooling vests that reflect sunlight away from darker fur, and pressure-activated cooling pads are just a few of the gizmos you can purchase to stave off those scorching temperatures.


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