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5 HEALTHY (AND TASTY) FALL FOODS While stretches and exercises are instrumental in the recovery process as well as living a healthy lifestyle in general, what goes in your body is just as important as what you do with it. Food is the fuel that strengthens our muscles, bones, and joints, and the better our fuel, the better we operate. Fall brings with it many foods that capture the season and aid in our enduring health. So, forget the Halloween candy — munch on some of these nutritious fall foods! PUMPKINS

PEARS Put it in salads, put it in soups, cook it, or eat it as is — you’ll be hard pressed to find something as delicious as a ripe pear. They’re also packed with fiber, and they aid in hydration since they’re about 84% water. APPLES There’s nothing more quintessentially autumnal than a stroll through an apple orchard. Much like pears, full of fiber and flavorful, this fruit is incredibly versatile in how it can be served. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean your grandma’s apple pie will make you healthier, though. SWEET POTATOES As indicated by the name, this tuber has a natural sweetness that comes out when simply baked, and it’s rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and potassium. No need to candy these yams — they’ll go down the hatch just fine. If you want to supplement your exercise routine with some tastes of the season, keep these bold fall flavors in mind!

Both the “meat” and the seeds from pumpkins have vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The meat is good in stew, and the seeds are incredibly tasty when they’re roasted in the oven with some salt and pepper. There’s more to this gourd than Halloween and jack-o’- lanterns! BRUSSELS SPROUTS While this vegetable may not be incredibly popular among picky eaters, it has tons of vitamin K, folates, and iron. Plus, when roasted with some olive oil, salt, and pepper, they taste amazing.

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This super easy and fun way to create homemade treats provides your kids with a healthier and more delicious alternative to packaged industrial candy. As a bonus, making it is an awesome Halloween activity for your family to enjoy. CHOCOLATE-DIPPED FRUIT


1 package melting chocolate

• Assorted dried fruit, including apricots and mangoes


1. In a large saucepan, bring 1 inch of water to a boil. 2. Place a large, heatproof mixing bowl on top of saucepan so that no steam can escape. Place melting chocolate in mixing bowl and double boil until melted. 3. Dip half of each piece of fruit in chocolate before transferring to a parchment-lined baking sheet to rest. 4. Let cool for 10 minutes until chocolate solidifies. 5. Place in school lunches, serve at parties, and indulge in a few for yourself.

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