Minutes of the Faculty-Student Association (FSA); Binder 5;…


Dr. O'Brien asked how it is determined that the contract is satisfactory. Mr. Vickers reported that he would con$ult with the corporation's attorney, and could then execute th contract on behalf of the board, unless the board wanted to review it prior to execution. Dr. O'Brien indicated that h was confident in Mr. Vickers' ability to execute the contract . The board concurred and requested that if Mr. Vickers had any reservations he should contact the board. Mr. Vickers added that the President of the College must also approve of the contractor and the terms of the contract. Mr. Vickers informed the board that he would call each company that afternoon and then draft a letter of intent for the Wood Co. and a formal rejection letter to the contractors who were not selected. Mr. Phillips asked that all questions regarding the proposals be forwarded to the Executive Direato.r only. He asked that a public announcement be made pending the President's approval. Mr. Vickers announced that in a joint project with Residence Life, microfridges will be avai l able in September for the resident students. Approximately $41,000 will b spent to purchase them and the project will be reviewed. in on• year. FSA will be selling microwavable products in the vending machines. Residence Life will send out promotional material to resident students. Microfridges

III. Adjournment

Dr. Lampe moved, Dr. O'Brien seconded to adjourn.

CARRIED - Unanimous

The meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.

Respectfully ,submitted,

Eileen Abbatoy

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