Minutes of the Faculty-Student Association (FSA); Binder 5;…

The 450th meeting of the Faculty-Student Association was called to order on Thursday, September 23, 1999 at 8:20 AM in the Conference Room at Campus House by Michael Paluch, President.

Members: M. Paluch T. Ingersoll D. Pogue T. Hillman L. Hammond P. Bink D. Lampe

Others: G. Vickers A. Armenia S. Hoadley R. Wyssling

T. Ecklund B. Durand R. Augustine (proxy) L. Park P. Sowiski L. Fish

I. Minutes

Dr. Lampe moved, Mr. Bink seconded to approve the minutes of April 27, 1999.

Carried - Unanimous

II. Election of Officers

Mr. Vickers conducted the elections as secretary of the corporation.

President Ms. Hammond nominated Mr. Paluch Being no other nominations, Mr. Paluch was elected President by acclamation. Vice President Mr. Paluch nominated Dr. Lampe Being no other nominations, Dr. Lampe was elected Vice President by acclamation. Treasurer Mr. Ingersoll nominated Ms. Hammond. Being no other nominations, Ms. Hammond was elected Treasurer by acclamation. Mr. Vickers reported that, the controller, Sue Hoadley, would present the audit. Ms. Hoadley reviewed the corporation's equity position. She informed the board that after final payment was made to Sodexho-Marriott for the 1998-1999 contract in August, FSA was in compliance with SUNY Corporation Equity Guidelines. She pointed out the reasons for holding payment on June 30th and that by waiting for final reconciliation and review by the auditor, FSA saved approximately $100,000. She further explained that, it was not the funding of the Trust but rather the withheld Sodexho-Marriott payment that was the cause of non-compliance with SUNY Corporation Equity Guidelines on June 30th. III. Executive Director Report

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