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"The harvest truly is plenteous, but [the labourers are tew; Pray ye there­ fore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest."— Matthew 9:37, 38.

“ Never Saw Such Remarkable Response”

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October, 1947

No. 10



So great has been the demand o f our readers fo r a return to a plain “ black and white” magazine that with this issue we are happy to be able to comply with their request. How­ ever, due to the increased cost, we are obliged to reduce the number o f pages slightly. We p refer this to an increase in the subscription price. The high quality o f the contents will not be a f­ fected in any way. In this issue appears the first in a series o f expository messages on Ezekiel 36-39 from the pen o f Dr. Louis T. Talbot. These illuminating expositions o f the prophecies relating to Palestine and the Jews are partic­ ularly timely in view o f the violent struggle now taking place in the Holy Land. Included also is the first in another series o f articles on the false religious cults. Next month, Dr. E. B. Jones, a form er Seventh Day Adventist mis­ sionary, will begin his exposé o f that religious system. His first install­ ment will be entitled, “ Seventh Day Adventism— Its Foundation,” to be followed by “ Its Faith,” “ Its Frauds,” and “ Its Fruits.” Dr. Robert G. Lee, pastor o f the Bellevue Baptist Church o f Memphis, Tennessee, has prepared a moving and heart-warming Thanksgiving message fo r the November number, which will be helpful to all believers. In November as well Dr. G. Cole­ man Luck, now an instructor at Moody Bible Institute, will resume his discussion o f the churches o f Revelation with the third church, Thyatira, which he calls, “ The Church o f Jezebel.” We feel that we have been most fortunate in securing these valuable articles and are sure that our readers will not wish to miss any issues. In addition, our regular departments will continue, and there will be discus­ sions o f missions" and other matters o f interest to the church o f Christ. We solicit the prayers o f Christians that The K ing’s Business may g lorify the Lord Jesus Christ and be useful in His service. O C T O B E R , 1947

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and clarity of his prose was acquired through reading and memorizing the New Testament. One of the first Acts of Congress was to approve the printing of a large edition of the Bible which officials recommended to the people of our land. Those who have studied the documents find in our Constitution and our Declara­ tion of Independence the unmistakable influence of the imperishable Word of God. Nor has the influence of the Bible on American life ever waned, for from the earliest times until the present it has maintained its position as a best seller. Though some of our citizens scarcely realize it, there is a very def­ inite crisis in our national life. We are being called upon to manage not only our own affairs, but the affairs of half the world. We can do this to the extent, and only to the extent, that the states­ men of our country rely for help upon the Scriptures and the God whom the Scriptures reveal. Are Christians Sissies? Y OUNG people of today meet this taunt. They are told that if they become Christians they are lacking in courage; that the Christian life is for weaklings. But what is the actual truth? Why, that the Christian life rightly lived is most courageous, most unselfish, and most challenging. Consider the life of Jesus Christ. Was He a sissy? You know the answer. Even His bitterest enemies acknowledge that His was the most courageous life ever lived. Although constantly dogged by scheming, unscrupulous foes, He did not turn aside from His purpose to redeem the world from its bondage of sin. When the supreme test came, He did not hesi­ tate, but set His face as a flint to go to the cross. The followers of Christ exhibited the same kind of 24-karat boldness. Witness the stand of Simon Peter on the day of Pentecost. Witness the life of Paul, ex­ ponent o f triumphant Christianity. Time does not permit to tell of Stephen, Poly­ carp, Ignatius, Athanasius, Justin, Hus, Luther, Bunyan, Tyndale, Wesley, Liv­ ingstone, Judson, and a thousand other’ brave men who were “ the salt of the earth.” Certainly there was not a sissy among them! Christians of today who are deter­ mined to really live the Christian life will be called upon to exhibit the same kind of courage. If you are wondering whence that courage will come, let me put your mind at rest. There is holy boldness available for you in your companionship with the risen Christ. What is our part in the matter? Just this: We are to com­ mit each day in its entirety to the Lord Jesus Christ. We should expect testing, remembering that the Lord knows all about it, and that only as we walk in His will shall we have the courage to with­ stand the trials of life. T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S ☆

help offered wherever needed. The re­ sults which would accrue from such a crusade are beyond imagination. The peace which would result would not be founded on the sands o f economic theory and experiment, but on born- again and cleansed hearts. Industries would follow with the chief by-product, contentment. In a short time outside help would not be required. Of course, such a plan will never be realized. The Satanic forces in this world will rise up and offer a million excuses, which will find agreement in the minds of those who have the problem in hand, because their hearts are sinful. But let us not be discouraged; let us do what we can. If we have not $900,000,000, and we have $9,000, let us spend that wisely and well, remembering that every dollar spent in sincere Christian enterprise will bring results that will outlast eternity. The Bible Our Foundation A N 'interesting study is being made by historians in an attempt to dis­ cover the greatest influences which were exerted in laying the foundations of our nation, which is undoubtedly the mighti­ est nation from an industrial standpoint, that the world has ever known. The conclusion seems to have been reached, at least in the minds of some, that it is the Bible which has had most to do with establishing the foundation on which the mighty framework of our country has been built. It was the first textbook in the American colonies; it was the most important factor in the educational system of that day. The New England Primer, which was employed extensively in the early history of our country, was filled with quotations from the Scriptures. In addition, the task of making the Bible better known appeared to be the whole purpose of early Ameri­ can education. Of the ten colleges which were found­ ed before the Revolution, there are still in existence nine which originated in or­ der to furnish adequate training for ministers of the Word. Thomas Jeffer­ son, who was asked to frame the Declara­ tion of Independence, admitted that he had steeped his mind in the truths of the Word so that much of the beauty ☆

Tithe The Marshall Plan? A CCORDING to our Secretary of State, George C. Marshall, it will be necessary to spend a minimum of $3,000,000,000 annually for the next three years in order to rescue the coun­ tries of Western Europe from their pres­ ent economical difficulties. It is proposed that this money be distributed to vari­ ous nations included in the plan accord­ ing to the need of their individual gov­ ernments. P r e sum a b ly , these funds would strengthen and stabilize the national currency and create ability to purchase the machinery necessary for the rehabili­ tation of each national economy. With­ out a doubt there is some real value in this plan and the need of the nations in question is great. Whether or not the money would fall into the hands o f un­ scrupulous politicians and self-seeking interests who would use it for the ad­ vancement of their own ends is ex­ tremely doubtful. If for $9,000,000,000 the peace of Eu­ rope and the world could be assured, it would be a splendid investment. But .we know from the Word of God that the expenditure of $9,000,000,000 or even $90,000,000,000 will not bring peace to a world in the grip of a fallen nature and under the domination of the arch­ enemy of God, that old serpent, the devil. On the other hand, if even a tithe of this money were used in the propaga­ tion of the gospel to these war-weary lands, the results would be amazing, far- reaching and permanent. Let us say that a tenth of the Marshall Plan ex­ penditure could be allocated to the work of preaching the gospel on foreign soil. With the $900,000,000 thus available, missionaries could be sent out by the thousands. Support of them would be forthcoming from this fund and the missionaries could establish themselves in the communities where they were serving the nationals. As soon as possible, they would begin a teaching ministry, taking the Word of God right into the homes and hearts of the people and particularly the children. There would need be no interference with the local religious work; this would be a house-to-house, person-to-person ministry. Co-operation with established agencies could be strictly maintained and Page Four

Unless No less a person than Attorney Gen­ eral Tom C. Clark is responsible for the statement: “ It is up to the American people to correct, teach and stop these youngsters from following in the foot­ steps of other criminals. Unless the three respects: the respect of God, of home, and o f law, are learned and carried out, our country as a great democracy will fail. Apparently we have lost touch with religion!” What our honorable Attorney General means is that we have lost touch with God and with His Book. One of the vital by-products o f a godly home is a whole­ some respect for authority, which is commanded in the Bible. Young people who come from such homes respect not only parental authority but civil author­ ity. The root of the trouble, both na­ tional and domestic, is the period of early child training. Blessed indeed is the child whose parents insist upon obedience, and unfortunate indeed is that child with parents who disregard God’s will and their own responsibility. More Popular <£ Time recently presented the results of an Elmo Roper poll in which repre­ sentative citizens were asked, “ What group do you feel is doing the most good for the country at this present time?” The consensus was that the religious leaders o f our land were most helpful; second place went to the business lead­ ers, while government leaders rated third place. In five years, the religious leaders’ standing has jumped from third to first place. At first, this may seem to be ’ some­ thing over which to rejoice, but such is not really the case. I f the man of God fulfills his God-given calling, and speaks the message of the Lord, it is certain that he will be unpopular. Such was the lot of the Old Testament worthies; such was our Lord’s own experience in His earthly ministry. The things which God has to sav to a rebellious world will never “ tickle” the ears of men. Some of the hearers, it is true, will repent and turn from their wicked ways, but the majority of those who are warned of their transgressions will be enraged, and will express their wrath in attacks upon the messengers. Their Choice According to a recent survey from station WCCO, Minneapolis, the radio industry estimates the farm audience as about 4.500,000 families. Recently there has been a real increase in rural listen­ ing. Credit for this goes in part to the Rural Electrification A dm in is t r a tio n , with its numerous power lines making electricity available on more and more farms. In addition, it is interesting to note that the farm audiences prefer news first of all, then hymns and religious programs, third, old-time music, and fourth, market reports. On the other hand, metropolitan listeners prefer quiz programs, comedians and popular music. O C T O B E R , I 9 4 7

to whom Christian literature will be mailed. Mr. Hoffman’s address is P. O. Box 1097, Minneapolis 1, Minnesota; he requests the prayers of God’s people for his work. Still Growing The phenomenal Youth for Christ movement which has been such a bless­ ing among the youth of our land reports continued progress and manifold bless­ ing upon their work. Dr. Torrey John­ son, who is the international president, reports that at the present time 1,400 Youth for Christ Rallies are being held in 46 countries of the world, with 1,000 rallies conducted on the North American continent alone. At present, the international aspect of this movement is being stressed strongly. Gospel teams of young men on fire for Christ have traveled to more than 25 nations of the world within the last twelve months. God’s people of all de­ nominations should feel a real responsi­ bility to remember this vital and far- reaching ministry before the Throne of Grace. Deplorable Lack The National Council of Juvenile Court Judges, in a recent meeting in the city of Chicago, declared it had found “ a deplorable lack of religious training all over our land.” This group is not ecclesiastically con­ trolled; it looks at facts in a realistic way. These judges are on the forefront of one of the greatest problems our land has- ever faced, and their studied opinion of the problem yields this conclusion: “ Whereas we are finding a deplorable lack of religious training all over the land and as such training is conducive to sound principles of morality which is a very important factor in lessening de­ linquency, therefore be it resolved, we advocate more and more religious train­ ing for the youth of our land.” However, the problem goes deeper than ' even these judges comprehend. It is the kind of religious training that is important: youth will be impressed only by religious instruction based upon the inspired Word of God. Page Five

It is noteworthy that religious pro­ grams are so popular, because radio pro­ ducers and officials make little effort to hide their contempt of religion on the air. However, here are the facts, and religious broadcasters should take care­ ful note. Truth With a Burr From the halls of the United States Senate these days, prayers are ascend­ ing the nature of which is a far cry from the perfunctory, formal prayers of for­ mer days. The one responsible for this change is the Senate’s new chaplain, Reverend P e te r M a r sh a ll, pastor of Washington’s historic New York Ave­ nue Presbyterian Church. Chaplain Mar­ shall was born in Scotland, and his .voice still carries a Scottish burr. What makes Marshall’s prayers re­ markable is the absence of pious, pomp­ ous platitudes, and down-to-earth re­ quests for definite things. For instance, during a recent foreign relations’ debate, Marshall prayed: “ We do not pray that other nations may love us, but that they may know that we stand for what is right, unafraid, with the courage of our convictions.” On another occasion this was his pe­ tition: “ So long have we been riding on the balloon tires of deceit for our own good we may have to be deflated, that on the rims of humility we may discover the spiritual laws that govern our growth in grace. If our pride is to be punctured, Lord, make it soon, before we gain too much speed.” For the Deaf <3* A new gospel ministry by mail to deaf people is now being carried on by a Christian brother, Mr. Julius K. Hoff­ man, of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has on his mailing list about 10,000 names; there are about 125,000 deaf people in the United States and Canada. Mr. Hoffman, who is deaf himself, has a real burden for these people, and writes many letters enclosing free tracts and gospel literature to those who are not being reached through the churches. This is an excellent and much-needed ministry, and readers are invited to send in names and addresses of deaf people

i ■s






H < 1 Ü M W ^ e\<^- H i

First in a Series of Important Prophetical Messages


By Louis T. Talbot, D.D.

F OUR chapters of Ezekiel, 36-39, present a great moving picture o f Israel—past, present, and future: Israel past, idolatrous and disobedient to God; Israel present, scat­ tered among the nations in chastisement for her sin; Israel future, restored and blessed in the millennial reign of Christ, her Messiah and King. (See also Rom. 9-11 for another clear outline of Israel past, present, and future.) Israel's Dispersion— God's Chastisement for Her Apostasy The enemy hath said against you, Aha, even the ancient high places are our’s in possession . . . they have made you desolate . . . an infamy of the people . . . a prey and derision ••• ye have home the shame o f the heathen [“ heathen” in all o f these verses means “nations” ] . . . when the house of Israel dwelt in their own land, they defiled it by their own way and by their doings . . . Wherefore I poured my fury upon them fo r the blood that they had shed upon the land, and fo r their idols wherewith they had polluted it : And I scattered them among the heathen, and they were dispersed through the coun­ tries : according to their way and according to their doings I judged them. And when they entered unto the heathen, whither they went, they profaned my holy name (Ezek.36:2-20). What an indictment! A t least three times in this passage God states that Israel “ profaned” His “ holy name.” Further­ more, God reminds His apostate pepple that for His “ holy name’s sake” He will restore Israel, that the nations may know that He is the Lord. Now when God told Ezekiel that He had “ scattered” His people, He meant exactly what He said. It has been stated, on good authority, that there is not a nook or cranny on the face o f the whole earth where the Jew is not found. If you go to the northern ice fields o f Alaska, you will find the Jew. If you sail through the tropical isles of the southern seas, there you will find the Jew. In the heart of Africa, on the plateaus of Tibet, and on the streets of New York City, London, Jerusalem — everywhere you see the familiar and unmistakable face of the Jew. For hundreds of years, Israel had tried the patience of her long-suffering God before He scattered that nation through­ out the world. Read the books of Moses, from Genesis through Page Six

Deuteronomy, to see the many failures and the incessant mur- murings of the people, even while God was leading them from Egypt to Canaan with a mighty hand. Read the Book of Judges to see the repeated apostasies, with the consequent punishments sent by Jehovah, in order to turn His people from their backslidings. Remember the times almost without number when the kings of both Judah and Israel did “ that which was evil in the sight of the Lord.” I tell you, my friends, the mercy and long-suffering o f Israel’s God—and our G o d - cause us to marvel. But apostasy followed apostasy until finally God scattered Israel‘ among all the nations under heaven. And for more than nineteen weary centuries, the Jew has trodden from pillar to post, finding no rest for the sole of his foot. Truly he is “ the wandering Jew.” No country is his home, yet he is found in every land. No race assimilates him, yet there is no people with whom he does not live a troubled existence. How aptly does Deuteronomy 28:64-67 describe this dispersed, persecuted, wandering people: And the Lord shall scatter thee among all people, from the one end of the earth unto the other; and there thou shalt serve other gods, which neither thou nor thy fathers have known, even wood and stone. And among these nations shalt thou find no ease, neither shall the sole of thy foot have rest: bu t' the Lord shall give thee there a trembling heart, and failing o f eyes, and sorrow o f mind: and thy life shall hang in doubt before thee; and thou shalt fear day and night, and shalt have none assurance o f thy life: In the morning thou shalt say, Would God it were even! and at even thou shalt say, Would God it were morning! fo r the fear o f thine heart wherewith thou shalt fear, and fo r the sight o f thine eyes which thou shalt see. Because it is so up-to-date, this paragraph might have been clipped from a modern newspaper, but it was written by the Holy Spirit, through Moses, more than fourteen hundred years before Jesus was born in Bethlehem! It is a picture of the centuries-old Jewish wanderer, with no country, no home, no rest, no assurance of life, with only a trembling heart and a fear o f death. It is a picture of God’s chastisement— child- training —for Israel because o f her complete failure to love and serve Him. What a lesson is here for us, my friends, and for those who spurn the offer o f God’s mercy through Christ! T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

3. I Will Bring You into Your Own Land. God gave the land of Palestine to the fathers of Israel, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob. In that future day, of which the prophet wrote, God will lead Israel, not to Ethiopia, not to China, not to South Africa, not to any o f the places to which the schem­ ing politicians of the, world have thought to send them. Nor is Ezekiel’s record of God’s grant of this land to Israel an isolated utterance in the Holy Scriptures. A t least three times the promise was confirmed to Abraham, and later to Isaac, to Jacob, and to David; and hundreds of times God reassured His people of this part of His covenant with Israel. Palestine belongs to the Jew! It is not the prerogative of any man or nation or government to attempt to give this land to any other people. Nor is the narrow strip which the Jews once occupied all the land given to them by God. In Genesis 15:18 we read: In the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, TJnto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates. Some have wondered not a little how the entire population of Jews the world over could ever find subsistence in the small section o f land between the Jordan River and the Mediter­ ranean Sea. But they do not know that the land which God originally gave to Abram and to his seed is about fifty times the size of that portion conquered by Joshua. Therefore, we need not fear about the man-made schemes to keep Israel from her homeland. No one in earth or in hell can prevent the return of the Jew to his own land o f promise. All the diabolical plots of Satan and his hosts cannot stay the execu­ tion of God’s appointed plan. The Jew will return to Palestine, even as He said. 4. th e Wastes Shall Be Builded. We quote only portions of these wonderful words of Ezekiel 36:29-38: I will call fo r the com , and will increase it, and lay no famine upon you. And I will multiply the fruit o f the tree, and the increase of the field . . . I will also cause you to dwell in the cities, and the wastes shall be builded. And the desolate land shall be tilled, whereas it lay desolate in the sight o f all that passed by. And they shall say, This land that was deso­ late is become like the garden of Eden; and the waste and desolate and ruined cities are become fenced, and are in­ habited . . . So shall the waste cities be filled with flocks of men: and they shall know that I am the Lord. My friends, this is already coming to pass in a remarkable degree. Later, as we study the next chapter o f Ezekiel, we shall see just a little of the marvels of scientific farming and progress industrially, culturally, and educationally in this ancient land today, promoted and encouraged by the Zionist Movement. And surely even greater development lies in the not far distant future. The Word of Israel’s God cannot be broken! (Continued in ihe November number)

How much sorer punishment will be meted out to those who consistently reject His full and free salvation! We tremble to think of God’s wrath that must be poured out upon an anarchistic, Christ-rejecting world. Israel's Future Restoration 1. Hath God Cast Away His People? The words which we have just read from Ezekiel would leave a dark, dark picture in our minds, were we to stop there. But let us go on to Israel’s promised deliverance foretold in the same chapter. Centuries after Ezekiel lived, the Apostle Paul raised the question, “ Hath God cast away his people?” (Rom. 11:1). And under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, he answered, say­ ing, “ God hath not cast away his people which he foreknew” (Rom. 11:2). Even though they are scattered among all the nations o f the world, Jehovah has not forgotten His chosen people, Israel. He has a future for them, which is glorious with all the light o f His never-failing promises. And some o f . these promises are found in Ezekiel 36:22-28, from which we quote in part: Therefore say unto the house of Israel, Thus saith the Lord God . . . I will take you from among the nations [B .V .], and gather you out of all countries, and will bring you into your own land. Then will I sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye shall be clean: from all your filthiness, and from all your idols, will I cleanse you. A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit'will I put within you : and I unii take away the stony heart out o f your flesh, and I will give you an heart o f flesh. And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them. And ye shall dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers; and ye shall be my people, and I will be your God. These are wonderful words; and how they tend to soothe the hearts that are nigh to be broken over Israel’s condition today! There is coming a time when God will act swiftly and with certainty on Israel’s behalf. We know o f a surety that these events will come to pass when God’s eternal Son re­ turns unto His own who once rejected Him. He will come with power and great glory, “ and his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives” (Zech. 14:4). This is His promise to Israel as a nation. Repeatedly in these verses which we have just read God says, “ I will.” These are not the vain promises of men; they are the sure, infallible promises of God Himself. I f you are inclined to doubt the literal fulfillment o f these words, my friend, remember that the conditions of verse 19 were ful­ filled to the very letter, for God assuredly did “ scatter” Israel. Now if these words were literally and actually ful­ filled, by what law of interpretation can we say that the verses which follow will not also be actually fulfilled to the letter? When God promised that He had not “ cast away his people,” He meant exactly what He said. 2. A New Heart Also Will I Give You. Here is something that gives us comfort. That stony heart of Israel, which has withstood the gracious pleading o f their God for so long is to be replaced, and in its room there is to be a God-given heart of flesh. What does this mean? Just this: that God is going to refashion the Jewish character. In the place of disagreeable traits, He will give them characteristics o f which He Himself will approve: His Holy Spirit will rule in them; and when this has come to pass, they will serve God from the heart. Then they will gladly walk in His statutes and keep His commandments. We all know that there are many traits in the Jewish personality which are hard to like, but this is also true of Gentiles, and let us not forget it! Besides, we should love Israel for Christ’s sake, even though we may not like all they are and all they do. But in that day foretold by Ezekiel all these objectionable traits of character will be changed; a new and truly lovable spirit will be given His people by the Lord Himself. They will recognize in Jesus their long-unseen Messiah. John tells us that “he came unto his own, and his own received him not” (John 1:11). But when He comes again, Israel will spontaneously and joyfully acclaim Him as their long-awaited Messiah, and with new hearts they will serve Him.

Wailing WaU in Jerusalem, with elderly Jews at prayer .

Page Seven

O C T O B E R , 1947

J k e Menace

of JekoWitnesse

A Timely Exposé of One of the Most Dangerous False Cults of Our Day.

By William C . Irvine

T HE self-styled “ Pastor” Russell is dead, but the heresies he spent his life in spreading are very much alive. Dr. A. C. Dixon wrote of Russellism: “ Its plan o f salvation is a plan of damnation.” Of its testimony with re­ gard to Jesus Christ, Dr. J. M. Gray stated: “ It contradicts almost every fun­ damental revelation.” Dr. I. M. Halde- man summed up Millennial Dawnism (one o f the many names of this cult) as “ the wicked and blasphemous system which teaches the annihilation of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Such a testimony from three outstanding Bible teachers is not easily refuted. Its Christology “ To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because they have no light in them.” Let us compare some of Russell’s teach­ ings with that of the inspired Word of God. In his Divine Plan of the Ages, Vol. I, p. 179, Russell wrote: When Jesus was in the flesh, he was a perfect human be­ ing : previous to that time, he was a per­ fect spiritual being. Since his resurrec­ tion, he is a perfect spiritual being of the highest or divine order. It was not until the time o f his consecration, even unto death, as typified in baptism at thirty years of age, that he received the earnest of his inheritance o f the divine nature. Compare this with what the Scripture says of Christ in Isaiah 11:5, Micah 5:2, Matthew 1*:23, John 1:1-3, Colossians 1:13-18, Romans 9:5, First Timothy 3:16 and Hebrews 1:7-10. Russell’s teaching concerning Christ as Man appears in Vol II, The Time Is at Hand, p. 107: We must bear in mind, also, that our Lord is no longer a human being. Since he is no longer in any sense or degree a human being, we must not expect him to come again as a human being. What saith the Scripture? Read Luke 24:39 and I Timothy 2:5. “ This same Jesus . . . shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven” (Acts 1:11). A chapter from the book, Heresies Exposed, published by Loizeaux Brothers, Inc., New York, N. Y . Used by permission. Page Eight

With reference to the resurrection of our Lord, concerning which the Apostle Paul says, “ If Christ is not risen, your faith is vain” (I Cor. 15:17), Russell would have us believe that: Our Lord’s human body, however, was supematurally removed from the tomb . . . We know nothing about what became of it except that it did not decay or cor­ rupt (A cts 2:27, 31). Whether it was dissolved into gases, or whether it is still preserved somewhere as the grand me­ morial of God’s love, of Christ’s obedi­ ence, and ou/r .redemption, no one knows (Vol. II, p. 129). But we do know, on the authority of Christ Himself, according to John 2:19- 22 and Luke 24:39. Its Theory of Future Life Dr. James M. Gray in Errors of Mil­ lennial Dawnism wrote of this teaching: “ Millennial Dawnism is wrong to begin with, in its definition of life, holding it to be simply a principle common to all beings, whether God, man, animals or plants. According to their teaching, all existence results from the impartation of this principle into organism, the nature of the existence resulting from the na­ ture of the organism. Man results spon­ taneously from the impartation of this principle into a human organism, and by similar reasoning the extinction of his being follows the separation of the two. “ It is this that gives color to its teach­ ing about the sleep of the soul, and that when a man dies he passes out of exist­ ence until the resurrection. The answer to this is cumulative. “ In the first place, the New Testament teaches that death does not mean extinc­ tion of being. Christ commanded: ‘Let the dead bury their dead’ (Luke 9:60), when He was referring to the living. Paul stated, ‘You hath he quickened who were dead in trespasses and sins’ (Eph. 2 :1 ). John affirmed: ‘We know that we have passed from death unto life because we love the brethren’ 1 John 3:14). “ In the second place, the New Testa­ ment teaches that the penalty for sin is more than extinction of being. The rich man ‘lifted up his eyes in hell, being in torments’ (Luke 16:23). Christ said it would have been good for Judas if he had not been born (Matt. 26:24), which is inconsistent with the theory that he has ceased to exist.

“ In the third place, if everlasting pun­ ishment means only extinction of being, then everlasting life must mean only continuation of being which is the boon even of Satan himself, who is to live for ever (Rev. 20:10). “ In the fourth place, if death means extinction of being, how can there be a resurrection? This implies the coming back to life of the same person who passed out of it. Otherwise a resurrec­ tion would be a new creation. “ In the fifth place, the Scripture ex­ pressly states that the soul continues to exist, for Christ warns us in Matthew 10:28, not to fear those who kill the body, but have not power to kill the soul. Even this makes no reference to the spirit. Man has a spirit as well as a soul, and it is by his spirit that he becomes the offspring of God, whose Spirit never dies. “ In the sixth place, the Bible shows us men living after death: Abraham, for example, Moses and Samuel. In the sixth chapter of Revelation, .John has a vision of those to be beheaded in the great tribulation and shows them, anticipa- tively, as souls existing after such be­ heading. “ Finally, if death means extinction of being, then Jesus Christ became extinct at Calvary. To break the horror o f such a thought, Millennial Dawnism should teach that, after such extinction, Christ was created over again, not as a man indeed, but somewhat after His former estate as an invisible spirit. But if Jesus Christ was annihilated, then the gulf be­ tween deity and humanity remains un­ bridged, redemption is a failure, and sal­ vation beyond the hope of fallen men.” Russell’s books being full of “ dam­ nable heresies” concerning the person of Christ, any believer who has been in­ duced to buy his literature ought to burn it, whatever it may have cost him; nor should we receive his followers in our houses, lest we become partakers of their evil deeds (2 John 7). Its Many Names Many of Russell’s publications have been issued under the names of the Inter­ national Bible Students’ Association and Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. His agents have been known to say that they are selling books for the “ Bible T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

Society,” and many have been induced to buy them, thinking they must be sound if issued by the “ Bible Society,” i. e., the British, American, or other Bi­ ble Societies. The Movement has been known not only as Millennial Dawnism, and International Bible Students’ Asso­ ciation, but also as Jehovah’s Witnesses. There is a reason for this chameleon-like characteristic. “ There are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, un­ godly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ” (Jude 4 ). The Last Days of Its Founder Usually a man’s faith shines brightest as he nears the confines of eternity. The test of all tests is then applied. The self- styled “ Pastor” Russell, founder of the movement, seems to have failed miser­ ably at the supreme moment. He died in a Santa Fe train on its way to Kansas City on Oct. 31, 1916, his traveling com­ panion, Mr. Menta Sturgeon, alone being with him. The published details of his last days indicate how the gloom of night settled on the prophet of Millennial Dawn. Here are excerpts: Oct. 16.—The public meeting at Lan­ sing was well attended, but for some rea­ son the interest waned and many left, so much so that Brother Russell spoke of it afterwards and seemed puzzled. Oct. 24.—He went to dinner with us, talking pleasantly to everyone, and was as humorous as usual, but he ate noth­ ing, although the dinner was excellent. On Oct. 30 he evidently realized that death was approaching. Mr. Sturgeon says: “ We inquired respecting the Sev­ enth Volume (of Scripture Studies) and received his answer, ‘ Some one else can write that.’ We are satisfied. He had spoken concerning the smiting of the Jordan, the payment o f the penny, and the writings of the Seventh Volume, and this was enough.” On Oct. 31, .the conductor and the por­ ter of the train were called in by Mr. Sturgeon, who said: “ We want you to see how a great man of God can die.” Alas, alas, he who had so well staged his system and boasted of himself, failed in the drama of the last moment, and so passed into eternity silent and somber. There was no dawn on his horizon, no farewell note of victory, no reconcilia­ tion to his divorced wife, no recantation of his numerous denials of the deity of Christ, the value of His atonement, His bodily resurrection, the Second Coming, eternal punishment and other cardinal truths; there was no sorrow for the thousands whom he had turned from light to darkness, not even an admission that his prophecy that “ The harvest of this age . . . ends with the overthrow of Gentile power in A. D. 1914” had passed unnoticed by God or man. Thus closed the career of one of the greatest of the “ many false prophets” of these days (The Witness). O C T O B E R , 1947

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book about which John Bunyan declared: “ I prefer it before all books that I have ever seen as most fit for a wounded con­ science.” The six chapters of Galatians are taken up in chronological, verse by verse order; the comment is spiritual and scholarly. 282 pages. Zondervan Pub. House, Grand Rapids, Mich. Price $1.95. ★ ★ ★ WHAT of the NIGHT? By Wm. Ed­ ward Biederwolf, D. D. Containing six excellent messages from the late, well beloved evangelist, this small book should find a place in the devotional li­ brary of every minister. 94 pages. Wm. B. Eerdmans Pub. Co., Grand Rapids, Mich. Cloth. $1.00. PILLARS of the CHRISTIAN FAITH, by Abram M. Long, Ph.D. The pastor of the Fourth Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia has performed a real serv­ ice for the church of Christ in prepar­ ing this volume on the cardinal doctrines of the faith. The seven chapters are entitled: The Inspiration of the Word . o f God; The Deity of Jesus Christ; The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ; The Need of Redemption; The New Birth; Christ the Risen Redeemer; The Per­ sonal Return of Christ. This is a strong, spiritual work, of literary excellence. 189 pages. Fleming H. Revell, New York, N. Y. Cloth. Price $2.50. ★ ★ ★ BUILDING GOLD, SILVER and PRE­ CIOUS STONES, by N. A. Woychuk, A.M., Th.D. A devotional exposition of First Corinthians 3 :8-15, dealing with the believer’s life and service, this is an important volume. Dr. Woychuk writes in an earnest and persuasive style, and presents a very telling argument for out-and-out, fruitful Christian living, which is admitted to be the church’s greatest need today. 198 pages. Fundamental Truth Pub­ lishers; Findlay, Ohio. Cloth. Price $1.50. ★ ★ ★ THOUGHTS from the SEA, by Lt. John W. Alexander, USNR. Written by a naval officer still in his twenties, this attractive little volume should have a real ministry to young people. Lt. Alex­ ander employs nautical terms, experi­ ences from his naval career, and selec­ tions of verse and prose appropriate to a sea-going life, to teach spiritual lessons, and to make an appeal for acceptance of Christ as a personal Saviour. Included are seventeen official naval photographs. 159 pages. Young Peoples Missionary Society, Winona Lake, Indiana. Cloth. Price $1.50. Page Nine ★ ★ ★

A COMMENTARY on ST. PAUL’S EPISTLE to the GALATIANS, by MAR­ TIN LUTHER. A new and abridged translation by Theodore Graebner, D. D. This is a monumental work by the dis­ tinguished professor of Philosophy and New Testament Interpretation at Con­ cordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri. In his preface, Dr. Graebner explains the difficulty of not only translating from the Latin Luther’s extensive original commentary, but also in condensing and “ streamlining” its language for mod­ ern American readers. That he suc­ ceeded in this task is evident from the fact that the volume is interesting and readable while at the same time retain­ ing Luther’s cryptic, penetrating style. This theological classic was Luther’s own favorite of all his works, and the

Precious Hiding Place

I was straying when Christ found me In the night so dark and cold, Tenderly His arm went round me And He bore me to His fold. With His nail-scarréd hand He brought me To the shelter of His love; Of His grace and will He taught me, And of heavenly rest above. Though the night be dark around me, I am safe, for He is near; Never shall my foes confound me, While the Saviour’s voice I hear. ' — Avis B. Christensen. Copyright. Radio Songs and Choruses No. 1, by Wendell P. Loveless.

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service. He asked the headmaster of his school to urge the children to come to this meeting. Agwam came into Jos from his village twelve miles away. For three pence (5tf) he purchased a copy o f the Gospel o f John in Hausa. The next day he was back fo r five more copies for members o f his village. On a visit to a hospital, an Egyptian, who had attended a Mission School in the Sudan, was contacted. He asked us for an Arabic Bible and pur­ chased five more for the immediate members o f his family. The Word o f God will speak to this household where the missionary can say no more than a greeting. Two lads came several hundred miles hunting a Hausa Bible and hymn book. However, before they made the purchase, they looked for a certain pas­ sage to see if it were the same Bible and sang a certain song out o f the hymn book right there in the store because they wanted to be sure it was the right tune. ■An Army male nurse who. had found the Lord in the service, came in one day to report that in his town where the white man could not preach, the native soldiers had returned, established a church, and now wanted some hymn books and Bibles. This spring a farmer, who was faithful in distributing tracts as he took his mangoes to sell in an ad­ jacent Mohammedan town, was asked to move there to a house the people had built for him so he could teach them more o f the gospel. A leper hobbled to the colporteur’s door. He was asked what he wanted. Great confusion was created by another man’s trying to drive him away. “ I want a ‘Way o f Salvation,’ but I don’t want it for myself; I know the way; I want to read it to some one else.” This is harvest time in the Sudan. What shall we do? Only as God leads, dare we go forward, but we “can do all things through Christ which strength­ en ed ” us. We have a Book with the only message o f comfort and guidance for the transition period between two eternities. Shall we “ to men benighted, the lamp o f God deny?” Our calling has for its object nothing less than the showing forth of Christ and Him cruci­ fied, and the living of Christ among those who know Him not. We have no secondary object. It is our prayer that our whole lives may be poured forth in constant and unreserved devotion in the service of our Lord who died to save us. Will you help us with your prayers?

T HE demand in Nigeria for the printed page in English is increas­ ing. It is becoming one of the greatest avenues fo r the spreading of the gospel and the building up of the native church. One day, a clerk in the post office, who had been accepting copies o f Christian papers given him each week, came to our office, confessing, “ I am not satisfied with my Christian life.” It was a joy to be able to help him. Another stated: “ I was told it was not necessary to pray because God knows what we need before we pray.” He ad­ mitted that he was not as happy as he had been when in the habit of pray­ ing, and was persuaded to return to the practice. On another occasion, while we were distributing Christian literature in the streets of Jos, the headmaster o f the Government School invited us to teach the Bible in his school an hour each week. Since then, three other schools in the town, two Anglicans and one Bap­ tist, have asked us to conduct similar classes. Each Saturday night the young people from these and other schools are brought together in a Youth fo r Christ service, numbering over a thousand in attendance. One o f the ministers in town made his way to us to see if we had anything on prayer. He explained: “ My people pray, but when they don’t get the answer they expect, they go back to demon worship or spiritism.” How glad we were to be able to supply his need! The young na­ tive James came into the office with a request for several copies o f John R.

Rice’s leaflet on “ Tobacco,” which had helped him, and which he wanted to pass on to others. He made a second trip to see us about fifty of his people who had come to Jos to live. They were listening patiently every Sunday to a sermon preached in a language they did not un­ derstand. At our suggestion, he opened his house for them to gather on a week night. There the message is given in English, which he interprets for them. They are still able to commune with their own church, but during this time of learning a new language, they will not be spiritually undernourished or drift away from the house o f God. One o f the school teachers in town asked us to coach him in the Pauline Epistles as he wanted to take an entrance examination to study for the ministry. He was amazed to dis­ cover that things being practiced in his own church were condemned in First Corinthians. This teaching cannot fail to affect his ministry. Since Jos is a cosmopolitan town, the native vernacular is used as well as the English. Natives from Nigeria and all parts o f Africa locate here for business reasons. There are also many little slaves who have min away from their masters, such as Robinson, whose par­ ents are pagans, and who was brought to Jos by a post office employee. As this man’s personal servant, he cleans the house and cooks the food. In return for this service, he is provided with cloth­ ing and shelter, and has the opportunity of going to school. Although only twelve years old, he has found the Saviour, and leads the young people in their weekly

Those interested in mailing: old Christian maga­ zines .for distribution among English-speaking natives may write for details to the authors at 8X6 Mission Itoaci, Glendale 6. California.

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