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“ Never Saw Such Remarkable Response”

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A t the Baptist Church in Chenoa, Illinois, interest is running high throughout the Sunday School where G od 's will is made known each week in the A ll Bible Graded Series Sunday School Lessons. With the w h ole Bible as text book, ABGS correlates worship, instruction, and expression throughout every depart­ ment covering all age levels from Nursery to Senior. Don't let your Sunday School fail to realize G od 's purpose because of haphazard, disorganized, catch- as-can teaching, when all you need is a comprehen­ sive all-inclusive program like the A B G S provides. Here is an opportunity to start with a "clean slate" this fa ll. . . revive and renew the interest of teachers and pupils with a PLAN and a PROGRAM that "g o e s som ew h ere". . . that has a definite ob je ctiv e . . . and reaches the goal of complete Biblical instruction through a w ell organized procedure. Increased interest and attendance in ABGS Sunday Schools are reflected in enthusiastic reports from all denominations in all parts of the country. Act today to put your Sunday School on the list of America's most successful Christian enterprises. S C R I P T U R E P R E S S 800 N. CLARK ST. • CHICAGO 10, ILL.

FREE information on ABGS lessons, Nursery [Course, and Sample Lessons by Return Mail! ORDER NOW FROM SCRIPTURE PRESS 800 N. CLARK ST., DEPT. KBA-107 CHICAGO 10, ILL. Send FREE information on ( ) ABGS Lessons ( ) Nursery Course. Send Sample Lessons for Departments Checked ( ) Beginning ( ) Primary ( ) Junior ( ) Intermediate ( ) Senior (I enclose 10c to help cover handling and mailing costs) Name______ \ ___________ ____ ____________________________ • Address_____________________________________________________________ _

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