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Wall, and Checkpoint Charlie — one of the most infamous symbols of Cold War-era Berlin. Cruise After the tour ended, Faith and I walked back to the Berlin Wall and the “Topography of Terror” display before heading to the Reichstag. We took some pictures and stopped at a nearby food cart for pretzels, bratwurst, and, of course, German beer! After waking up at 5:30 a.m. and walking around Berlin all day (not to mention, having beer and brats!), we were worn out. So we took a Velomobile back to our bus! Velos are these aerodynamic motor- assisted bikes. The ride cost us 12 euros and was totally worth it! We spent three full days in Russia! Our first day was spent in St. Petersburg, where we saw the Peter and Paul Fortress before touring the Peterhof Palace and its beautiful gardens. The architecture in St. Petersburg is quite opulent. The Romanovs really knew how to deck out a building! The next day, we took a high-speed train to Moscow. Our first stop was a subway station, which was highly decorated and had marble floors. We were all somewhat surprised at the cleanliness and ornamentation, but it seemed like that may have been the point. We also saw Red Square, with its excessively wide streets, and got to tour the Kremlin. It was interesting to see the place in person. RUSSIA

As you know, Faith and I recently took a two-week vacation in Europe. Last month, I shared a glimpse into our stay in Copenhagen,

but we were only there for four days. The bulk of our trip was spent aboard the Serenade of the Seas traveling around the Baltic Sea.


We docked in Germany on the second day of the cruise and rode a bus into Berlin for a guided tour. Berlin is full of history and sights, both pre- and post-WWII. We saw the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin

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