Power of You(th) Teen Booklet




Not All Teens Drink. Actually Most Don’t!

You probably know some teens who drink. Maybe you’ve even tried it yourself. The truth is not everyone is doing it. The latest research shows 2 out of 3 teens don’t drink! You’re not alone when you take a stand against underage drinking. There are millions around the country standing with you.

Teens join together and participate in MADD’s Power of You(th) campaigns: #protecturselfie and #protecturfriends.

My parents and I have always had an understanding that drinking alcohol wasn’t for me. I watched family members, close friends, and elders I knew let alcohol tear their life, dreams, and aspirations apart, and I told my parents that was not going to be me! I knew I wanted to live healthy: mentally, physically and spiritually, so I was determined to live each day responsibly without alcohol.

You have the power to protect yourself and your friends!


Participate in Red Ribbon Week or other alcohol-free school activities. Visit madd.org/ powerofyouth for fun ideas. Use social media to influence others. Follow @maddonline on Facebook and Twitter and share your views on underage drinking. Share this booklet with others. Download it at madd.org/powerofyouth .

I remembered a question my parents asked me: What’s your motive for drinking alcohol? And as I thought about it, I had no motive because I will face problems to the day I die and just drinking for a good time isn’t going to make my problems or issues disappear. So, I decided that alcohol wasn’t going to become a part of me, and my parents 100% enforced and supported my decision, inspiring me to find other ways to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. -Kenya, 19, Louisiana



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