K9 Social Media Best Practices

BEST PRACTICES for social media


ENGAGE Engagement helps add value to the page and initiative of the page. Social Platforms operate on communication currency. Spend yours wisely. SHARE Sharing is a great opportunity to share your perspective on the content the page shares. Share posts from pages and offer your com- mentary, don’t just passively share.

FOLLOW Make sure you are following all social media platforms! INVITE The easiest way to help grow a page - Facebook: All can invite - LinkedIn: Only Admins can invite - All other platforms invite option not available TAG Tagging is based on personal settings. Most adjustments can be made in the “settings” or “privacy” tabs on any social media platform.

LIKE Adds value to posts.

COMMENT Write something. What was your favorite part? Give a shout out. etc.





• Organic • Staged • Clients •FUN!

• Share • Like • Comment

• Photos • Videos • Clients •Links

• Follow • Invite • Tag


Orientation Horizontal is preferred. However, getting the shot is more important than orientation. Lighting Photo subject should be facing the light source Faces All, if not most, photos should include someone’s face

1 2

3 4

Variety: Plan for 3 photos 1. Smiling 2. Working 3. Atmosphere

Orientation: Horizontal or vertical can be used. 15 seconds or more = horizontal 15 seconds or less = vertical or horizontal However, getting the shot is more important than orientation. Be aware of background noise! Consider lighting, subject position, and pur- pose of video clip. If working solo, invest into a phone tripod or stabilizer to quickly give your video quality a boost and more professional look!

If you think it may be able to be shared, capture it! Organic Look for opportunities for organic moments around the office, work site, community, etc. that display company values. Staged Look for opportunities to highlight your people or products (yours or ones you work with). Have people look at the camera and smile, group photos at an event/job site/office gatherings. Clients Look for opportunities with your clients to snap a photo at meetings, job visits, finished projects, etc. Even ask your clients to send you photos from organic moments of them using your product, service or representing your brand. Sharing user generated content helps to give your brand a boost in reputation! Fun Look for moments of fun to capture that display company values.

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