EXPLO at Wheaton | Packing List

EXPLO at Wheaton


What to Bring Materials for courses, workshops and activities will be provided. Some workshops require that students bring a mouth guard, bike helmet or other equipment; please check with the workshop descriptions online for specifics.

Underwear/socks Pajamas Shower sandals Hangers

Toiletries Alarm clock Small bag/backpack Raincoat Swimsuit Short sleeve shirts Jeans/pants

Hat/baseball cap Bathrobe Sneakers/shoes Beach towel Long sleeve shirts Sunblock (no spray) Sunglasses

Dress clothes (1 set) Sweater Extension cord Water bottle Stamps/envelopes Fan Costumes/tall socks

Twin-sized sheets Pillow Pillowcase Blanket Bath towel/washcloth

Jacket Shorts Slippers

ADDITIONAL NOTES: • Students are welcome to bring additional items such as musical instruments, personal sporting equipment (baseball glove, tennis racquet etc.) • All students should bring a fan. We recommend a box/oscillating fan, as dorms are not air conditioned. • In June, all families will receive information of the summer’s Theme Days. Students are encouraged to pack costume items or accessories for these days. In addition, the EXPLO Community celebrates “Tall Sock Tuesday” each week by wearing “tall” (knee-high) socks.

What Not to Bring

Laptop Computers Tablets Cell Phones Expensive Cameras Magic Cards Video Cameras

Squirt Guns Pokémon Cards Video Games/Players

Knives (including pocket knives) Flip-Flops Inline Skates Scooters Skateboards

Food, Drinks, Candy Aerosol Sprays Cash

Toy Weapons Halogen Lights Bikes

Appliances — air conditioners, refrigerators, toasters, hot plates, etc. Stereo Systems — small radios or radio/alarm clocks are fine. Expensive Electronic Equipment — tablets, laptops, DVD players, etc.

Note: iPods, Kindles, and other personal music/reading devices are allowed, but only for the purposes of playing music and reading. Any internet capabilities must be deactivated for the duration of the student’s time at EXPLO. Apple watches or other smart watches/personal devices must also be disconnected from cellular or internet capabilities. Students found to be using the internet in an unauthorized fashion will face disciplinary measures, and the item will be confiscated. ADDITIONAL NOTES: • For safety, flip-flops are not permitted for use as daily footwear, but may be worn in the shower or at the pool. We highly encourage sneakers as students’ primary footwear. • Lotion-based sunscreen and bug repellant are provided for use by all students. EXPLO does not permit aerosol-based sprays. Linen and Laundry Service Bed linens and towels are not provided unless requested via the EXPLO student application ahead of the summer. We recommend bringing two sets of linens to allow for weekly laundering. Personal laundry service will be provided weekly (picked up Thursday and returned Friday). Please note: the personal laundry service covers standard washing and drying. Please avoid sending your child to EXPLO with clothing that requires special cleaning procedures (dry cleaning, hand washing, drip drying, low heat drying, etc.). Students will spill things on their clothing and we are not set up to pre-treat stains. Please keep this in mind as you help direct your child’s packing. Most students wear t-shirts and shorts most of the time. Students should come to EXPLO with approximately 7 days worth of clothing.

EXPLO Exploration Summer Programs

932 Washington Street Norwood, MA 02062 summer@explo.org 781.762.7400 explo.org


If you have any questions, please contact our Admission Office directly: 781.762.7400


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