WOOF FOR VETS Missouri Vietnam Wall Run 2020

Sept 18th, Woof for Vets was honored to take part in the 2nd annual statewide VietNam Perryville Wall Run. We set up our booth in front of Mikes Unique Antique Flea Market Store in Springfield, MO. Woof for Vets’ Sue and Beverly greeted motorcycle riders with free cups of hot coffee and lively conversation. We are forever grateful for those who served. This event is annually held the weekend of National POW/MIA Recognition Day to honor POW-MIA’s that are still unaccounted for and to honor Vietnam Veterans and reunite them with brothers they have served with, but lost track of over the years. The Vietnam wall in Perryville, Missouri is a full- scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. and has more than 58,000 names on the wall. These are the names of military personnel who were wounded in Vietnam between 1957 and 1975 and ultimately died of their wounds. This incredible Memorial replica was officially complete in November, 2018. Visit or contact Terry at 417-230-7831 for more information or to participate. The event is hosted by Veterans in Defense of Liberty’s Cav Div. Liberty Riders of America. http://

“puppy”, Pepper. Beverly and Sue went out of their way to match a dog through Woof for Vets to bond with my husband and he will begin training in April. The family is bonding well with Pepper. Any veteran that has sacrificed his life for our country is blessed and honored for his service by this organization providing free dogs to each veteran. Also, the groomers, veterinarians, trainers & all involved with this organization are true heroes for honoring our veterans. Thank you for all that you have done &will continue to do. To see a need and step up and do all you can to meet that need to help deserves our sincere thanks. Blessings, Wm. G. and Pam Staff Sgt., Army, Retired Hello, My name is Dennis. I am in my 50’s. I am a retired military, 100% disabled veteran. I saw your Woof for Vets flyer in one of the gas stations locally. I suffer from PTSD and have recently been diagnosed with and am taking treatment for depression related to my service in the military. Recently, a family member asked me to watch their dog while they were going through basic training for the Air Force. I found it very pleasing and it was very helpful to me to relate to the dog. I saw a good turn around and results from my depression and PTSD with the constant companion of the pet; however, now that my family member is through with basic training, they will be taking their pet back, which leaves me to think I would like to have a dog. My last pet, which I had from a puppy, was a lab, and she passed away a year ago at the ripe old age of 16. So I’m very capable of caring for a dog, and it would be a good home for a pet. Could you please give me information on requirements, the process that you have, and what type of pets are available? I am looking for a particular breed that would suit my lifestyle more than other breeds. Ideally, I would prefer a female and a younger dog so that I wouldn’t have her for a long time in my life and then have to change again. It’s hard to get attached to an animal in that lose the family member.

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Words cannot express our appreciation & gratitude to Beverly & Sue with the Woof for Vets. My husband, a veteran, has needed a companion dog to help with his PTSD and anxiety issues. He was overseas during his tour of duty and along with the devastation he had to work through in humanitarian aid during Hurricane Frederick in Alabama, to his having to watch his best friend/soldier killed from an accident and having to collect his remains and bring him back to the states to his family. He was immediately comfortable with our new


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