SE Today and Tomorrow: A Special Report on Our Organization

Our Numbers: * “Where does the money come from? Where does it go?”

REVENUE and Support by type 2019

training, lectures & Workshops, Net: $4,936,738 (91%) Membership & Practitioner registry Fees: $309 ,158 (6%) other:

These are common questions about transparency of “financials” for any organization, whether non-profit or for profit. They are fair, and the answers to them are essential for our community to have trust and confidence in us and to get better clarity on our financial condition. We hope the information following gives you both the big picture and some of the small details. We believe you will recognize in our financials both “tomorrow’s money”— the need for re-investment in the Institute for the future—as well as “today’s money”—the funds expended on a routine basis for critical operating expenses. Unlike a traditional 501(c)3 non-profit, our revenue comes from tuition, as opposed to donations, and funds the entire organization. Our expenses include direct costs for training, as well as schol- arships, curriculum updates, and intellectual property royalties, and overhead, or indirect costs, including staff, technology, and professional development, among other things. We fully understand your need to know “where does the money go?” As always, we are grateful for your support. All financials are audited by an independent, outside audit firm and are as of fiscal year-end 2019. Our “transition story” discusses 2020 for a full picture of the activities and accomplishments of the Institute. – Michael Changaris, Finance Committee Chair, and Erik Ladewig, CPA, Interim CFO

$31,821 (1%) contribution s: $13,230 (<1%) investment return, Net: $130,169 (2%)


Personnel costs: (Staff, Faculty, Coordina tors) $2,199,411 (40%) Professiona l Fees: (Legal , managemen t consulting , accounting , curriculum development) $1,034,804 (19%) Facility rental: $764,534 (14%) intellectual Property royalties: $303,564 (5%) travel: $205 ,759 (4%)

bank & credit card Fees: $176,338 (3%) Media: $148,023 (3%) training & education Program: $197,521 (3%) rent: $94,288 (2%) other: $368 ,054 (7%)

Five Important Numbers to Know: 1 $2,199,411

The “Big Picture” : Total Revenue and Support: $5,421,116 Total Expenses: $5,492,296

Compensation for 18 staff, 15 faculty, and 48 program coordinators in North America

$764,534 $55,856


Facility rental costs to conduct 155 in-person SE training modules in 2019


This ongoing investment in our website resulted in 275,749 user visits, with 63% being from the U.S. and 37% from outside the U.S. Amount of scholarships we awarded in 2019. In 2020, we awarded $158,795 in training program scholarships, a 45% increase. Training and education program development, including translation of manuals, other on-site expenses, and CEU expenses





* Numbers are for fiscal year-end 2019. Our 2020 numbers will be available in summer 2021 and will fluctuate due to COVID.




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