SE Today and Tomorrow: A Special Report on Our Organization

What’s Next? In 2021, we’re focused on undertaking a new fundraising initiative for long-term sustainability of the Institute. We’re modernizing and upgrading our SE curriculum, creating new workgroups to support inclusive and collaborative governance, developing several white papers on updating standards, compliance, and ethics, and expanding faculty advancement opportunities in North America and around the world. We’re also changing our name—to Somatic Experiencing Internationa l—and will have a new logo and brand identity. We’ll celebrate these milestones and moments—and more—in the years ahead. As a community of people dedicated to changing lives, we know that we are doing that, one life at a time. Change isn’t coming—it’s happening. Change through the steps of transition at the Institute is also happening now. We look forward to all of you being on this continuing journey with us.

2020 – 2022 Strategic Plan Approved by Board of Directors January 18, 2020 Mission: Support trauma resolution and resilience through culturally responsive professional training, research, education and outreach in diverse global communities. Vision: Transforming lives through healing trauma. Core Values: • Support: Foster and nurture hope and empowerment. • Compassion: Lead with empathy and understanding. • Excellence: Deliver quality professional education in a spirit of innovation, creativity and research. • Community: Cultivate trust and safety through acceptance, equity, inclusion, and unity. • Vitality: Inspire new possibilities and restore resilience through increased organizational capacity and self-regulation. Strategic Priorities 2020 -2022: 1 Position SE as Leading Best Practice for Healing Trauma Position SE as a leading best practice for healing trauma through certification, research and public awareness. 2 Establish a Collaborative Organizational Culture Create a dynamic structure that inspires and manifests collaboration among all stakeholders globally to foster a vibrant, supportive, and inclusive organizational culture. 3 Create an SE Professional Association Create a dynamic global, inclusive, and diverse professional association to serve Somatic Experiencing Practitioners, students, and affiliated groups. 4 Establish Comprehensive Governance Systems Create and develop key committees comprising board, faculty, organizational leadership and SE community members to develop policies, procedures, and ongoing organizational structure. 5 Activate Fundraising and Donor Management Programs Create and develop a plan, advisory board, and case statement to begin active and sustained solicitation of funds from individual, corporate, and foundation donors to support the work of the SE Institute and spread the mission and benefits of Somatic Experiencing worldwide.

Warmly, Rebecca, Michael, Michele, Monica, Sangeeta, Sabia, and Sergio 2020-2021 Board of Directors



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