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“Do you have back pain and difficulty walking?”

On a daily basis, you walk more than any other physical activity. How you walk defines most everything about you, including your physical abilities. We can help you discover that something about the way you walk, may be the reason you have pain and help you change it. You walk over a million steps in a year Your walk involves many body parts, all interacting together to produce your walking style. It’s as natural as breathing, and if any of your six (two ankles, two knees, two hips) weight bearing joints are not in good alignment, you’re at risk for structural pain. One minor walking error repeated millions of times can do an incredible amount of damage to your back, muscles, nerves and joints. This can eventually cause pain and arthritis. Often, the cause of back pain is poor strength -- specifically, weak abdominal muscles. The pelvis is held in place by numerous muscles, including the abdominals, hamstrings, gluteals and hip flexors. An imbalance or weakness in these muscles can lead to pelvic misalignment, causing the pelvis to tilt forward or backward. Forward tilt of the pelvis leads to a sway back. In addition to abdominal weakness, a lack of strength in the gluteals and hamstrings leads to forward pelvic tilt. While the abdominals stabilize the pelvis by pulling upward on the front, the gluteals and hamstrings offer stability by pulling down on the rear of the pelvis. Exercises must be done to strengthen both the abdominals and gluteals. Walking gives the gluteals a good workout. The abdominal muscles can be conditioned through Physical Therapy and easy weight training exercises.

Problems with walking increase as we age and are a leading cause of falls and disability in older adults. At least 20% of adults over 65 have problems with walking. This further increases to 50% in adults 85 years old and older. Most of these problems with walking are associated with underlying diseases. 9 Things That Stifle Your Stride Problems with walking are not a direct consequence of getting older. Rather, they are the effects of other conditions that become more common and severe with age. Common risk factors for severe problems with walking include advanced age (older than 85) and multiple chronic disease conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, dementia, stroke, hip fracture or cancer. Common conditions that contribute to walking problems include some of the following: 1. Back pain 2. Joint pain and arthritis 3. Diseases of the muscles or bones 4. Poor fitness 5. Problems after orthopedic surgery or stroke 6. Low blood pressure and heart disease 7. Parkinson’s disease 8. Vision or balance problems 9. Fear of falling Elite Physical Therapy Relieves Sciatica “ARE YOUWALKING ASWELL AS YOU SHOULD?” Did you know the most popular way that we receive new patients is through word of mouth? It is also our favorite way of helping new patients because of our friendship connection with you. We find that patients are most comfortable going somewhere that they know someone else had a great experience and results, which makes their whole rehabilitation program easier and effective. Thank you for spreading the word about us to your doctor, friends, and family. We appreciate it so much---it’s your best compliment! When you refer you will be entered into our monthly “Refer A Friend Raffle” drawing for a $25 gas card! “REFER A FRIEND RAFFLE”

Patient Results

“I’m eternally appreciative.” “Months ago I started after reinjuring my neck and shoulder from 2 years prior. I was in pain – no insurance. I had a previous experience where I tried Physical Therapy and gave up at another place due to the pain. Yep. I quit because I didn’t realize how much I was suffering, never put myself first, and took pain meds to mask symptoms. One day I saw Yelp rate Elite Physical Therapy highly so I thought I’d try it out. Here I met my Physical Therapist. Younger than any other doctor I’ve worked with and more professional, passionate, and intelligent than her elders. I put my trust in her hands (literally) and never looked back. Sure there were days I wondered if this would work, or I’d want to slack, but the team here motivated me and today I write this mostly mobile in my areas I had fear to move. I’m eternally appreciative.” -L.D.


The Rhode Show of WPRI- Channel 12, recently visited Elite Physical Therapy to speak with Co-owner, Jason Harvey, and Founder, Michael Nula, to discuss the importance of exercise and overcoming painful conditions to help maintain a better quality of life. New research suggests that exercise can increase your life expectancy and stave off cognitive decline. The team at Elite Physical Therapy works with patients who are looking to overcome painful conditions and maintain a better quality of life. They can get you back in the game whether you’re looking to return to the court or field, or just get past some of those nagging aches and pains that plague your everyday life. To watch this segment, please visit our Facebook page - Elite Physical Therapy.


Exercise Essential Try this simple exercise to help balance and walking...

Helps With Balance & Strength

Lunge Start by standing with feet shoulder-width-apart. Next, take a step forward and allow your front knee to bend. Your back knee may bend as well. Then, return to original position, or you may walk and take a step forward and repeat with the other leg. Keep your pelvis level and straight the entire time. Your front knee should bend in line with the 2nd toe and not pass the front of the foot. Perform 10 repetitions on each leg, 3 times per week.

Have youmet your annual insurance deductible? An insurance deductible is the amount of money that you must pay before your insurance company pays for your medical services. If your deductible is met, your Physical Therapy may not cost you anything. How do you check to see if your deductible has been met? You can call your insurance and ask them, or you can call us and we will gladly check your benefits for you.

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