School board asks for more shared busing  gŏđŏ

BROCKVILLE | Sharing their student bus service has proved a boon to the trans- portation budgets for two regional school districts. One school board would like to see even more shared busing sooner. The Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) has asked the Student Transporta- tion of Eastern Ontario busing consortium (STEO) for a feasibility study on increas- ing the amount of shared busing between UCDSB and the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO). The consortium looks after daily busing of 35,000 students between the two Eastern Ontario school districts. Statistics presented to the UCDSB Oct. 23 board meeting show a sharp increase in the amount of shared busing over the past year. The number of students used shared routes increased from 2.5 per cent last year to 7 per cent this year. That represents a jump from 875 UCDSB and CDSBEO students taking Check that package of burger patties in the freezer. They may be tainted meat. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is warning consumers to avoid cer- tain brands of frozen burger patties be- cause they may be contaminated with a strain of E. coli. The CFIA issued a recall order late in Oc- tober as part of its investigation but has extended the recall order and warning already. The agency received reports of ill- nesses that may be linked to the product and there may be more recall orders issued as the investigation continues. The recall began with Compliments brand Super 8 Beef Burgers which are distributed in various stores in Ontario and the Atlantic

shared bus routes to 2500 this year. The STEO also offers “double bus routes” where a bus will do one run of students at- tending either UCDSB or CDSBEO schools and then does a second for students from the other school. The report showed stu- dents on double bus routes has increased from eight per cent in the STEO’s ridership jurisdiction to 18 per cent now. That trans- lates to 6300 students on double bus routes now compared to 2800 before. The consortium’s current plan is to in- crease double-route busing to cover half of the combined student transportation pop- ulation for the two boards over the next five years. Shared busing should increase to 25 per cent of the combined student popula- tion. UCDSB trustees want the consortium to determine through its feasibility study whether or not those goals are possible within a shorter time frame. provinces. The eight-ounce patties are sold in packages of six. Now the CFIA and Belmont Meats Ltd., the Toronto-based company which produces the brand, are warning about other brands of frozen beef patties which may be suspect though at the time there are reports of ill- nesses related to these brands which are now on recall. They are Sunspun Bearpaw-shaped Beef Burgers and Compliments Traditional Beef Burgers.

Beware bad burgers



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