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I had the unique opportunity to coach my daughter Norah’s first T-ball team this past year, and while I hadn’t planned to do it, I have to admit I really enjoyed myself. It may have felt a lot like herding cats, but I loved introducing Norah and her teammates to a sport I have been passionate about since I was a little kid cheering for the Minnesota Twins and playing third base on my own team. I first started playing baseball on a T-ball team. Eventually, I came to play third base, which is a unique position because I could see nearly every part of the field and had a close-up view of the action or a direct hand in it. I had to be ready for just about anything at third base since the ball was often traveling at maximum speed once it was hit, and I had to make fast and accurate decisions once I got it. To me, baseball is a truly unique sport. Players rely on their teammates for so many aspects of the game, but there are purely individual parts as well. Each player on offense has a chance to hit the ball and score, but every player on defense has to work cohesively to prevent the other team from scoring. I always relished the chance to work on my own skills and techniques, while bonding and building a relationship with my teammates.

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into high school ball, the pitches became more complex and my hitting strategy became more of a mental game than a physical one. Nothing can really compare to going head-to-head with a pitcher and smacking the baseball right in that sweet spot as far as I could. I can still feel my heart pounding as I rounded the bases after a great hit! enjoy hitting and throwing in her first season, and I have to say that she seemed to be a natural! I’ll admit it was a little tough to not cheer louder for her than every other kid on the team, and while I may be a little biased, I believe she was able to pick up the game quickly. I’m bummed that I won’t be able to coach her this year, but I’m also excited to get to be just a parent in the stands. Who knows how long she will play? At least we can have some fun together while she does. And that’s all you can really hope for from Little League. While I love watching my Minnesota Twins — even during the heartbreaking seasons — few things can compare to seeing my own child have just as much free-spirited fun as I did when I was a little kid out in the ball field. Today, I’m happy to share one of my favorite sports with Norah. She seemed to really

My favorite part of the game, though, was hitting. As I aged out of Little League and

Good luck to all the young athletes this season!

-Dr. Brian Summers

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