PT & Rehab: Shoulder Pain Relief

Don’t let pain sideline you! Don’t let pain sideline you!

elasticand infacta little“drier”.Whenyourmuscle,tendonand ligament tissues have enough water, they are supple and stretchy, allowing you to do a lot of activities. Keep yourself hydrated and stretch often to maintain elasticity in your muscles. Preparing your body… It is importanttodosportsactivities,fitnessandahostofotherphysical activities to keep you healthy and happy. With a little bit of preparation, you can easily do these activities and decrease your risk for injury. Before and after: Knowing the right exercises to prepare for fitness activities is key. Our physical therapyexpertshaveyearsofexperience rehabilitatingpeople after injuries and returning them pain-free to the activities they enjoy. Whatsomepeoplemightnotknow isthatphysicaltherapistsputspecific exerciseplanstogetherbasedonyourneedstoprevent injury.Calltoday to learn more how our programs can help you feel great! • Do stretch often • Do strength training • Do coordination training • Do endurance training

There is nothing more exciting than taking on a new challenge, sport or activity. For most of us, the thrill of accomplishing a physical goal is what we live for. However, are you prepared for it? The term “weekend warrior”meansapersonwhodoesn’treallytrainforwhattheyaredoing; they just go out and do it on the weekend. How do most injuries occur? Most sports injuries occur from ill-prepared individuals who just jump into the activity without first increasing their strength, endurance and flexibility. Your muscles, tendons, ligaments and other tissues need to be warmed up to work properly. They take enormous strain during running and sports activities.Therefore, if they are not in top condition, they are more prone to injury. Injuries increase as you age… If you think back to when you were in your late teens, you could go into afullsprintnoproblem, takeaflying leapanddoawhole lotwithout the slightest thought about it. As you get older, your tissues become less

Ingredients: • 2 pounds fresh green beans, ends trimmed • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil • 1/2 cup Marcona almonds • 1/2 cup shaved Parmesan cheese Summer Recipe

For the Orange-Shallot Dressing: • 3 tablespoons fresh orange juice • 2 tablespoons minced shallot • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard • Pinch of kosher salt and ground black pepper • 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Directions: 1. Make the Green Beans: Heat grill for direct grilling over medium-high heat. Toss beans with oil and place in grill basket. Grill 6 to 8 minutes or until beans are lightly browned and tender-crisp, stirring occasionally. 2. Meanwhile, make Orange-Shallot Dressing: In small bowl, whisk together orange juice, shallot, mustard, salt and pepper. While whisking, slowly drizzle in oil until all oil is incorporated.

3. Serve green beans sprinkled with almonds and cheese, and drizzled with Orange-Shallot Dressing.

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