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1.98 15.5 To 16-Oz., Selected Jif Peanut Butter

Assorted Soft Drinks At Featured Price .99 Selected 2 Liter Pepsi Products 2 /$ 1 5.2-Oz.,Selected IGA Frozen Pizzas 2 /$ 5 48-Oz.,Selected Friendly’s IceCream FREE 24-Oz.,Selected IGAPasta Sauce FREE 12-Oz.AngelHair Or16-Oz.,Selected IGA Pasta FREE 9.25To10-Oz.,Selected Doritos Chips B uy O ne G et O ne B uy O ne G et O ne B uy O ne G et O ne FREE 128-Oz.Classic IGA Liquid Bleach 2.98 50-Oz.Era, 37To40-Oz.,Selected Tide Simply Detergent B uy O ne G et O ne 5.98 6-BigRolls,Selected Brawny Paper Towels 5.98 12-DoubleRolls QuiltedNorthern BathTissue 4.98 30.65-Oz. Maxwell House WakeUpRoast FREE 16-Oz. Kraft American Cheese Singles B uy O ne G et O ne

1.28 Jumbo Pack FreshSplit ChickenBreast

5.98 USDA Select Beef BonelessNew York Strip Steaks



1.98 2-Piece Light Fresh Pork Spareribs

1.78 USDA Inspected Boneless Pork SirloinChops



.88 16-Oz. Regular Or Bun-Size BarS Meat Franks

2 /$ 5 12-Oz. Sugardale SlicedBacon

2.98 10-Lb.Bag All PurposeCreamy Russet Potatoes Fresh PRODUCE

2 /$ 5 EasternGrown Athena Cantaloupes

We Reserve The Right To Limit Quantities And Correct Typographical Errors. No Sales To Dealers. PRICES EFFECTIVE WED., JUNE 13 THRU TUES., JUNE 19, 2018

Store Hours: Sunday - Saturday 7am - 10pm



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