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My parents have a quintessential love story. They met in their hometown, grew up together, and married when they were just 18 years old. But their story differs from other love stories of the past; after they were married, they enlisted in the Army. My parents served during WWII and were stationed in Biloxi, Mississippi. I was born after they left the Army, so all my stories come from their recollections. I know they were both extremely proud of what they were able to do for this nation while being stationed stateside, but I specifically remember my mom talking about her experiences in the Women’s Army Corps, which began in the early 1940s. She used to tell this one story about a time when they had her run the marching drill, and she got so nervous that she couldn’t say “halt” and she ran the group right into the ocean! My mom was a one-of-a-kind mother, who was the most caring and generous person I knew. She was my biggest cheerleader, never missing a football game. She taught me how to slow dance and that a fresh tomato will always taste better than a store-bought one. Her green thumb was passed on to me, and now, as a master gardener, I’ve taken on her talent for growing the biggest and tastiest tomatoes. Since she was 9 years old, Mom worked in the textile industry in my hometown of Shelby, North Carolina, and she didn’t quit working until she was in her 70s. Even then, she continued to tend to her garden. She always encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to do. Being the first in my family to become a lawyer, no one was more proud of me than Mom.

American flag at my home. As I married and began a family of my own, I’ve since added more pride in the dedication to service of my loved ones.

Though my father-in-law didn’t talk too much about his service, he was a fighter

pilot in WWII before he was shot down while flying over England. He was forced to parachute out of his plane, but his flying mate was killed in a mid-air collision. Despite this devastation, he

remained a strong military man, and after the war, he joined the Air Force Reserve, where he eventually became a two-star general. While in the reserves he became a lawyer, practiced law, and went on to become a Judge. Later, it was his dedication to this country that had a direct influence on his grandson. I always say that my son was born with the uniform on, and this was only encouraged further by his devoted grandfather. Growing up, he built forts in the backyard and always wore camouflage. Like his grandfather, he joined the Air Force, and he currently serves in the reserves, leaving the states each summer to serve for a month in Italy. My son eventually became a police officer, and he has since moved his way up to working with the FBI. When Memorial Day and Mother’s Day roll around this May, I hope you will take time to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for your freedom and thank your mom for her guidance and support. I’ll forever remember the sacrifices made decades

I’m incredibly proud of my parents, and I was raised with a strong sense of patriotism and respect for sacrifice. I even fly the

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ago by my parents and my father-in-law and the dedication my son continues to carry for our family and country today. From everyone at Don Turner Legal Team, have a safe and happy Mother’s Day and Memorial Day.

–Don Turner

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