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This term Dr Efi Spentzou from Royal Holloway University has led a series of after school workshops exploring Myth & Voice. Students from all years groups learned all about King Erysichthon, an ancient character who remains relevant today as his story raises many ethical questions about the environment. It was fabulous

HOLIDAYS & NATIONAL DAYS Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month - March SAFE Day - 4 March World Book Day - 7 March International Women’s Day - 8 March Richmond Choral Festival - 13 March EPQ Presentations - 13-14 March Year 13 Parents’ Consultation Evening - 4-6.30pm 27 March End of Spring term - 28 March Easter Holidays - 29 March-12 April Back to School - 15 April

to start the week enjoying presentations from the students involved hearing how we can all make small changes to improve the natural world. The Student Parliament Eco Committee also met with an external partner this week to develop their ideas for greening the school. I am excited to see how both projects develop in the summer term. This week we have had a number of trips out of school. On Tuesday some of our Year 9 students enjoyed a trip to the London Careers Festival at the Guildhall Art Gallery in Bank and enjoyed finding out about different careers, a highlight included using the flight simulator. Yesterday Alexa M and Annabelle R in Year 9, and Tamira R in Year 8 who are standing for the Richmond and Kingston Youth Council took part in the final hustings event at York House. They were so impressive delivering speeches and answering questions. After school a number of sixth form students attended The World Leaders Tacitus Lecture in the City of London. Today our A level French students attended a study day and A level Religious Studies students attended the Candle conference in Central London. Thank you to all the parents who attended the PTA Quiz. Our fantastic Quizmaster, Ben Burrows, kept us all entertained with brilliant questions and challenges that not only made us think hard but also laugh a lot. Thank you to all the fabulous PTA volunteers who sourced the delicious curries and made sure no one was thirsty.

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~ Ms Tongue, Headteacher


This week is Eating Disorder Awareness Week. To highlight this, The Charlie Waller Trust has put together a range of resources for parents and carers, who may be concerned that their child is showing signs of disordered eating. This includes: a webinar on spotting signs and supporting young people with eating disorders on 16 April from 12.00-1.20pm, a resource for parents on Supporting a child with an eating problem and a series of free workshops, commencing on a range of dates, providing practical skills, strategies and techniques for parents who are supporting a child to recover from an eating disorder. Additionally, Monday 4 March is Substance Advice for Everyone (SAFE) Day. All parents should have received a letter explaining this important borough-wide public health intervention. The letter is also linked here.

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We are well and truly back into the swing of things as the half term break feels like quite the distant memory. After last week, students looked at different ideas of success and the measures we use to assess our own success. This was a follow-up to Mr Goulbourne’s presentation last week which explored how we measure success, using his beloved Reading Football Club as an example. It is some food for thought. How do we measure success? Do we as a society measure the correct things in order to determine success? It was great to hear that 8POR had a session this week about bullying and resolving conflict with one of our counsellors Ms Jaloussis. This has been a program rolled out to all Year 8s, whether it is in form time or through the PDC lessons. The sessions focus on a scenario involving some online conflict. For our young students it is important that they are educated about online safety. In today’s world there is an importance placed on everybody having an ‘online presence’. I encourage all parents/guardians to discuss with their children the challenges that online communication can present. The internet is an incredible resource, however it needs to be navigated appropriately and sensibly. Big congratulations to Daisy J, Tamira R and Flo V who are participating in the local youth election. I know that they have been involved in husting speeches at local primary schools. These students have done an amazing job and continue to work on their presentation and leadership skills. Well done to the brilliant 8SSA for collecting the most epraise points since returning from the break. This was followed by 8EFR and 8FCO.

Can I remind students that they must bring in a silent reading book every Tuesday.

Thank you for all your support and here’s to another busy week at Waldegrave for our 216 Year 8s!







Under 15 Outer Borough Cricket Final



Under 14 Rugby Tournament



A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

“ A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder ” is a fast-paced and captivating mystery novel which follows the life of a young girl Pippa who grew up in a small town which has become tainted with a murder. Despite the case being closed, she chooses to study the case as her topic for her final year project and begins to unveil secrets that wish to stay deeply hidden. I loved watching the story unfold and leftover fragments of a murder case left open click together through the compelling and relatable character of Pippa. I would really recommend it for anyone looking for a gripping and challenging read, which explores second guessing the truth and looking deeper than the surface.

~ Recommended by Marina, Year 11 Student


About the Children’s Book Project

Across London and the UK 1 in 4 disadvantaged children owns fewer than 10 books, whilst 1 in 8 has none at all. This has an impact not only on these children’s academic outcomes but also on their wellbeing, emotional development and sense of themselves as a reader. The Children’s Book Project directly tackles this ‘book gap’ and gifts donated books to targeted communities across the Capital. Over 500 schools, community groups, women’s groups and prisons nationwide put on book gifting events at which children are invited to choose a book to take it home and keep. The charity expects to gift upwards of 350,000 books this year. For more information visit www.childrensbookproject.co.uk

We are holding a Book Drive on World Book Day!

We are holding a Book Drive for the Children’s Book Project charity on 7 March 2024. Please bring in any books your children have grown out of so that they can find new homes with others across the local community. Alternatively you may wish to purchase an old favourite to donate. We can accept any children’s books in good condition. Please drop them off at the main reception.

Please contact us with any queries or problems you may have. To get in touch with a member of staff from your child’s year group, you can: Send an email to KS3@waldegravesch.org Or you can contact the school via phone by calling: 02088943244 WALDEGRAVE SCHOOL Fifth Cross Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW2 5LH HOW TO CONTACT YEAR 8 HEAD OF YEAR AND TUTORS

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