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ON THE MOVE SHEPLEY BULFINCH EXPANDS REACH IN HOUSTON MARKET THROUGH NEW TALENT ACQUISITION & SENIOR PROMOTION Leading architectural firm Shepley Bulfinch announced the addition of Trent Williams as a principal and the promotion of Natalie Thurman, AIA, to principal at its growing Houston studio. Williams, who comes to Shepley Bulfinch with an extensive background in Houston’s healthcare and higher education design and construction industry, brings a bold and unique perspective to the firm. Thurman, who has been with Shepley Bulfinch since 2019, will continue to bring her design leadership both to the Houston studio and across the firm. Williams previously served as the director of capital projects at Texas Medical Center, and before that was the senior director, capital projects, at the University of Houston. Williams also spent more than a decade as a construction project manager in Houston and received his bachelor’s degree in construction science from Texas A&M. Williams’ background as both a client and a construction manager positions him with a fresh approach to the design process, and his experience in Houston will help Shepley Bulfinch expand its footprint in this dynamic architecture market. “I was intrigued by Shepley Bulfinch’s

purpose-driven architecture philosophy and its culture of designers who truly listen and embrace what clients have to say,” said Williams. “In this business, collaboration between parties is critical to a project’s success, and Shepley Bulfinch is uniquely positioned to leverage that through its approach. I am thrilled to be joining this team of highly skilled architects and to build upon the great work that Shepley Bulfinch is doing in Houston.” “Trent Williams brings a wealth of career experience and personal connections in the Houston market to Shepley Bulfinch and we are very excited to have him on board,” said Angela Watson, FAIA, president and CEO of Shepley Bulfinch. “We have a great team in place at our Houston studio, and with Trent and Natalie’s leadership, we are confident that Shepley Bulfinch’s presence and reach in Houston will continue to grow for years to come.” Thurman, a key contributor to Shepley Bulfinch’s success in the Houston market, has led design teams on a wide range of healthcare, higher education, and research projects. “I believe that design should be innovative, purposeful, and sustainable, and it all starts with effective collaboration,” said Thurman. “Working alongside Trent, I am looking forward to furthering Shepley Bulfinch’s impact in Houston.” Shepley Bulfinch has a strong history in Houston, with projects including: The

University of Houston’s John M. O’Quinn Law School, the University of Houston’s Health and Biomedical Sciences Buildings, the Bellaire Health Hub at Memorial Hermann Medical Group, the Fondren Library at Rice University, The Awty International School, the Houston Public Library, and the Howard Hughes Corporation. “Houston is a dynamic market and one that is always looking for innovative and new ideas,” said Williams. “This is a city where relationships and trust between parties are key. Through my experience, I know what it’s like to be on all sides of the table, and we at the Houston studio will work hard every day to strengthen those relationships and that trust between Shepley Bulfinch and its clients.” Shepley Bulfinch is a national architecture and design firm with studios in Boston, Massachusetts; Durham, North Carolina; Hartford, Connecticut; Houston, Texas; and Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 1874, the firm has a notable legacy of challenging convention, pioneering visionary design ideas, and collaborating with clients who seek to drive measurable change. Shepley Bulfinch architects and designers are regarded for their expertise in tackling complex projects, especially in the areas of education, healthcare, and urban development.

For every situation that mandates disruption, there will be an equal number of situations that require maintenance of the status quo. Knowing the difference, and recognizing and appreciating that caretaking is an important function could be critical to your long-term success. Mark Zweig is Zweig Group’s chairman and founder. Contact him at in that position. ‘Disruptors’ and the radical disruption they create could well be a threat to the business.” “What if nothing really needs to change? There are plenty of businesses

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doing compared to what’s typical. This is super-important. If you are outperforming the industry, that is one indication you don’t need radical disruption. ■ What is the state of employee morale? If it’s good, that means radical change could impact it in a negative way. The only way to know is through constant polling and an examination of the voluntary staff turnover rate compared to historical firm and industry norms. ■ How do the clients feel about the business? Are problems and complaints about service increasing or declining? These have to be tracked and dealt with. If problems aren’t increasing, maybe disruption is the last thing you need. Every company and unit in it – and every situation – is different.

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