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PRACTICE CORNER FROM THE How to Create Your Lead Generation Magnet in 3 Easy Steps

For those of you that don’t know, a lead generation magnet (also called a “special report”) is a marketing term for a free item or service that is given away for the purpose of gathering contact information. The No. 1 thing your lead generation magnet must do is appeal to your prospect’s emotions and help them solve a problem. People are rarely motivated to search for information on how to prevent something. Instead, people are searching for answers to problems they already have. For example, tax resolution practitioners solve at least three problems for clients: 1. The desire to keep whatever income and assets they have 2. To live a life free of the fear and immense pain inflicted upon them by the IRS 3. The desire to settle with the IRS once and for all When creating your own lead generation magnet, you want to give information that has real value, not just “perceived value.” I have a specific method I use when creating lead generation magnets that always achieves great results. Below is my easy three-step process for creating a print and MP3 lead generation magnet. 1. Write down the top 10 questions your prospective customer has regarding your product or service. The answers to some of these questions should give actionable tips your prospect can use to get immediate results; other answers you provide should overcome objections the prospect might have in their mind. 2. Have someone ask you the 10 questions as if you were being interviewed on a radio show and record the interview. This is a huge secret! Not only is the interview format far more interesting for the listener, but it is also easier for you to do it this way. Be sure to include an intro and an outro. The intro should be information about who you are and why you are the best person to solve the listener’s problem, and the outro should be a call to action you want your

prospect to take. For example: Call my office, visit my webpage, read this letter, etc. 3. After the interview, have it transcribed and edit both the transcription and recording. Once you receive the transcription back, clean it up by removing any miscellaneous words, and format it so it looks professional. Once that’s done, you can turn it into a PDF. For the recording, you should have it edited and you can post it on your website. Once you create your lead generation magnets (which are now your recording and transcript), you can use them to capture leads. One of the ways you can use the recording is to post it on your website. Make sure to have the prospect give you their name and email address before they have access to the information, and do the same if someone would like to download the information. The purpose for having lead generation magnets is for you to give valuable information to someone who wants it in exchange for their contact information. Once you have their contact information, you can follow up with them and turn a lead into a client!

–Michael Rozbruch

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