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How to improve your spinal coordination 1. Work on your whole balance. While holding onto a steady surface, try to balance on one leg at a time. Tighten your abdominal muscles while you do this and don’t let your hip / pelvis sink down 2. Performalternating armand leg lift exercises. Usingmultiple body parts causes rotation and activation of the smaller muscles in the spine 3. Workoncontrollingthetighteningof yourabdominalmuscles, hips and spine throughout the day. Practice this lying down, sittingandstanding tohaveadifferent effect on theabdominal muscles in different positions How physical therapy helps your spinal coordination Aphysical therapistcanpinpoint yourexactproblemthroughthe examination of your flexibility, strength and coordination. You are put through specific movement patterns that showwhere your spine lacks coordination and if you have any challenges with your balance. With this knowledge, a complete plan is designed to restore your spine’s natural coordination. 4. Perform core exercises such as modified planks

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