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April 2020

The Power of Goals and Rituals A HIGHER STANDARD

I am a huge supporter of setting goals. I’ve talked a lot about goal setting in this very newsletter. But this month, I want to address why I believe so strongly in setting goals. Your goal list, no matter what’s on it, isn’t just a massive to-do list. The goals you set reflect the standard of life you want to live. Everyone has goals, but most people make goals just to get by. They want to pay the bills, get out of debt, make their relationships a little better, or just make a living. They’ve gotten caught up in the everyday details of just getting by. Their goals don’t extend much further beyond that. They’re not taking charge of their future. This is because the standard they’ve set for themselves is mediocre at best. When you set your goals, those goals have to challenge you to push further than your mind would ever let you go. This is how you discover what your true potential is. One of the ways you can raise your goals is to raise your standards. Many people set their standard at just paying their bills and getting by. They don’t believe they are capable of much more than that. Each month after they pay their bills, they have no money left over. On the opposite side, you’ll find that the people with a higher standard have enough money so they can do whatever they want. They always find a way to have tons of money after paying their bills.

rituals than a healthy, fit person. When the alarm goes off in the morning, an unhealthy person probably hits snooze several times. Then you have someone like my wife, who is one of the healthiest people I know. As soon as her alarm goes off at 5 o’clock in the morning, she jumps up, puts on her tennis shoes, and goes to the gym. That’s her ritual every single morning. It can be difficult to determine what rituals you need to adopt in order to achieve your higher standard. The good news is that you can look to people who have already achieved that standard. The world is full of successful people who have written books, started podcasts, and given talks about their personal rituals. When you decide to raise your standards, ask yourself how you define success and find someone who is successful in that area. Is success running a profitable company, having a fulfilling relationship with your significant other, or being physically healthy? Make that your standard and find a successful person whose goals and rituals you can adopt. And once you adopt those rituals, you need to wake up and work on them every single day. It won’t happen overnight. Reaching those standards is hard work, but you only have one life to live. Shouldn’t you live it to the highest standard possible? –Ramiro Rodriguez, Jr.

Of course, the person who has plenty of money didn’t just set a higher standard and then instantly have more money. They had to work for it. That’s where goal setting comes in. People with a higher standard set goals that will force them to work hard and struggle. People often forget about the hard part. When we look at successful people, we see their end results but not their struggles. We don’t see how many drawbacks they faced and how many times they had to try again. But it’s always there, and when you set a higher standard for yourself, those struggles are worth it. The trick to raising yourself to a higher standard is to change your rituals. What are the things you’re doing every day that are contributing to your goals and raising you to a higher standard? An unhealthy person will have very different

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