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Gratitude in Freedom

Coming from a long line of ministers, dating back to the Mayflower, our family gives thanks before every dinner. We often talk about freedom — which, to the kids, may be seeking freedom from rules, but they’re getting old enough to really understand what freedom means. Freedom means different things to each of us, but freedom of speech seems most important. We can’t ever take it for granted. Our Chinese exchange student is a living reminder that other countries aren’t so lucky — my kids were amazed to find that the Chinese internet is restricted — they can’t even access Google! Thanksgiving dinners are more of the same but on a larger scale as the entire family gets together. We enjoy the usual traditions of watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade and football, but the best part of the day is the Thanksgiving meal and the family stories. They’re gone now, but my Uncle Bobby used to share hilarious stories of his childhood and growing up on Farmington Avenue in Hartford. My great-aunt Louise told tales of tremendous changes she saw in her lifetime ... from delivering baked goods in a horse-drawn

“Freedom means different things to each of us, but freedom of speech seems most important.”

carriage (her father was a baker), to taking the trolley from Hartford to New London, to a world of cars and planes. She had a firsthand view of so many of the country’s major events, sharing stories like the horror of suicides during the Great Depression as men hoped their families could keep going by collecting on life insurance. She shared happy stories, too, about her family, her long career at SNET, her many beaus, and her escapades as a single independent woman in a world where the vast majority of women were married. These days, my mother and siblings and I are the older generations, and our children, the millennials, have changed the tenor of our discussions. I love to hear about my nephew’s passion for his latest project to save the environment, and my niece’s travels all over the world and her love for all the people she meets. All of my mother’s 12 grandchildren bring something unique to the table. I remember one year, my nephew and I got into a heated discussion over something silly. He was absolutely adamant that he was right. Being a Beckett, I couldn’t help but challenge him on it. At 27, he decided the only way to express his

feelings about my opinion was to throw a jelly bean across the table at me. An interesting way to make your point ... but pretty funny too. For the past few years, my mother has been our host in her big house in the woods. I’m looking forward to another great family dinner, catching up with my siblings, nieces, and nephews that I rarely see during the year. As much as I love my mother’s cooking, it’s really all about the time we spend together. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones too.

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–Suzann Beckett


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