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When you work in physical therapy, your entire job — rightfully so — is about your patients. When we’re working on someone’s recovery, we try to keep the focus on them and how they’re doing rather than bring ourselves and our lives into the spotlight. It’s certainly a rewarding job, but because of the nature of the relationship, we sometimes forget that behind every patient is a person who also cares about us. If there’s anything this crisis has taught us, it’s that the patients we see every day are people who have hearts filled with genuine care for us during a time when it would be so much easier for them to just keep the focus on themselves. Our patients have been wonderful throughout these tough times. It’s true that we wouldn’t be able to get through this without their continued support of our business, but it’s become about so much more than that. Our patients have gone above and beyond to seek out how we’re doing and ask how they can help when they’re the ones who should be coming to us for help. The lengths some have gone to show us they care are incredible, and we just want to say as many thank-yous as we can. Thank you for being so on board with giving telehealth a try. We know a brand-new system can be tricky to get the hang of, but so many of you have been open-minded about the process and worked with us to find the best ways to use it as a productive tool. And a double thank-you to A BIG THANK-YOU TO ALL OUR PATIENTS YOUR SUPPORT HAS MEANT EVERYTHING

Thank you to those patients who have been calling in to pay off their balances before they even receive a statement, just to make our workload and cash flow a little easier to manage. Thank you to those who so generously donate essential items to us, especially one patient who went out of their way to secure a bottle of hand sanitizer for us when we were running dangerously low. It was a true act of selflessness. Thank you to the patients who have been hand-sewing cloth masks for our team so we can make sure we stay safe when it’s so hard to get our hands on the supplies we’d normally use to do so. And thank you to everyone who sends warm wishes, positive thoughts, and special treats to us just to make our days a little brighter. The coffee drop-offs and homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (you know who you are) for our entire staff might seem like simple treats to some, but to my team, those acts of kindness mean more than you know. Sometimes we get so focused on the care we want to provide our patients that we forget to open the avenue that allows them to show us they care in return. The pandemic has certainly sent us sailing through hard times, but the silver lining we’ve discovered is that this job we do really is a two-way street. We wouldn’t change anything about it for the world. So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for being there for us and allowing us to continue being there for you.

those who pay for their telehealth visits out of their own pockets when it’s not covered by health insurance.

Thank you for having so much flexibility with scheduling your appointments so

we can make sure we’re keeping the number of people in our clinic at a safe level and respecting safe distances.

–Beth Scalone

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