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I ’ve been working in the home improvement business, in one way or another, for many years. I started out working at my dad’s roofing company. After several years, I split off and built my own company, Rainy Day Services, that specialized in roofing, gutters, and home inspections. Ten years later, I partnered up with my brother John, and we added water and fire damage cleanup services. We still run that company today and have a lot of fun with it. In the beginning, our work at Rainy Day Services exposed us to a lot of problems we didn’t yet provide services for. We once went into somebody’s laundry room to work on water damage, for example, and we realized we could fix the water damage, but there were other underlying problems. In this case, if the client didn’t address their termite problem too, they’d just go right back to feeding the termites and have another repair project on their hands in the not-so-distant future. That’s how QuickSumo Pest Control was born. We realized that because of the expertise we’d honed over years in the home improvement industry, we could help people in so many more ways than we were originally offering. When John and I bought the pest control business, the first thing we did was change the name to QuickSumo Pest Control. We wanted our company to have a fun, memorable name that people could get excited about. When people ask how we came up with the name, we tell them that it was inspired by a missionary trip I took to Japan where I fell in love with sumo wrestling. This also inspired our mascot, Sumo Sam. And since we’re about quick results and quick turnaround, putting the words quick and sumo together worked perfectly. We like that our name is quirky and memorable. In the beginning, we didn’t know the first thing about pest control, other than how to squish bugs or get bitten by mosquitoes. But we did know a whole lot about home improvement and how QUICKSUMO PEST CONTROL A Business Built to Give Back

to run a business that

delivers quality service, so we just grew naturally from there. We like that QuickSumo allows us to have longer standing relationships with our customers than, say, putting on a roof once every 10 years. We also liked that because QuickSumo is a second business for us, we can have a little more fun with it and be much more generous with its profits. condition called Angelman’s syndrome, drowned. This tragic event inspired us to donate some of QuickSumo’s profits to causes that help children with special needs. Because I also have two children with special needs, we give discounts to other families who have kids with special needs. My own kids are home-schooled — I have six of them, two of whom are adopted — and we also give discounts to families that home-school. We know exactly how much work and energy it takes to do that well! Running a business with a sibling isn’t for everyone, but John and I have been collaborating since we were little boys. We used to team up when we played the Nintendo game “Metroid” together on a little black-and-white TV in our laundry room. As we went through the game, John would draw maps, and I’d work the controls. We’ve always teamed up well together, and I can’t think of anybody I’d rather run a business with. Every year, my brother and I donate some of QuickSumo’s profits to charity. A few years back, John’s oldest son, Covey, who had a rare

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"In the beginning, we didn’t know the first thing about pest control, other than how to squish bugs or get bitten by mosquitoes."




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