Coye Law Personal Injury October 2018


Chronicle October 2018 Edition

Wade Coye Attorney

It’s Scary to Need a Lawyer,

But It’s Terrifying to Go It Alone

something you’ve been waiting for or looking forward to. And to be honest, you should approach your first meeting with a prospective attorney with a healthy dose of skepticism. Hiring the right person can make or break your case, so it’s important to take your decision seriously. At Coye Law, we believe that a client should come away with two impressions after the initial meeting. First, they should know, without a hint of doubt, that we are on their side. No matter the case or the client, we fight for you. That’s the crux of our job. Second, the client should be aware that we’re providing straight-up information and no marketing b.s. Do we want you to feel comfortable about hiring us? Of course. Are we going to lie to you about your case to provide that comfort? No way. To achieve these goals, we need our team to be able to relate to people and put them at ease. Luckily, over our years of experience, we’ve encountered hundreds of people going through difficult times. We have an understanding and appreciation for what you’re going through. When you work with us, you’ll never feel like you’re a number, case file, or anything less than a human being. Learning about and empathizing with you isn’t just good manners; it can also help your claim. Every detail we can gather about your life and experience could prove useful. It takes time to be able to be fully open, even with attorney-client privileges, so we don’t expect that you’ll tell us everything the second you meet us. Over time, though, we seek to earn your trust and give you the confidence to discuss every aspect of your case with us. Hiring an attorney is, to be sure, about finding a competent, experienced person who will work tirelessly on your case. However, it’s just as important to work with somebody who you believe in. At Coye Law, we strive to be both those things for you. -Wade Coye

Being in a car accident, getting injured at work, having benefits denied — these events are scarier than any horror movie. When you leave the theater or shut off the TV, the monsters go away. When you have to navigate the aftermath of a major life event, there’s no switch that turns everything back to normal. Handling serious claims and cases requires a sensitivity to what our clients are going through. We don’t overlook how crucial this portion of our job is. Getting the best possible result is always our main goal, and doing that means treating clients with the dignity and respect they deserve. When a client steps into our office, they’re already going through a tough time. An unexpected problem has occurred in their life. On top of whatever event brought them to us, they could be experiencing financial stress, professional pressure, or family strife. Needless to say, all of these factors add up to trepidation and skepticism. When nothing’s going your way, it’s hard to trust people.

I’m here to tell you that we get it. Stress takes many forms, and we understand that the day you consider hiring an attorney isn’t


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