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A different kind of search provider.



The Index Difference Our clients tell us that we truly understand their challenges and needs. Conveyancing is not just about the legal process, it’s about people, and during the transaction there are challenges and hurdles that require individual attention. As part of that process a search provider must understand this. We believe that a centralised IT system cannot offer the level of detailed service that conveyancing solicitors require. In fact we believe that conveyancers have become accustomed to a poor ‘hands off’ style of service. One size does not fit all. That’s why Index is different. In our view it is important to form close working relationships with our clients. It is the only way that we can understand their specific needs and provide the exact service they each require. We are passionate about what we do and our ultimate goal is to create relationships where our clients view us as an extension of their own business.

At Index we focus on finding solutions and solving problems.




The Index Philosophy

Index was established in 2010 and has gone from strength to strength to become the quickest growing search provider in the UK. Whilst now established in the ‘Big 5’ of Conveyancing Search Providers, Index’s approach is different. Our Philosophy – utilise modern technology where it enhances the service, but at all times a client’s needs must come first. Unlike a centralised system, our focus is to make our client’s life easier, not ours. Through delivering the best customer service and product excellence, we exist to help you develop efficiencies within your business. This ethos means that every development that is put in place is designed with the client in mind. With everything we do, we ask one question first: ‘Does this help our clients?’

“Technology is a tool to be embraced but in the end you have to engage with people ”




We don’t assume that we know what you want from your search provider.

The Ethos The pursuit of excellence is at the centre of our ethos. Sounds like a cliché we know, but for us our clients really do come first, and we work hard to ensure that they receive the best service available - every time. We don’t assume that we know what you want from your search provider. In order to ensure we can provide you with the very best service, we work with you to understand your business requirements. A house purchase is one of the most important purchases your clients will make, and a smooth and hassle-free transaction is what both you and your clients must have. On-time delivery and accuracy are two vital ingredients to ensure this, and with Index you can be confident that we will deliver every time. In order to achieve the highest levels of service we work closely with local authorities, water companies and many private corporations to ensure that we are one step ahead of any legislative or regulatory changes. With that in mind, you can feel confident and satisfied that you have the answers you need to advise your clients appropriately.




National Reach

Local searches. Local offices. Local people.

We have local offices, where someone is always available to take a call and deal with requests immediately. Our offices are run by local people using local knowledge and expertise to provide the products that our clients want, when they want them. Because we are local, we can provide the additional services that the centralised providers simply cannot. It’s the little things that matter.

It’s the little things that matter.




The Service Our approach is practical and straightforward; we roll up our sleeves and provide you with all the help you need to get the deal done. How many hours have you or your team spent trying to contact the correct local authority to query or obtain a copy document? And how many transactions have aborted because an environmental report has been referred? Index will solve these problems for you. We will deal with any local authority queries on your behalf, and we will work with you to obtain a ‘passed’ environmental report, helping you to free up time in your busy conveyancing department. It is our belief in the need for local offices and local people that enable us to provide these complementary services. Time is money and Index will save you both.

How many search providers do you know that will physically visit a property to solve a problem for you? Our guess is none.




The Products We provide our services to all conveyancing firms, including sole practitioners, multiple partner practices, legal executives and licensed conveyancers.

Mining Reports Past and present mining activity may cause the risk of unstable ground. There are various types of historical mining throughout Britain and it is therefore vital to know whether a property falls within an affected area. The range of reports available cover all types of mining and provide information of any potential risk. Drainage & Water Reports Local water authority reports (CON29DW) or Index Regulated Drainage and Water reports both provide important information that is required by lenders and insurers. They are a search of the water company’s maps and records to cover a variety of issues such as: connection to mains water, mains drainage, whether there are any public sewers located within the boundary, surface water, proposed adoption of sewers and the basis of charging. Anti-Money Laundering & Compliance Our range of reports help to reduce uncertainty in identifying the legitimacy of the various parties involved in the transaction. Solicitors and purchasers involved in property transactions are at particular risk as many of the day-to-day transactions are vulnerable to fraud.

Land Registry It is the duty of the Land Registry to keep and maintain the Land Register where more than 23 million titles (evidence of ownership) are documented. The Land Registry provides organisations and individuals with a range of documents relating to those titles as well as providing registrations of unregistered land, interests such as a mortgage, lease or right of way.

Chancel Repair & Indemnity Chancel repair liability is the liability of the land owner to pay for the repair of the chancel of a parish church and can apply to properties falling within a Church of England parish. Our suite of reports ascertains any potential liability and offers insurance cover against it. Planning Reports Our range of planning reports help to ascertain nearby planning decisions and proposals which help keep a purchaser informed of any localised planning decisions that may affect a property. Local Authority Searches only relate to the actual property being searched.

Local Authority Searches As a key requirement for mortgage lenders in the UK, we are able to provide Council Local Authority Searches (LLC1 and CON29) or the more thorough Index Regulated Local Authority Search. Working hand-in-hand with each authority, we can provide the most efficient, accurate and cost effective Local Authority Searches. Environmental Reports Under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) 1990 it is possible to inherit environmental liability for a property even where the owner has not actually caused the original pollution. Environmental reports are an essential part of a property transaction and the pre-purchase of due diligence is necessary to ascertain historical land use and potential liability.

Utility Reports Knowledge of the various assets below the

surface of land is essential in every development transaction. This not only ensures due diligence but also avoids risk and ascertains the feasibility of the development. There are numerous features that can be found, such as gas and oil pipelines, electricity cables, telecommunication wires, fibre-optic cables and many more. Obtaining the relevant information can reduce the risk of expensive litigation, costs and danger for any workforce.





Index Insure Index Insure delivers an intuitive and easy to use online platform for ordering and quoting a comprehensive suite of legal indemnity policies. The range of over 150 integrated legal indemnity policies will include cover for residential, commercial and mixed use dwellings. The straightforward platform will offer the ability to order instant cover, request bespoke policies or obtain a competitively priced quote with specimen policy wording. As well as this, a quick and hassle-free referral system will be in place for any quotes that may require attention from the team and our expert underwriters.

A different kind of legal indemnity provider.


Local searches. Local offices. Local people.

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