Now is the Time to Lose The Fat

Now Is The Time To Finally Lose That Stubborn Belly Fat 1. Do you exercise but still find that you can’t get rid of those love handles or that extra weight around your belly? 2. Do you wonder howyou can target the excess fat in your arms, back, and thighs without losing the muscle that you have worked so hard to develop in the gym?

3. Doyou find that you have a fairlyhealthydiet, exercise regularly, but still cannot seem to lose weight?

4. Do you want to finally lose weight and actually keep it off?

5. Perhaps you only want to lose a few extra pounds and see more definition in your muscles and rediscover your figure?

6. Have you gained some weight during menopause?

The HCG Weight Loss Program Is The Key ToA Slimmer You

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Weight Loss Program

HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone secreted by the placenta during pregnancy. Itwas first noted tobe effective for weight-loss when physicians noted that overweight patients actually lost weight when they were pregnant. Then, approximately40years ago a physician by the name of A.T.W. Simeons, MD began developing an HCG diet protocol. He refined this protocol over the subsequent years and now we have a safe, effective weight-loss program that results in not just weight-loss but long-term results. HCG is used in extremely low doses over a 23 day period, targeting abnormal fat stores as a source of fuel for the body. What can you expect on the HCG diet? 1. Weight loss of 15 pounds or more over the course of the 26 day protocol. 2. Visible reduction of hard to lose fat stores around the stomach, arms, back, and thighs. TheHCGWeight Loss Program 4. The resetting of one’s metabolism to ensure long-term weigh-loss. 5. Overall sense of well-being as the rapid and safe weight reduction is quickly visible early in the protocol. How does HCG work? HCG works by targeting abnormal fat as a source of energy. Dr. Simeon describes three types of fat that we have in our body. The first type is structural fat which fills in the space between the organs, so to speak. Structural fat provides cushion under bony prominence, such as the feet, and helps keep the skin smooth and taught. The second type of fat is a normal fuel reserve which the body utilizes to meet our energy demands. This normal fat reserve is a fuel efficient way to provide calories. These reserve fats and structural fats are completely normal and the body stocks them to keep us healthy. 3. Increased muscle definition.

Through our HCG weight-loss program Manhattan Medicine can help you lose that stubborn belly fat by burning abnormal fat and resetting your hypothalamus.

Will I be starving on the HCG diet? Because the HCG hormone mobilizes abnormal fat and makes it available as an energy source: The calories derived from this abnormal fat acts as a normal appetite suppressant. Therefore, even though one is taking in fewer calories, the body utilizes the stored fat as a source of energy. Also, the addition of green tea during the diet protocol can help act as a natural appetite suppressant and increase one’s energy level too. Will HCG injections interfere with my medication? What about birth control? HCG does not interact with any medications including birth control pills. Will HCG interfere with my menstrual cycle or with my ability to become pregnant? Because the dosage of HCG is so small, there are no changes to your menstrual cycle and your ability to become pregnant will not be affected. Dr. Simeon recommends starting the HCG diet protocol right after one’s menstrual period. If you are pregnant however do not take HCG. If you become pregnant during the HCG diet, stop taking HCG and consult your obstetrician.

There is however a third type of fat that is abnormal. This is the fat which leads to obesity. This is the fat that becomes unsightly “love handles”, the “beer belly”, the fat that spills over bra straps and hangs over belts. Unfortunately, this fat is the last resource that the body utilizes when it goes into “starvation mode” as occurs when dieting. When one goes on a diet, the first source of fuel is the normal fat reserves as described above. When this fat is exhausted, structural fat is targeted next. This is why at times when people diet they can look quite gaunt. It is only as a last resort that the body begins to utilize abnormal fat for fuel. By this point, it is often the case that people are so weak, hungry and frustrated with the lack of visible results that they abandon their diet. HCG works to mobilize abnormal fat as the primary source of fuel when the body significantly decreases caloric intake and then eliminates fat, including topical fat such as in lotions or creams. It is only under these conditions that HCG triggers rapid weight loss, and abnormal fat deposits vanish! Is HCG safe? The HCG hormone is naturally occurring in pregnant women, but also found in nonpregnant women as well as men.

Expected Weight Loss on the HCG Program

Maintenance Phase

HowDo I Start? Come in for a consultation to see if you are a candidate for the HCG program at Manhattan Medicine. Stubborn fat, even if it is 10 pounds, can contribute to back pain, neck pain, knee pain and pressure on your joints. Our program will help you lose that stubborn weight, increasing your energy and relieve pain. At your first visit, Dr. O will draw up your blood and provide you with some information to take home and read. If you are a candidate, youwill receive pre-filled HCG syringes and can get started right away. Just think, you can be rid of that stubborn, abnormal fat in just 26 days! This programwill also reset your hunger center to help you keep the weight off long term. This diet is equally effective for men and women, however, men often get the best results. At Manhattan Medicine we guide you along your path to unbelievable weight-loss. Give us a call and get started right away! CALL NOW 212.935.1700

“Steak Day”

Themaintenance phase begins the day after completing your very low calorie diet, Day 27, and lasts for three weeks. During this phase you will increase your caloric intake to 1500 calorie a day including three meals and snacks. During this phase youmay eat anymeats, fruits, dairy products or vegetables you would like. It is very important, however, to stay away from starches and sugars. The goal here is to not gain anyweight. Although it is not uncommon to gain a pound or two during this period, should you gain more than 2 pounds in one day it is recommended to observe a day of fasting which is called a “steak day”. During a steak day, you drink a lot of water, with coffee or tea as desired, and for dinner consume a large unsalted steak with a vegetable or fruit. Anyweight that is gained will be lost within the next day or two.

Staff Spotlight

Weight-Loss Physician

Dr. Okoronkwo is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She began her medical career in 1998 as an Attending Physician at NYU Langone Medical Center. Subsequently, Dr. Okoronkwo became a clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the NYU School of Medicine and the Director of Integrative Medicine at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine. Dr. O, as she is fondlyknown, obtainedabachelor of arts degree fromYaleUniversity. She obtained her medical degree from Cornell University Medical College where she was awarded the Harold Soloman Prize in RehabilitationMedicine.

Upon completion of her internship at the Sloan- Kettering Institute and North Shore University Hospital, Dr. O completed her residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, where she was the Chief Resident in her final year. With her training in physical medicine and rehabilitation, and her many years of clinical experience, Dr. O is able to expertly evaluate patients who want to lose weight, and guide them through this safe and very effective process. 212.935.1700

Iffie Okoronkwo, M.D. (Dr. O)

Frequently AskedQuestions

How Are the Injections Given? You will be given pre-filled and pre- prepared HCG syringes with a small amount,only 125 IUs, of HCGwithin each syringe.

for you to consume all the calories each day so that you do not lose muscle only abnormal fat. Can I exercise? Do not exercise. Adding exercisemay force your body to go into starvationmode and can negatively impact your success with the diet. Stay active by walking or doing a few sit-ups or push-ups a day if needed. Exercise will cause you to burn calories and cause your hunger to increase. Can I consume alcohol on the HCG diet? The original diet protocol by Dr. Simeon does not mention alcohol at all. In general, alcohol provides unwanted calories. If however one must have a drink, simple vodka or tequila can be consumed once or twice throughout the protocol. Will I lose 1 to 2 pounds every day? On average, yes. Please note, however, that weight-loss can occur in a stepwise fashion. One may lose 1 or 2 pounds and then notice a plateau or even an increase in weight. Don’t worry, this is not uncommon; overall you should see a 15 pound weight loss or more by the end of the program. I’m having problems with constipation on the protocol. What should I do? It is not uncommon to have a bowel movement every 2 to 4 days while on

You will also be given alcohol swabs to clean your skin at each injection site.

the protocol. If you are having problems with constipation, drink tea to treat constipation like Get Regular or Smooth Move. Prepare the tea at night before bedtime allowing it to seep a full 15 minutes; squeeze the tea bag thoroughly and then consume. Remember to drink a lot of water every daywhile on the HCG diet. If I cannot use my usual moisturizer on my skin because it contains oils, what can I use? On the HCG diet even topical fats, as in lotions, deodorants and lip balms, are not allowed as they can be absorbed through the skin and used for fuel, instead of your abnormal fat, leading to less weight loss. Try using mineral oil or Vaseline. Both of these products are not absorbed through the skin so they will not interfere with the results of your HCG diet. Even your deodorant should be oil-free. Try using crystal deodorant found in drugstores and Health food stores.

You will then be instructed on how to safely return your syringes to the office for proper medical disposal. The HCG injection itself is quite easily and painlessly self administered. Practice injections will be demonstrated in the office. You may inject yourself in the stomach (the best site), the buttocks, the thighs, or the arms (the second best site). What happens if I forget to give myself an injection? As soon as you remember, give yourself the injection that day. If you go an entire daywithout injecting yourself then do not add a second injection the next day. It is best to inject yourself at the same time each day. Is it OK to skip a meal or a protein at one of my meals? No. Never skip a meal. It is important

Patient Spotlight

I lost over 30pounds!

“I recently completed the HCG weight loss program with Dr. O. It was a a great experience and helped me to lose just over 30 pounds. I would highly recommend this program.”

- Andy D.




Proud to say our officehas a 5 star rating

Weight Loss Program


Diet Details: Days 3-26

The program has two protocols, a 26 day protocol and a 40 day protocol. We will focus on the 26 day program. For more information on the 40 day programplease speak to your ManhattanMedicine physician.

Breakfast • Coffee or tea unlimited ( 1 tablespoon of fat free milk may be used once a day) • Saccharine or Stevia unlimited • One fruit at breakfast or in between meals with a maximum of two fruits per day • Melba toast or Grissini bread stick at breakfast or in between meals with a maximum of two servings per day

Phase I : Days 1-2 • Start HCG injections • Gorge days Phase II: Days 3-23 • Continue HCG injections • 500 calories per day diet

Phase III: Days 24-26 • Stop injections • Continue 500 calories per day diet

Lunch and Dinner

1. Protein 100 g or 3.5 ounces of lean protein with all visible fat removed. • All meats and seafoodmust be prepared with no additional fat • All chicken breast must be removed from the bone

It is very important to strictly adhere to the diet. Since our body absorbs oils when applied topically, only oil-free lotions, soaps, make up, and lip balms may be used. Oils that are applied topically will be consumed by the body for energy rather than utilizing abnormal fat stores. Therefore, no weight- loss or body sculpting will be appreciated. The Gorge: Days 1 and 2 The primarygoal of the first two days of the program is to: 1. Stock your healthy fat reserves 2. Provide energy for the first few days of the very low-calorie diet until the HCG injections start to work 3. Maximize your weight-loss potential The best foods to consume during the gorge, phase 1, are high fat and low calorie foods such as dairy products, nuts, oils and avocados.

Choose one:

Lobster Shrimp

Beef Veal Chicken White fish

Tuna Crab

2. Vegetable It is recommended that only one vegetable be consumedwith each meal. Do not mix vegetables.

Choose one: Broccoli Cabbage Cucumbers Zucchini Tomatoes Spinach

Chard Onions Green salad Celery Asparagus Kale

3. Fruit Youmay consume two servings of fruit per day. Fruit andvegetables should not be consumed together.

Choose one: Apples Strawberries Grapefruit

Due to patient confidentiality, the images that you see are for illustration purposes only and may not represent patients in our practice

Peaches Cherries

Youmay consume your second helping of a Grissini bread stick or Melba toast with either lunch or dinner if you had one at breakfast for a total of two servings per day.

Day 23 is your last day of injections. It is critical however that you continue to follow the 500 calorie per day diet until Day 26, an additional three days. Remember, it takes approximately three days for the HCG hormone to leave the body and so you may as well continue to lose weight during this process.

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