Now is the Time to Lose The Fat

Weight Loss Program


Diet Details: Days 3-26

The program has two protocols, a 26 day protocol and a 40 day protocol. We will focus on the 26 day program. For more information on the 40 day programplease speak to your ManhattanMedicine physician.

Breakfast • Coffee or tea unlimited ( 1 tablespoon of fat free milk may be used once a day) • Saccharine or Stevia unlimited • One fruit at breakfast or in between meals with a maximum of two fruits per day • Melba toast or Grissini bread stick at breakfast or in between meals with a maximum of two servings per day

Phase I : Days 1-2 • Start HCG injections • Gorge days Phase II: Days 3-23 • Continue HCG injections • 500 calories per day diet

Phase III: Days 24-26 • Stop injections • Continue 500 calories per day diet

Lunch and Dinner

1. Protein 100 g or 3.5 ounces of lean protein with all visible fat removed. • All meats and seafoodmust be prepared with no additional fat • All chicken breast must be removed from the bone

It is very important to strictly adhere to the diet. Since our body absorbs oils when applied topically, only oil-free lotions, soaps, make up, and lip balms may be used. Oils that are applied topically will be consumed by the body for energy rather than utilizing abnormal fat stores. Therefore, no weight- loss or body sculpting will be appreciated. The Gorge: Days 1 and 2 The primarygoal of the first two days of the program is to: 1. Stock your healthy fat reserves 2. Provide energy for the first few days of the very low-calorie diet until the HCG injections start to work 3. Maximize your weight-loss potential The best foods to consume during the gorge, phase 1, are high fat and low calorie foods such as dairy products, nuts, oils and avocados.

Choose one:

Lobster Shrimp

Beef Veal Chicken White fish

Tuna Crab

2. Vegetable It is recommended that only one vegetable be consumedwith each meal. Do not mix vegetables.

Choose one: Broccoli Cabbage Cucumbers Zucchini Tomatoes Spinach

Chard Onions Green salad Celery Asparagus Kale

3. Fruit Youmay consume two servings of fruit per day. Fruit andvegetables should not be consumed together.

Choose one: Apples Strawberries Grapefruit

Due to patient confidentiality, the images that you see are for illustration purposes only and may not represent patients in our practice

Peaches Cherries

Youmay consume your second helping of a Grissini bread stick or Melba toast with either lunch or dinner if you had one at breakfast for a total of two servings per day.

Day 23 is your last day of injections. It is critical however that you continue to follow the 500 calorie per day diet until Day 26, an additional three days. Remember, it takes approximately three days for the HCG hormone to leave the body and so you may as well continue to lose weight during this process.

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