BOATLOAD SEAFOOD SALE! 14.75-Oz.,Wild Caught Alaskan

Butcher’s Best® Boneless Beef Shoulder Steak 3.98 Lb.

Butcher’s Best® Boneless Beef For Stew 3.98 Lb.

81% Lean Fresh Ground Beef 2.98 Lb.

Double “Q” Pink Salmon 2 /$ 5


5-Oz., InWater Or Oil Star Kist Chunk Light Tuna .87 6 To 12-Oz., Selected House Autry Fry Seasoning Mix Or Breaders 2 /$ 3 32-Oz., Plain Or Onion House Autry Hush Puppy Mix 2 /$ 6

10-Oz. HamOr Turkey Smithfield Premium Lunch Meats 2 /$ 5

16-Oz. 85% Lean Butterball Fresh Ground Turkey 2 /$ 5

16-Oz. 93% Lean Butterball Fresh Ground Turkey 2.98

16-Oz., Seasoned Butterball Fresh Turkey Burgers 2 /$ 7

24-Oz., Selected HamOr Turkey Gwaltney 4x6 Lunch Meats 3.98

12-Oz. John Morrell Sliced Bacon 2.98

16-Oz.Mild Or Hot Jamestown Roll Sausage 4 /$ 5

12-Oz., Links Or Smithfield Premium Sausage Patties 2 /$ 5

14-Oz. Polish Kielbasa, Smoked Loop Or 11-Oz. Smithfield Beef Smoked Sausage 2 /$ 5

2-Lb. Family Pack Gwaltney Smoked Sausage 3.98

3-Lb.Meat Franks Or Gwaltney Great Dogs 3.98

2.5-Lb., Family Pack Gwaltney Great Bologna 3.98

Farm Fresh Large Zesty Lemons .78

12-Oz.Chicken,Maple Sausage Or Smithfield Sausage Biscuits 2.98

9-Oz. Tub Selected Smithfield Lunch Meat 2 /$ 5

15-Oz., Selected Hormel Entrees 4.98

20 To 24-Oz., Selected Hormel Country Crock Sides 2.98

11.5-Oz. Squeeze Hy•Top Tartar Sauce 2 /$ 3


15.2 To 24.5-Oz., Fish Sticks, Tenders Or Gorton’s Fish Fillets 3.97 9-Oz.Crunchy Clam Strips Or 12-Oz. Sea Pak Popcorn Shrimp 3.97 12-Oz. Hy•Top Seafood Cocktail Sauce .97 9-Oz. Butterfly, 12-Oz. Scampi, 18-Oz. Popcorn Or 23-Oz. Poppers Sea Pak Shrimp


12 To 16-Count Furlani’s

20-Oz. Morning Fresh Bread Cinnamon Raisin Loaf 3.49

Bakery Fresh! 8-Inch Lattice Top Cherry Pie 4.49

Bakery Fresh! 52-Oz. Double Layer RedVelvet Cake 9.99

Garlic Sticks Or Texas Garlic Toast 2.49

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