December 2020

honor of their parents, contributed almost a million dollars to restore the old Paramount Theatre, renamed the Perot Theatre. It is also noted that he donated a million dollars to Texarkana College in 2012, initiating a community challenge to match his million. He then gave annually on the 15th of February for the next four years. Mr. Perot is considered a legend in Texarkana. He is remembered as saying, “There are but two things worth living for: to do what is worthy of being written, and to write what is worthy of being read.” Whether you’re a Texarkana native or a newcomer, Texarkana has a lot to love. Texarkana native and professional baseball player, Michael Wacha shared, “When I think of Texarkana, I think of my family and friends, the Texarkana community. It just feels like home when I come back. I appreciate the support that I’ve always received.” Gate City News , January 2, 1875, described Texarkana as, “neither large nor small, this city was loud, boisterous, and fun with a bit of a split personality,” This month’s cover photo of Texarkana Monthly definitely exhibits a bit of that “fun” vibe. It’s a recreation of a historic Texarkana photo— with a little Christmas spin. Leadership Texarkana’s Executive Director, Ruth Ellen Whitt will always joyfully share the many superlatives Texarkana has to offer. “Texarkanians want to have a community that is not only ‘Twice as Nice’ and ‘One of a Kind’ but also ‘Second to None’—a thriving center for business, education and culture that attracts and serves us all.” Texarkana is often thought of as a small town, but the Texarkana Metropolitan Statistical Area has a population of 150,098 as of 2016. That is no small number! Eleanor Roosevelt says, “Life is what you make it. Always has been, always will be.” Well, this is our city, and it’s what WE make it. Always has been, and always will be. Because of our great residents, Texarkana continues to grow and offer more opportunity. At our roots, you find hard-working men and women who believe in the potential of these cities. We will continue in their footsteps and add what we can as a legacy of excellence for Texarkana residents. Texarkana’s potential is endless.



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