December 2020



T here are technically only five love languages, but I believe there is a sixth option… food. Food is one of my love languages. When I ask my family, “What do you want to do?” I’m really just asking, “What do you want to eat?” We’ve planned stops on road trips around meals, scheduled girls’ trip itineraries by who has the best brunch, and I have made meaningful

Yet, I look forward to the moments our team gets together. Whether it’s around a dining table or a ping pong table, we feed off each other’s enthusiasm. I am grateful to share my table with this team. Over lunch the idea of bringing a donkey and Santa Claus together took form. We had just completed the November cover photoshoot and were feeling confident. This group of creatives believes anything is possible. Fast forward. Due to the revitalization projects happening downtown, we needed to change our photo date. With the urgency, the pieces started falling apart. The original donkey was no longer available, and the cones and barricades seemed to multiply by the day. Fortunately, my team made it happen. I can depend on them. It’s what happens when those you’ve invited to your table take your vision and make it personal. Molly, and her husband Justin found Polly, our cover donkey model, and got her to the early Saturday morning photo shoot. The rest of the team showed up to offer helping hands and bring this idea to life. I appreciate all of them more than they know. I’m also thankful for Officer Les Munn from the Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department for coming to help. I’m pretty sure he got more than he bargained for with this project, but he did it all with a grin. Everyone that morning had a blast recreating this iconic Texarkana image while adding a little Christmas spirit. Plus, is there anything like your first sighting of Santa to lift your holiday mood? Our hope is you will share this Christmas season around your table with the ones you treasure, and you will enjoy this issue of Texarkana Monthly ! From our table to yours,

memories cooking meals for family. Hello Fresh is a nightly routine at our house. My 10-year-old, John Henry, will sometimes help me prepare the meals. Those are minutes I will treasure for a lifetime. I take pride in preparing a good meal for my family and friends. It is one way I show my love for them. I’m pretty sure God thinks food is a love language too. Think about it, He loves us so much that He gave us thousands of taste buds so we could experience the delight of delicious things, and when it’s time to eat, we all gather side-by- side around the table. So, it’s not just that I enjoy food, but I value how a meal can slow us down for a bit to enjoy time together in fellowship. A table is a somewhat sacred space we occupy together. It’s a place where we laugh and where we shed tears. Dreams are born, prayers are lifted, stories told, sins confessed, and games are played seated together with the ones we love. The abundance of life happens when gathered around a table. It is fascinating to me that

sharing a table is one of the most uniquely human things we do. No other creature consumes its food at a table. It reminds us that eating food may keep us alive, but to be gathered gives us life. Texarkana Monthly is made up of new moms, seasoned moms and stepmoms who all work from home. Working from home allows each of us the opportunity to fulfill the roles we play in our families.



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