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resilience. At this current rate, the supply chain is likely to continue breaking down. So, let’s ponder on that idea for a moment. Christmas is coming up soon. We’re already in September. We close for a fortnight as an industry. Is there room to close a couple of weeks earlier? Can installers for this year only press pause and stop? Fitting doesn’t have to stop. Most should have plenty in stock. But sales could be held off for a few more weeks. This would give fabricators a bit more breathing room. Time to get deliveries of orders placed out of the door, and more time to build up stock levels in the background.

It was suggested to me that the industry could actually do with two solid months off. Whilst I understand the yearning for such a thing, the reality is that we won’t stop selling, even if it’s not the best thing for us right now. Companies will always say yes to new sales, it’s in the blood of people. But whilst we do, we must be honest with our clients and explain that things are likely to be delayed, parts are going to be missing and prices are going to keep going up for months to come. It’s less than 100 days to Christmas by the way!


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