The charity supports teenagers and young adults going through their cancer treatments by granting wishes. This may involve a family holiday, concert tickets to see their favourite band, sports events or a simple IPad. All funds raised go directly towards the teenagers and their families. There are no wages, employees or admin costs associated with Lauren’s Legacy. Read more about Lauren and the charity here HOW DOES LAUREN’S LEGACY RAISE FUNDS? Lauren’s Legacy raises money through its annual Old Goats Grumble music and beer festival, the Grumble motorcycle Run, its annual auction and individual donations. HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT THE LEWIS WALTERS REMEMBRANCE FUND FOR LAUREN’S LEGACY? Masterframe will be making a substantial donation and would appreciate your own donation towards this wonderful cause. If you wish to donate, please kindly submit your donation to Lauren’s Legacy directly by following this link to their Facebook page: Legacy-108661163813012/.

Please note that you need to be logged into Facebook to click on the ‘Donation’ button or log in when prompted to do so. Alternatively, you can make a donation through Lauren’s Legacy Pay Pal account at: No matter how big or how small, all donations are welcome!


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