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Marco Island Yacht Club

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MIYC Membership

August/September New and Returning Members: Barbara and Douglas Hess joined us as Summer Members in July and have already decided to become Social Members! Pamela Cote and Cynthia MacQuarrie as well as brothers Scott and Tony Walter , have accepted Board Exchange Offers and will join us for a year! Anna Pusz and Jim Hull are returning to us as Equity Members! Thank you to MA Harlacker for bringing them back to the Club. Bob and Isabella Rinaldi , referred by the Kraemers, are our newest Social Members joining on the 25 th as I was writing this article! Wait, stop the presses! Patricia and Lynn Crabtree , trial members during season referred by the Bretthauers, joined our Club on the 27 th so they are now the newest Social Members of MIYC! Recapping all the newmembers from the summer season : May : Let me share our upgrades of Memberships with you! Joan and Gerry Gorman and Susan and Gary Hieftje upgraded to Full Membership from Social Membership and Shelly Derrough and David Randall and Kevin and Michelle Hennessy have upgraded to Equity Membership! Robert McDonnell and Sara Straney are new Equity Members of our Club. They spend the summer in Chicago and have already visited our Club many times! Geoff and Kathie Fahringer were our first Summer Members and have already agreed to be Social Members of our Club this Fall. Ari and An-Ha Kathein , the newest jewelers on the island, have joined us for a summer Membership. Jim and Robin Eble and Mark Stephens joined us as Full members from MIMA. We always love new Members coming to us with a boat close by! Janet and Dick Carpenter, former Social Members, are coming back to us as Equity Members this Fall thanks to Members Alice & Tom Jobe and Belle Leunig, neighbors of the Carpenters. (Continued on next page) This is my favorite part of the column, to welcome all of our new Members!

1969…50 years ago…Hurricane Camille, Woodstock, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the Moon Landing, Stonewall, the Beatles Last Public Performance, the 747 launches and the first artificial heart transplant happens in Houston…wow…that sure was a heckuva year. My memory of that time involves Marco Island! Christmas-New Year of 1968-69 my folks and I drove to Florida from Illinois and spent time in Ft. Lauderdale and Key West. While in Key West we saw Truman walking down the street. But the thing I now giggle about is, while on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale, a man walked up and said, “How would you like to go to a Polynesian Dinner tonight and learn about a place called Marco Island?” My folks said, “Ok.” We went to the dinner and saw pictures of what is now the Marriott, many different model homes, a golf course, etc. We didn’t go visit Marco at that time, but less than 30 years later, Neil and I owned a place on Marco and joined the Yacht Club. I love going over to the Marco Island Historical Museum and looking at those pictures from that era. For Members who left us around Easter, you need to be acquainted with our new dining program! It is called FLA-Mingle thanks to our own Henry Stanley and our Dining Manager Pam Dorr. It is a revised Open Table Concept where you make a reservation to sit at the FLA- Mingle Table so you can meet other Members. Yes, you do still need a reservation, and we will operate it at Dinner, Lunch and Sunday Brunch. Again, you do need a reservation especially on a Friday Night. On Fridays we may even have two seatings for the table depending upon demand - 6:45pm and 7:30pm. Also, remember, the Member Recruiting Member Program is still in effect and this is the best way for us to get new Members! Make sure that new Members put your name in the REFERRED BY section of the application. As you know, the favorite part of this column for me is introducing all the new and returning Members to our Club. I am listing all the new Members we gained in August-September timeframe. For all you folks who have been away, I am recapping all the new Members from May through July, too, so that you know to be on the ‘lookout’ to introduce yourselves to all the new faces at our Club!

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