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Our mix of Mechanical Services and Shop Fabrication capabilities bring flexibility, performance, and savings to every job. With our people on your project, you’ll feel the energy, see the skill, and be confident you chose the right team.

At the Pe

APEXMechanical & Fabrication is the preferred supplier of mechanical services and shop fabrication in the region that provides excellent work and rewarding career opportunities. We’re recognized for superior safety programs, consistent quality output, and our efficient end-to-end approach that’s driven by our team’s dedication to service. Our work and approach are proven to optimize the cycle of cost, safety, quality, and schedule for our clients.

OURMISSION To provide excellent work for our clients and rewarding careers for our team through passion for our craft. ak of Excellence ™

OUR VALUES The work isn’t crafting values, it’s living them. We’re dedicated to safety. It’s ingrained and enforced. Safety drives every action and choice we make. We’re focused on quality. We get it right the first time, ensuring every product meets or exceeds quality requirements. We’re passionate about service. We love helping our clients and one another succeed by providing exceptional service in all we do.

THE APEX ADVANTAGE ™ Capabilities for every project. Efficiencies at every turn. Results for every stakeholder.

Our mix of Mechanical Services and Shop Fabrication capabilities bring flexibility, performance, and savings to every job.

APEX Capabilities

Industrial Field Services

Pipe Bending & Forming

Boiler Services & Repair

Modular Construction

Mechanical Services

Shop Fabrication

Sheet Metal, Plumbing, & HVAC

Pipe, Sheet Metal, Steel & Duct Fabrication

With APEX you’ll see the difference, feel the energy, and be confident you chose the right team!

Safety that’s second to none Exceptional work starts and ends with safety—there’s no job without it. At APEX, our people know safety is equivalent to performance and make every decision based on it. Our comprehensive safety management system directs everything we do, from rigorous goal setting and employee training to project planning through completion. This, along with our ingrained safety culture, has earned us an EMR better than industry benchmark and a TRIR that consistently meets industry standards. Quality that never quits Quality is what our industry is all about—but, delivering quality the first time around is what APEX is all about. We know your job depends on the success of our job, so we do everything just right from the start. Our robust ISO-certified Quality Management System coordinates and directs our activities to meet client requirements, comply with regulatory standards, and continuously improve our organizational efficiency. With ASME BPVC certificates of authorization, master craftsmen, upwards of 200 welding and forming procedures, and world-class fabrication shops, we’re equipped to handle any project with precision and deliver it on time and on budget.

Master craftsmenwho care Machinery can only take a job so far—the rest requires hard work, experience, and passion. APEX maintains a strategic balance of seasoned craftsmen and fresh talent who bring the optimal skill and energy levels to every job. We rigorously mentor and train our team members to ensure continuity and consistency across our work, and ultimately pave the way for the future of our craft. With our people on your project, you’ll feel the energy, see the skill, and be confident that you chose the right team. Efficient approach that saves Cost, safety, quality, and schedule are the performance metrics that matter to your job—and APEX’s mix of mechanical services and shop fabrication capabilities bring efficiencies to every project. With our world-class fabrication shops and unique processes, plus automated machinery for pipe bending, metal forming, welding, and assembly, we reduce material and labor costs, and improve safety, quality, and schedule. Our efficient approach and mix of capabilities bring flexibility, performance, and savings to every job.


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“...for any ABB product that has been fabricated by APEX, there has never been one issue of sub level quality or failure reported...” Sr. Product Manager, ABB Inc.

“...attention to detail and competency for installing system distribution piping was very evident in the quality of the finished product.” Assistant Director, University of Delaware

“...APEX has and continues to ensure completion of projects with high quality workmanship and safety performance.” Site Engineering Manager, Croda, Inc.

“APEX did an excellent job with this contract.

All systems were shipped to us on schedule and in good condition.

Field installation and final commissioning of all components was performed successfully.” Project Manager, Buckeye Partners, L.P.

THROUGH THE YEARS 1965 Galaxie Manufacturing, acquired later by SL Industries, is founded by a DuPont engineer 1996 APEX, incorporated in 1995, acquires SL Piping Systems

1997 APEX establishes Mechanical Services division 2005 APEX establishes Boiler Services division

2015 APEX establishes Sheet Metal & HVAC and Commercial Plumbing divisions Now APEX is a preferred supplier of Mechanical Services & Shop Fabrication


APEX is committed to meeting the specific needs of all stakeholders involved in a mechanical and shop fabrication project. We understand what matters at each stage of the job and recognize that you’re trusting us with your reputation. We also know that we want you to choose us over and over again. So, we’ve labored over our processes, capabilities, and approach to ensure every need is met along the way. No matter what your role in the project entails, we have your back.

apexpiping.com | sales@apexpiping.com | 888.995.2739 302 Falco Drive, Newport, DE 19804

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BOILER SERVICE & REPAIR APEX holds a National Board R Certificate of Authorization, in addition to our ASME PP, S, and U stamps, allowing us to offer a full range of heat and power services with the highest quality capability and service. We perform installation, service, maintenance, repair, and complete re-tubing of industrial boilers and related systems. Combined with our mechanical services and manufacturing capabilities, we maintain the qualified resources to perform projects of all sizes.

24-HOUR EMERGENCY BOILER & SHUTDOWN SERVICE 302.995.6136 | 302.275.1290

SALES, SERVICE & INSTALLATION • Turnkey Boiler Sales & Installation • Temporary Boiler Rentals

MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS • Fire &Water Tubes • ASME R1 Repairs • Water, Steam, Condensate, Chemical Feed, & Air Piping Systems

• Boiler Tubes, Mud & Steam Drums • Manway and Handholes, Davit Arms • Breaching, Casing & Stacks • Fire Brick & Refractory • Hand Hole & Manways, Gaskets • Tube Flushing & Cleaning • Annual Inspections • Testing & Preventative Maintenance • N.D.T. Service (UT Testing) • Troubleshooting & Evaluations • Burners & Controls

• Deaerator Tanks, Feed Pumps • Heat Exchangers/Tube Bundles • Baffel, Stack & Breaching • Insulation, Refractory Repair • Casing, Front & Back Doors • Tune-Ups & NG Conversion • Cast Iron & Sectional Boilers • Catwalks, Structural Repair • Miscellaneous Welding Repairs

At the Peak of Excellence ™

apexpiping.com | 888.995.2739 sales@apexpiping.com 302 Falco Drive, Wilmington, DE 19804

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SHEETMETAL, PLUMBING & HVAC SERVICES APEX offers full-service sheet metal, plumbing, and HVAC services for large-scale plumbing, heating, and air conditioning mechanical systems, including ductwork, steam, condensate, chilled water, heating hot water, potable water, gas, drainage systems, and associated equipment. We work with a range of metals, including galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper, and our crews are qualified for any custom sheet metal, plumbing, or HVAC installation, including design-build.


• Clean Rooms • Mechanical Rooms • Duct Fabrication • Gas & Service Piping • Distribution & Balancing • Chillers, AHU • Special SS Fabrication • Hot Water Tanks • Commercial Kitchens • Video Inspection • Sheet Metal Fabrication • Roof Curbs, Flashing

• Plumbing & HVAC • Refrigeration Systems • Duct Work Installation • Water Treatment Systems • RTU Packaged Systems • VAV & Split Systems • Back-flow Preventer • Packaged Boilers • Potable Water Systems • Chilled Water Systems • Steam & Condensate • Modular Systems

At the Peak of Excellence ™

apexpiping.com | 888.995.2739 sales@apexpiping.com 302 Falco Drive, Wilmington, DE 19804

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PIPE BENDING & FORMING APEX leads the industry in close-radius pipe bending and lap-joint flaring, including high nickel alloys and titanium. Our equipment bends and forms pipe, structural steel and plate for numerous applications. Our pipe bending and flaring capabilities eliminate costly welding operations and provide piping with higher integrity, faster fabrication, and lower NDT costs. Through our constant investment in advanced technology our craftsmen are experienced working with the latest, cutting edge and specialized equipment in the industry. In addition, APEX manufactures Type C stub ends — the lowest installed cost flange connection available anywhere in the world.


Pipe Bending 1.5D, 3D, and 5D bending for all materials up to sch 80 per ASME B31.3. Flaring Type C stub ends up to 12 inches sch 80 on all materials per ASME B31.3. Pyramid Roll Benders To produce long, sweeping bends such as tank spray rings and helical coil assemblies. 1.5D BENDING For conventional pipe fabrication, J-Stick and serpentine coil configuration piping eliminate the need for X-ray and the cost of purchasing 45, 90, and 180-degree U-bends and butt weld elbow fittings. Reduce costs bymore than 50% compared to conventional fabrication by using 1.5D bending and flaring on SS and high nickel alloy piping systems, such as Hastelloy and Inconel.

Save Labor & Material Costs

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

Eliminate (3) BW& (1) SOW Less NDT

Faster Install Time Eliminate (2) 90 Deg Ells & (1) SO Flange

At the Peak of Excellence ™

apexpiping.com | 888.995.2739 sales@apexpiping.com 302 Falco Drive, Wilmington, DE 19804

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PIPE, SHEETMETAL & STEEL FABRICATION With more than 180 precision welding & forming procedures, APEX is a leading fabricator of pipe, sheet metal, structural steel, and plate, in materials from aluminum to zirconium. Our specialty pipe and sheet metal fabrication capabilities include pipe spools, manifolds, ASME Code and Non-Code pressure vessels, process pipe modules, sheet metal, and OEM parts. We partner with owners, engineers, architects, and many of the fortune 500 companies, providing skilled craftsmen and quality solutions.


SPECIALTY FABRICATION • Close-Radius Pipe Bending • Lap-Joint Flaring • Pipe Spools - Pipe Coils • OEM Products – Heat Exchangers • FlowMeters – Mixers • Gas Turbine NG Gas Manifolds • High Alloy Fabrication & Forming • Aluminum, Hasteloy, Nickel, Titanium • Code & Non-Code Pressure Vessels • Skid Mounted Process Systems • Specialty Product Design, Fabrication • Jacketed Piping Systems • Automated & Robotic Welding

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

• Design & Build • CAD, 3D, Detailing • ASME Code Calculations

• Hydro – Pneumatic Testing • NDT – Radiography - UT • Visual – MT - LPT - CWI


• Structural Detailing • AWS & D1.1 Certified Welders • Specialty Coatings • Hot Dipped Galvanizing • Bending • Cutting & Machining • Turnkey Fabrication & Installation

• Mezzanines – Stairs • Catwalks – Handrails • Ladders & Cages

At the Peak of Excellence ™

• Industrial Plant Additions • Pipe Bridges & Supports • Structural Steel Modules • Plate Fabrications • Rolled Angle & Channel • Architectural – Sculptures

apexpiping.com | 888.995.2739 sales@apexpiping.com 302 Falco Drive, Wilmington, DE 19804

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INDUSTRIAL FIELD SERVICES APEX provides field services for new construction, capital projects, and maintenance activities. Our skilled tradesmen including pipefitters, welders, riggers, millwrights, and industrial mechanics are qualified to perform the construction, installation, maintenance, and service of process, utility and service piping systems, associated equipment, boilers, tanks, and structural steel. Our team is dedicated to excellence, bringing efficiency and flexibility while consistently meeting and exceeding quality and safety standards. Contact us and let our team help you reach the APEX of success on your next project!

INDUSTRIES WE SERVE • Chemical • Petrochemical • Air Separation

SERVICES & TRADES • Pipe Fitters – Code Welders • Riggers – Operators • Industrial Mechanics – Millwrights • Sheet Metal Mechanics • HVAC Technicians • Structural Steel • High Purity Orbital Welding • Process Piping – Insulation • Electrical – Instrumentation • Civil – Concrete – Architectural • Construction Management

• Petroleum Refining • Power Generation • Food & Beverage • Midstream Oil & Gas • Institutions • Manufacturing

At the Peak of Excellence ™

apexpiping.com | 888.995.2739 sales@apexpiping.com 302 Falco Drive, Wilmington, DE 19804

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DUCT FABRICATION APEX’s world-class sheet metal fabrication shop located in Newport, Delaware now offers bulk duct fabrication in addition to our custom duct and sheet metal fabrication services. Our state-of-the-art Auto Fold 516 Coil Line enables us to supply large quantities of fabricated duct right when you need it, and at the most competitive prices in the region. Our convenient location near Interstate 95 allows us to quickly and efficiently ship items to facilities and sites in the mid-Atlantic area.

Contact us for your next duct fabrication project!

Auto Fold AF-516 Coil Line & Fabri-Flange TDF/C System Duct Cutter-II 510 Plasma Table ACS CNC Control

Our Auto Fold Coil Line , outfitted with a (4) 10,000LB x 60” Wide Coil Selector Station, has the capability to produce a fully wrapped 5’-long section of duct in 60 seconds. That adds up to over 3 million pounds of duct each year on a single shift.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

• 60” wide (L), (U), or (fully wrapped) joints of duct with Pittsburgh seams • Sheared blanks are produced in 60” with and without beading • 16” ga Shear Capacity

• Full Wrap Brake • Minimum FullyWrapped Duct is 6” x 6” • Fully Programmable • 2020 Autodesk Fabrication Duct-CAM Software

• Hypertherm Powermax Plasma with Floating Head THC • In-Line Drive Cleat Roll Forming • Side Eject Female Pittsburgh • Dual Head TDF Inboard Rolls • Outboard TDF Rolls - Clip Rolls

At the Peak of Excellence ™

apexpiping.com | 888.995.2739 sales@apexpiping.com 302 Falco Drive, Wilmington, DE 19804

The CORNERMATIC II® ~WHISPER-LOC® COMBO Inserts and crimps corners into both ends of the ductwork at the same time and perfectly closes the longitudinal Pittsburgh seam all in one quiet, safe and simple operation.

Competitive pricing, fast turnaround, high quality!

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MODULAR CONSTRUCTION APEX provides modular construction services from our world-class fabrication shops. Skid-mounted modular systems ensure the components of every project are fabricated to specification and available to the project site when you need them. Modular construction for industrial applications, commercial buildings, and institutional sites require various skill sets, including engineering, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and more, and our integrated team offers superior capability, experience, technology, and equipment in these areas.

The APEX Advantage at Work APEX will incorporate your design into shippable modules utilizing our unique shop fabrication capabilities including bending, forming and automated welding processes resulting in reduced cost, improved schedule, enhanced quality and safety on your project.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

ADVANTAGES OF MODULAR CONSTRUCTION • Reduced Labor, Materials & Logistics Costs • Greater Project Controls • Safer Construction - Shorter Timelines • Advanced Fabrication Tools & Techniques • Improved Quality • Better Risk Management • Improved Testability - Increased Productivity

MODULAR SYSTEMS • Process & Service Piping Modules • Oil & Gas Manifold Modules • Pump & Compressor Modules • Equipment Modules • Modular Pipe Bridges & Systems • Pipe Rack Modules - Industrial Systems • RawMaterial Handling Skids • High PurityWater Processing Modules

At the Peak of Excellence ™

apexpiping.com | 888.995.2739 sales@apexpiping.com 302 Falco Drive, Wilmington, DE 19804

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APEX INNOVATION & INGENUINTY APEX puts its mechanical services and shop fabrication capabilities to work for a variety of commercial, industrial, and institutional projects every day, but did you know that we also leverage our skills to design and develop artistic and unique constructions? Our skilled tradesman use innovation, ingenuity, and passion for their craft to bring one-of-a-kind structures, memorials, sculptures, and art to life.

Turning Skills Into Show-Stopping Structures

At the Peak of Excellence ™

apexpiping.com | 888.995.2739 sales@apexpiping.com 302 Falco Drive, Wilmington, DE 19804

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