MRN_909276_BlueCool P-Series Data Sheet

Marine BlueCool P-Series Marine Air Conditioning System

BlueCool P-Series Marine Air Conditioning System

The professional BlueCool P-Series: „ Professional chiller system for medium to large boats and super yachts „ Highly customizable chiller series with large range of 30,000 – 572,000 BTU / h to adapt to cooling demand „ Successor of our BlueCool Premium scroll compressor range for high reliability „ Multiple compressor units with independent cooling circuits for high availability „ Range extension with 8 new models „ Improved electronics – new electronic box with easier access to components – new PCB with increased circuit protection, now also fulfilling highest EMC standards EN 60945 – the electronic box has been slightly enlarged so that softstarts can be easily integrated into this box „ BlueCool Expert tool for service, configuration, application tuning, diagnosis and system setup comes as a standard free of charge „ Optional CAN-Bus for integration into boats central monitoring systems „ Unique Thermostatic Advance Function for power output continuously adapted to cooling demand „ Redesigned trays for easier mounting of silent blocks to reduce vibrations „ Electrical systems can be upgraded to customer needs with PRO box or fulfilling MCA requirements

High Quality Chiller Systems Webasto BlueCool P-Series air conditioners offer state-of-the-art cooling performance for boats with several cabins. When three or more independent areas in a yacht need to be cooled, a central chiller system is the right choice. Installation and Control The chiller unit is typically placed in the engine room, providing chilled water/glycol to all cabins via the chilled water circuit. Oneor several air handlers are fitted in each cabin providing the required cooling capacities to the rooms. The system offers one control for the unit itself as well as separate panels for each cabin.

Enlarged condensers available for tropical conditions

Sea water manifold can be flexibly positioned

High-efficiency heat exchangers

Polished stainless steel encasing

All water connections on one side

Long-lasting epoxy paint

BlueCool MyTouch

Scroll compressors 50/60 Hz compatible Pre-mounted chiller systems on a single tray

Optional silent blocks effectively reduce vibrations

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