This issue is full of stories on the Circuit Finals and includes winners in both barrel racing and breakaway roping. Enjoy the read and Happy Holidays!



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On the Cover : It has been a busy Holiday season with circuit finals rodeos from coast to coast. The Circuit System is vital to the rodeo industry and gives a chance for those that can’t travel full-time to compete on a big stage now known as the NFR Open in Colorado Springs, Colorado in July. The average and year-end winner from each circuit earn a spot and this year all circuits included breakaway roping as well. President Corner..............................................................................................6 In The News.......................................................................................................8 Inspiration.........................................................................................................8 Taking Care of Business..................................................................................9 2022 PRCA/WPRA Circuit Standings............................................................10 2022 PRCA/WPRA Circuit Standings............................................................11 Prairie Circuit: Barrels................................................................................... 12 Prairie Circuit: Breakaway............................................................................ 13 Badlands Circuit: Barrels.............................................................................. 14 Badlands Circuit: Breakaway....................................................................... 15 Mountain States Circuit: Barrels.................................................................. 16 Mountain States Circuit: Breakaway...........................................................17 Columbia River Circuit: Barrels.................................................................... 18 Columbia River Circuit: Breakaway............................................................. 19 Texas Circuit: Barrels.................................................................................... 20 Texas Circuit: Breakaway.............................................................................. 21 Turquoise Circuit: Barrels............................................................................. 24 Turquoise Circuit: Breakaway...................................................................... 25 Wilderness Circuit: Barrels........................................................................... 26 Wilderness Circuit: Breakaway.................................................................... 27 Southeastern Circuit: Barrels....................................................................... 30 Southeastern Circuit: Breakaway................................................................ 31 Great Lakes Circuit: Barrels.......................................................................... 32 Great Lakes Circuit: Breakaway................................................................... 33

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I t has been a busy end of the year with championship events from coast to coast with circuit finals being contested in all but three circuits that will conclude over the next month. This year, I am happy to report that breakaway roping was a featured event at all circuit finals, and we thank the committees that made this possible for our members. I also congratulate all those that have officially secured their spot in the $1 million NFR Open that will once again take place in conjunction with the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in July. This issue is chalked full of all the stories on these members that will be competing for this national title. In addition, to the circuit finals being contested we also had a great World Finals in Waco. Congratulations to all the World Finals Champions. Thank you to the Extraco Events Center for hosting our Finals, thank you to TC Long, our producer, and his crew for the great job they did. A full recap of the WPRA World Finals and respective World Champions will appear in the January/February issue of the WPRA News along with the barrel racing and breakaway world champions crowned in Las Vegas. 2023 will mark another election year. The directors taking office in 2023 and every three years thereafter will be: Badlands, Great Lakes, Prairie, California, Turquoise and Roping Director. In 2023 only, members will have a choice to submit their nomination and election ballots either digitally or in hard copy form, so be sure to pay attention to that and have your voice heard in your Association. All adult card members from whom the WPRA office has received

a signed official application and payment for their card for the upcoming year, on or prior to the first business day of January shall receive a nomination ballot. The WPRA office, needs to receive a signed official application from Gold Card members and Lifetime members. On or about January 12 of each new calendar year the WPRA’s designated third party election vendor shall email electronic nomination ballots to all eligible adult card members (and for the 2023 election cycle only will also mail hard copy ballots no later than January 16 to all eligible card members together with an envelope pre- addressed for return to the election vendor). The card member must return the completed electronic ballot to the election vendor for receipt by the vendor on or before January 30 at 5:00 p.m. MT. (For the 2023 election cycle only the card member may return the hard copy ballot by US mail only to the election vendor for receipt by the vendor no later than 5:00 p.m. January 30, 2023. If the member casts both a paper and electronic ballot, only the electronic ballot will be counted). Start thinking of who you would like to nominate for these positions and then who you will eventually vote on. As a reminder these positions will then serve on the WPRA Board of Directors for the next three years. Best wishes to everyone for a blessed and safe holiday season.


Happy Holidays

Jimmie Munroe President/CEO

Heidi Schmidt Vice President

Kaylee Gallino Badlands Circuit

Katie Pascoe California Circuit

Rainy Robinson

Melora Potter

Dillon McPherson Montana Circuit

Carla Beckett

Columbia River Circuit

Great Lakes Circuit

Mountain States Circuit

Cindy Gillespie Prairie Circuit

Bricklee Miller

Lois Ferguson Texas Circuit

Lacy Wilson

Southeastern Circuit

Turquoise Circuit

Julie Herman

Lynn Smith

Wilderness Circuit

Roping Director

from your Board of Directors

IN THE NEWS ProRodeo Hall of Fame Nominations 2023

The WPRA is now accepting nominations for induction into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame. Nominations for 2023 need to be submitted by Feb. 15, 2023. To nominate a barrel racer, they must be retired from rodeo and have won at least one world championship. In addition, individuals can be nominated in the notable category, who are not otherwise eligible in the barrel racing category, as well as barrel horses. For a nomination form visit: https://www.wpra.com/pdfs/ WPRA0171-Pro_Rodeo_Hall_ of_Fame_Nomination_Form.pdf

honoring those who paved the way.

Since 1979, over 300 cowboys, cowgirls, livestock, and rodeo committees have been inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame & Museum of the American Cowboy. Visit the only place in the world dedicated to the colorful history & equally colorful legends of professional rodeo. www.ProRodeoHallOfFame.com



From the Corner office: WPRA 2022 Holiday Schedule 2022 HOLIDAY Observe Christmas Eve Friday, December 23 Observe Christmas Day Monday, December 26 Observe New Year’s Eve Friday, December 30 2023 HOLIDAY Observe New Year’s Day Monday, January 2

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Like you’re in a hard place Or you feel like you’re Being challenged the most. Believe in where you’re headed. See the bigger picture.

Rule of the Month Memberships received in the WPRA office between January 1 and February 1 will receive a late fine of $25. After February 1 the late fee increases to $50. Refer to section 1.3.4. in the WPRA Rule Book

“There is always something to be thankful for.”

2022 RAM Circuit Finals Remaining Schedule Dec. 29-31, 2022 California Circuit Finals Red Bluff, CA Jan. 12-14, 2023 First Frontier Circuit Finals Harrisburg, PA Jan. 12-14, 2023 Montana Circuit Finals Great Falls, MT

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2022 PRCA/WPRA CIRCUIT STANDINGS Unofficial as of Dec. 1, 2022 *Qualified for NFR Open BADLANDS *1. Jessica Routier $23,984 2. Nikki Hansen $17,146 3. Summer Kosel $16,387 *4. Lisa Lockhart $14,968 5. Nicole Bice $12,317 6. Hallie Fulton $11,554 7. Cydney Peterson $11,411 8. Molly Otto $11,256 9. Fonda Melby $7,196 10. Kristen Zancanella $7,055 11. Lakken Bice $7,002 12. Allison Pauley $6,794 13. Kristi Steffes $4,862 14. D’Ann Gehlsen $4,437 15. Taylor Hanson $4,293 CALIFORNIA 1. Megan Champion $18,959 2. Kathy Petska $17,500 3. Payton Schoeppach $12,002 4. Shelby Bates $11,142 5. Nellie Miller $10,686 6. Katie Pascoe $9,884 7. Cheyenne Hattesen $9,045 8. Madison Camozzi (R) $8,581 9. Shelley Holman $8,491 10. Tonia Forsberg $6,972 11. Oceana Champion (R) $6,393 12. Kristi Youngblood $5,426 13. Ali Anton $5,092 14. Kris Gadbois $4,536 15. Meghann McNulty (R) $4,501 COLUMBIA RIVER *1. Cheyenne Allan $36,738 *2. Kacey Gartner $27,856 3. Rachelle Riggers $20,833 4. Chelsie Stodghill (R) $16,640 5. Tristan Parrish (R) $14,086 6. Teri Bangart $12,195 7. Rainy Robinson $11,162 8. Shelly Mull $9,455 9. Jessica Dawn Lewis $9,450 10. Bailey Cline $9,002 11. Abby Sutfin $8,255 12. Lexie Goss $8,095 13. Megan McLeod-Sprague $7,057 14. Pamela Coker $6,623 15. Jordan Minor $6,336 FIRST FRONTIER 1. Christina Mulford $8,456 2. Beth Ann Borowy $6,134 3. Willie Horzepa $5,851 4. Jen Merriman $5,719 5. Stephanie Dyer (R) $5,274 6. Summer Konopinski (R) $5,061 7. Dawn Powell $5,033 8. Madison Ann Iager $4,464 9. Kerri Frazier $4,278 10. Riley Shetron (R) $4,166 11. Rebecca Campbell $4,056 12. April Masterson $3,514 13. Brooke Klinger $3,372 14. Joanna Reid $3,190 15. Lindsay Jones $2,878 GREAT LAKES *1. Kricket Gintner $21,252 2. Katie Chism (R) $21,058 *3. Sara Winkelman $19,736 4. Lacinda Rose $18,297 5. Austyn Tobey $14,776 6. Jamie Lenzner $12,869 7. Sissy Warren $11,281 8. Alyssa Gabrielson $9,964 9. Danyelle Hovland $9,922 10. Shannon Jensen $9,690 11. BryAnna Haluptzok $8,845 12. Marne Loosenort $8,507 13. Shelby Janssen $8,026 14. Jenna Beaver $6,856 15. Ronda Casey $6,581 MAPLE LEAF 1. Bradi Whiteside $13,564 2. Jennifer Neudorf (R) $13,386 3. Kylie Whiteside $11,463 4. Brooke Wills $11,376 5. Lynette Brodoway $10,732 6. Taylor Manning $10,158 7. Diane Skocdopole $8,335 8. Shelby Spielman $7,805 9. Suzanne DePaoli $7,621 10. Cranna Roberts $5,385 11. Bertina Olafson $4,979 12. Mariah Mannering $3,796 13. Taylor Eller $3,785 14. Lisa Zachoda $3,551 15. Melissa Thiessen $3,532 MONTANA 1. Abigail Knight $21,534 2. Brittney Barnett $16,152 3. Tammy Carpenter $13,118 4. Erin Williams $12,045 5. Ashley Day $10,856 6. Maggie Poloncic $10,710 7. Lindsay Kruse $8,476 8. Hailey Garrison 9. 10. Cierra Erickson 11. Tia Murphy 14. Latisha Larsen 15. Taylor Russell MOUNTAIN STATES *1. Andrea Busby 2. 3. Kelly Yates *4. Shali Lord 5. 6. Ivy Saebens 7. 8. Chris Gibson 9. 10. Heidi Tillard 11. Kim Schulze 12. Lake Mehalic 13. Emery Mask 14. Jenna Pruitt PRAIRIE *1. Emily Beisel 2. 3. 4. Leslie Smalygo *5. Ivy Hurst 6. Suzanne Brooks 7. Taylor Johnson 8. Emily Griffin 9. Sadie Wolaver 10. Jamie Chaffin 12. Ari-Anna Flynn 13. Cayla Small 14. Wenda Johnson 15. Randi Holliday *2. Erin Wetzel 3. 4. Kristin Hanchey 5. 6. Ericka Nelson 7. Ashley Rogers 8. Josey Owens 9. Ashley Parks Tayla Moeykens 12. Heather Crowley 13. Gayleen Malone Sydni Blanchard Mackenzie Scott 11. Tammy Peterson 15. Kelcey McNamee Presley Smith (R) Tamara Reinhardt Michelle Darling SOUTHEASTERN *1. Margo Crowther Shawnee Williams

$7,955 $7,871 $7,265 $6,521 $6,054 $4,923 $4,868 $3,669

12. Elizabeth Schmid 13. Christine DeRenzo

$9,505 $8,063 $7,611 $7,316

14. Nicole Love 15. Alex Dollar TEXAS *1. Sissy Winn *2. Ilyssa Riley

$26,109 $22,498 $21,286 $17,274 $16,755 $16,145 $15,768 $15,450 $14,363 $14,234 $13,656 $12,154 $12,136 $10,807 $10,735 $14,289 $14,232 $14,012 $13,146 $12,275 $9,280 $8,521 $7,202

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Cheyenne Wimberley

Latricia Mundorf Kylee Scribner Jackie Ganter Stephanie Fryar Michelle Alley Cassidy Champlin

$27,784 $27,720 $19,509 $15,636 $13,730 $11,233 $8,183 $7,714

Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi

10. Chani Graves 11. Jamie Olsen (R) 12. Bayleigh Choate (R) 13. McKenzie Morgan

$7,444 $6,120 $5,924 $5,495 $5,434 $5,319 $4,720

14. Abby Phillips 15. Lisa Thornton TURQUOISE *1. Cindy Smith *2. Jana Bean

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Leia Pluemer

Kailee Murdock (R) Shannon McReynolds

$20,898 $18,960 $18,404 $16,501 $15,792 $14,805 $13,264 $12,893 $12,435 $8,621 $7,595 $6,778 $6,631 $6,523 $5,476 $18,227 $18,049 $17,203 $13,968 $13,735 $13,614 $12,761 $11,364

Susan Siggins

Tarryn Lee

Christina Gould Kiersten Pettus

$5,605 $4,859 $4,227 $3,716 $3,525 $3,290 $2,168

10. Sharon Harrell 11. Tara Seaton

12. Carrie Jankee-Stevens

13. Lisa Anderson 14. Sarah Kieckhefer 15. Amy Sanborn (R)

WILDERNESS *1. Meka Farr

$28,215 $24,552 $23,882 $17,836 $16,757 $14,050

2. 3.

Macee McAllister

Marcie Wilson

*4. Kristy Yerrington

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Terri Wood Gates Jillette Atkinson (R)

McKenna Coronado (R) $13,266

Anita Ellis (R) Lynette Clyde

$11,235 $10,776 $10,655 $8,446 $7,144 $6,637 $5,493 $4,128

Taycie Matthews (R)

10. Kellie Collier 11. Italy Sheehan

12. Amberley Snyder 13. Savannah Bennett 14. Amanda Butler 15. Kaitlin Schuck

$10,967 10 Sarah Rose Waguespack $10,707 11. Emilee Jackson $9,836


2022 PRCA/WPRA CIRCUIT STANDINGS BREAKAWAY ROPING Unofficial as of December 1, 2022 *Qualified for NFR Open BADLANDS *1. Samantha Fulton $14,320 2. Sawyer Gilbert $13,177 *3. Syerra Christensen $13,053 4. Brandy Schaack $10,801 5. Sloan Anderson $9,105 6. Taylor Engesser $8,958 7. Sierra Lee $8,898 8. Tanegai Zilverberg $7,616 9. Codi Sebastian $7,050 10. Rickie Engesser $6,635 11. Misti Brown $5,457 12. Shayna Deal $4,273 13. Cora Borman $3,971 14. Calby Hanson $3,604 15. Devin Robinson $3,453 CALIFORNIA 1. Hanna Hundsdorfer $6,988 2. Fallon Ruffoni $6,416 3. Allie Hoskins $5,949 4. Gianna O’Day $5,185 5. Cathy Cagliari $3,593 6. Jane Karney $2,725 7. Karri Jones $2,454 8. Jaden Cowan $1,523 9. Whitlee Burgess $1,490 10. Kelsey Cadwell $1,286 11. Jolee Lautaret-Jordan $1,144 12. Alea Cunningham $980 13. Liz Hirdes $970 14. Toni Miller $734 15. Kate Branco $688 3. Cheyenne Chamberlain $5,628 4. DeNiess Kilgus $5,516 5. Aimee Getgen $4,322 6. Tori Roberto $4,245 7. Kelly Jo Stein $3,668 8. Taylor Feldeisen $3,629 9. Claire Felton $2,935 10. Sierra Galusha $2,885 11. Caybrie Clatterbuck $1,995 12. Tara Gale $1,938 13. Kasey Kostraba $1,758 14. Courtney Cook $1,606 15. Jayme Myers $1,342 GREAT LAKES *1. Alli Masters $10,628 *2. Jesse Alsup $9,762 3. Kiley Dalchow $8,786 4. Lindsey Kraus $8,557 5. Danni Clover $7,237 6. Halle Tatham $7,208 7. Cali Griffin $6,163 8. Michelle Wilson $5,666 9. Hannah Hughes $5,496 10. Lauren Conkwright $4,869 11. Sierra Smith $4,602 12. Katie Bell $4,289 13. Austee VonAhn 10. Megan Small $3,922 11. Tiffany Ogren $3,735 12. Callahan Otoupalik $3,595 13. Celie Salmond $3,584 14. Alicia Bird $3,461 15. Brittany Schweigert $3,179 MOUNTAIN STATES *1. Erin Johnson $17,752 2. Taya McAdow $12,020 3. Peggy Garman $10,572 *4. Charity Hoar $8,100 5. Devan McAdow $5,719 6. Coralee Spratt $5,165 7. Abbea Faris $4,277 8. Kerby Lane Anderson $4,049 9. Wacey Day $3,815 10. Kinlie Brennise $3,803 11. Tamara Tunink $3,580 12. Karly Teller $2,882 13. Hadley Koske $2,636 14. Tana Johnston $1,790 15. Willow Wilson $1,096 PRAIRIE *1. Taylor Munsell $12,615 2. Addie Weil $11,315 3. Hannah Lee $7,995 *4. KeAnn Hayes $7,072 5. Beau Peterson $6,652 6. Kamie Landolfi $5,971 7. Alyssa Bigon $5,748 8. Ari-Anna Flynn $5,478 13. Amanda Weekley 14. Addison Roberts 15. Bobbie Jo Alcazar TEXAS *1. Martha Angelone 2. JJ Hampton 3. Hali Williams 4. Lari Dee Guy 5. Josie Conner 6. Jordi Edens *7. Madison Outhier 8. Jordan Jo Hollabaugh 9. Jackie Crawford 10. Amber Crawford 11. Whitney Thurmond 12. Alex Loiselle 13. Bryana Lehrmann 14. Shelby Boisjoli 15. Bailey Gubert TURQUOISE *1. Maddy Deerman *2. Kayse Mahoney 3. Cheyenne Blackmore 4. Kassidy Dennison 5. Justine Doka 6. Leigh Ann Scribner 7. Faith Holyan 8. Kaylee Billingsley 9. Nicole Baggarley 10. Shawnee Sherwood 11. Abigail Shofner

$829 $799 $686

$23,033 $20,487 $17,069 $16,525 $15,950 $15,301 $14,531 $12,140 $11,220 $11,016 $10,626 $9,067 $8,352 $8,094 $7,555

$10,247 $7,759

$7,330 $5,808 $5,312 $4,844 $4,837 $4,638 $3,113 $2,842 $2,381 $2,380 $2,169 $1,908 $1,765

$3,647 14. Katie Ann Van Der Geest $3,607 15. Bailie Schuldt $2,702 MAPLE LEAF 1. Bradi Whiteside $10,604 2. Taylor Flewelling $10,552 3. Kendal Pierson $10,219 4. Kylie Whiteside $7,493 5. Lakota Bird $6,603 6. Jenna Dallyn $4,569 7. Bailey Hines $3,902 8. Shelby Spielman $1,769 9. Brittany Schuk $1,635 10. Taylor-Jane Gardner $86 Melissa Thiessen $86 MONTANA 1. Elizabeth French $9,993 2. Joey Williams $9,651 3. Anna Callaway $9,353 4. Katelin Conway $7,090 5. Molly Salmond $6,991 6. Jacey Fortier $6,934 7. Cadee Williams $5,664 8. Shaylee Wahl $4,227 9. Tracey Bolich $4,052


Mikayla McCoy

$5,039 $4,840 $4,653 $3,870 $2,988 $2,826 $1,934

12. Keylie Tatum 13. TiAda Gray

COLUMBIA RIVER *1. Jordan Minor

10. Mollie Bassett 11. Christi Braudrick 12. Emma Charleston 13. Lindsey Hughes 14. Winter Williams 15. Hannah Zimmers

$12,737 $12,561 $10,817 $10,121 $8,947 $8,888 $8,614 $8,333

14. Bethanie Shofner

2. 3. 4. 5.

Kimberly Williams

15. Bailey Bates WILDERNESS *1. Addy Hill

Britni Carlson Kiley Streeter

$13,364 $11,778

Bailey Patterson

*2. Delaney Kunau

*6. Annie Minor

SOUTHEASTERN *1. Heather McLaughlin $6,810 *2. Shelby Osceola $5,589 3. Lacey Nail $5,462 4. Hollie Ladner $5,358 5. Leann Thomas $3,720 6. Karrigan Cagley $3,084 7. Makayla Mack $2,496 8. Blythe Odom $1,750 9. Kelsey Mabry $1,480 10. Lindsey Pender $1,361 11. Brooke Ladner $1,017 12. Taylor Smith $1,015

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Aubryn Bedke Sammy Taylor Raelynn Wakley Shelby Logan Candida Eldridge Carly Christian

$9,350 $9,255 $7,316 $7,071 $6,504 $5,881 $5,029 $4,876 $4,811 $4,721 $4,584 $3,796 $3,693

7. 8. 9.

Josie Goodrich Mattie Turner Samantha Kerns

$7,921 $7,409 $6,503 $5,614 $5,403 $4,680 $4,521

10. Macy Young 11. Shayla Currin 12. Josie Reno 13. Amanda Hodges 14. Lynn Rodriguez

Gracely Speth

10. Megan Burbidge 11. Codi McPherson 12. Bailey Kieckbusch 13. Brook Winward 14. Oaklie Sanders 15. Shelli Scrivner

15. Traci Ashton FIRST FRONTIER 1. Emily Fabian

$7,032 $6,555


Kelsey King



Jump Ride Hurst Rides Borrowed Horse to Circuit Title in the Prairie Circuit

By Ted Harbin W hen Ivy Hurst goes to a barrel race, she looks around at all the talented equine stars and can see herself atop them. She’s a trainer and shows great horses. When the horse she’d been riding through the summer was unavailable for the Prairie Circuit Finals Rodeo, Hurst had a decision to make. She made the right one, borrowing a friend’s young bay and riding him to two go-round victories in Duncan, Oklahoma, enroute to the average championship. She jumped on him the third week of October for a bit of a test drive, then ran him for a chance to compete at the NFR Open next summer in Colorado Springs, Colorado. “His name is Cheyennes Fab, and he’s a 5-year-old Frenchmans Fabulous gelding owned by Rylee Shields,” said Hurst of Springer, Oklahoma. “I’ve been riding a horse this summer, and he was sold a few weeks ago, so I was out of options. I just called my good friend to borrow her horse, and I literally just showed up here and did that.” She made her first run inside Stephens County Arena in 16.38 seconds to finish second on opening night. It was just the start of something magical for the pair, which then posted 16.01-second runs to win the second and third rounds and clinch the overall title. In all, Hurst drove away from Duncan on Oct. 15 with $8,187 in earnings over three days of work. “He’s placed really well at the futurities and derbies with Rylee; she trained him,” Hurst said. “He’s been hauled a lot. They do a good job of getting their horses out. This was just another day for him.” That speaks well for the training Shields put into the gelding, a powerful horse Hurst enjoyed riding. “Everything I did was easy on this horse,” she said. “I didn’t have to do a lot of preparing, obviously. I do really well jump-riding horses.

It’s something I do a lot of, so I’m comfortable at it. It’s one of my favorite things to do, and a good horse makes me look good.” That he did. Like Hurst, Fab has experience at Duncan’s arena. Even though he had a different jockey, the surroundings were familiar to each member of that spectacular weekend team. “I was so excited for Ivy,” said Emily Beisel, the year-end barrel racing champion from Weatherford, Oklahoma. “She’s worked really hard for this and just jumped on this horse. It was so exciting to watch her have so much success this week.” Beisel joined her longtime friend in the winner’s circle. Beisel also placed in all three rounds and finished second in the average to pocket a little more than $5,000. In a year that saw her scramble to make a fourth consecutive qualification to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, the former circuit and national circuit finals champion needed some success in southern Oklahoma if she were to claim the year-end title. “I didn’t get to circuit rodeo as much this year,” she said. “I had to stay in the Northwest and keep rodeoing out there (to make the NFR). That was different for me. I’m used to coming back home and going to the rodeos I grew up with. “I barely made my circuit count, which has never been an issue; I almost always have a pretty high circuit count. It’s just the way things worked out, but I knew coming in here we had to have a good finals if we wanted to have a chance at the title.” They did, clocking 16.43 to finish fourth in the opening round, then 16.28 for second on Night 2 and 16.14 for third place on the final night. It was a good showing for Beisel and Biddin on Fame, a 9-year-old bay gelding out of Jaxsons Olympic Fame by PC Frosty Bid. “I wasn’t sure if this was Beau’s setup,” she said. “I don’t run him inside a lot, but he really stepped up and exceeded my expectations exponentially.” Emily Beisel won the year-end title in the Prairie Circuit despite having to stay out west a little longer this year to secure her NFR qualification. Beisel finished the year in the Prairie Circuit with $20,898 to Tamara Reinhardt’s $18,960. Photo by Fly Thomas

Ivy Hurst was left without a horse to ride when the Prairie Circuit Finals Rodeo came around this year, but the talented trainer didn’t sweat it. Hurst borrowed Rylee Shields’ horse Cheyenne Fab and together the duo won the average title and Hurst qualified for the NFR Open. Photo by Fly Thomas

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Squeaked In Hayes Ropes Average Title in Prairie Circuit, Punches Ticket to NFR Open

By Ted Harbin K eAnn Hayes grew up in the small town of State Center, Iowa, a community of less than 2,000 people. In rodeo, it’s best known as the home of Jacob Edler, the 2020 world champion steer wrestler. Hayes and Edler grew up together, graduated high school together and even started their intercollegiate rodeo careers at the same small college. Their families are close. The two now live in separate towns in Oklahoma and are part of the Prairie Circuit. To bring their lives full circle, both won the average championships at the Prairie Circuit Finals Rodeo at Duncan, Oklahoma, in mid-October. For Hayes, a breakaway roper, it was a spectacular way to end her circuit season. She placed in two go-rounds and finished with a three- run cumulative time of 7.9 seconds to win the aggregate. She pocketed $4,224. “It’s actually pretty surreal,” said Hayes, now living in Blanchard, Oklahoma. “I didn’t plan on entering the finals, but one of the girls didn’t get her rodeo count, and I was able to sneak in.” With the big opportunity in front of her, she leaned on her equine partner, a 9-year-old mare she calls Patrón, to win the average title and secure her bid for the national circuit finals rodeo, now called the NFR Open and scheduled for Colorado Springs, Colorado, in July. “My only chance was to win the average,” she said. “I wanted to make the Open and go to Colorado, so I came in here and planned to

win the average.” The plan went as scheduled. She won the first go-round, stopping the clock in 2.4 seconds. It was the only time a cowgirl not named Taylor Munsell won a round, and it was a financial advantage that provided a spark of confidence in herself and in Patrón. “It’s taken a lot for that horse to come this far,” said Hayes, who acquired Patrón when the mare was an unbroke 2-year-old. “She’s played a big role in this, and she’s working great right now. We don’t have calves at our house right now, so I worked on my mental game a lot and roped the dummy with purpose. “I’ve had a lot of help along the way, but I’ve put all the work on her. She’s been a work in progress, but she’s really coming around.” That bodes well for Hayes’ future and the next phase of roping in the circuit. Munsell, now a two-time National Finals Breakaway Roping qualifier and the 2019 intercollegiate champion, has had a stable full of good horses, something that comes with being raised by a rodeo family in western Oklahoma. That includes Ray, a 15-year-old gelding, which she used to win two go-rounds in Duncan: Munsell stopped the clock in 2.1 seconds to win on the Night 2, then posted a 2.0 to win the third go-round. Those happened after a no-time on opening night. It all came together after that, and she finished third in the average race. Like Hayes, she earned $4,224 over three days in southern Oklahoma. KeAnn Hayes is looking to make a name for herself in the WPRA Breakaway Roping ranks and she took a big step winning the average title at the Prairie Circuit Finals Rodeo in Duncan, Oklahoma in mid- October. With the win Hayes will now get a chance to compete at the lucrative NFR Open in July in Colorado Springs, Colorado. A big payday there could put her on the trajectory to qualify for her first National Finals Breakaway Roping. Photo by Fly Thomas

Taylor Munsell used the Prairie Circuit Finals as a good warm-up for the 2022 Wrangler National Finals Breakaway Roping and in so doing also punched her ticket to the NFR Open. July will mark the second year breakaway roping has been a featured event at the NFR Open and Munsell will be there representing the Prairie Circuit as the year-end champion. Photo by Fly Thomas

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BARRELS Lockhart Crosses $3 Million and joins Routier in Representing the Badlands at 2023 NFR Open By Joe Kusek T here are two paths to the NFR Open. Take the long road to the year-end title of your circuit. Or try the more unpredictable shorter route, winning the circuit Finals.

Entering the RAM Badlands Circuit Finals 11th in the standings, Lisa Lockhart didn’t have many options to reach the high-paying NFR Open, scheduled for July of 2023 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. “There was only one way to qualify for the NFR Open and that was to win the average,” said the South Dakota barrel racer. “The goal is always to do your best and win some money. “There was one title left. The goal was to go out and do it.” And she did. Lockhart placed in all three rounds at the RAM Badlands Circuit, Oct. 14-16, in Minot, North Dakota, winning the last two and the average. Jessica Routier, of Buffalo, South Dakota, won her fourth straight year-end championship. She also qualified for her fifth consecutive Wrangler NFR this December. Aboard her grey horse Levee, Lockhart posted times of 14.07, 13.72 and 13.60 seconds in the State Fair Center. She won the average with a total time of 41.39 seconds to earn $8,058. The money won lifted Lockhart from 11th to fourth in the final standings. She had the fewest amount of circuit rodeos in the top seven. It is her 15th qualification for the RAM National Circuit Finals

Jessica Routier won her fourth straight year-end championship in the Badlands Circuit and will join good friend and tough competitor Lisa Lockhart in representing the circuit at the NFR Open. Routier finished the circuit year with $23,984 to Nikki Hansen’s $17,146. Photo by Alaina Stangle

Rodeo and its replacement, the NFR Open. “Winning was awesome,” Lockhart said. “Absolutely there is a sense of accomplishment. I’m excited for the NFR Open. It’s a great start for next year.” Along that sprint, she reached a WPRA milestone that puts her in a very exclusive club. By winning the second round for $2,149, Lockhart surpassed $3 million in career earnings. “It means I’ve been around a long time,” she said with her trademark laugh. She earned her WPRA card in 1993. “It’s a big number. “I did not know. I’m not good at numbers. I had so much stuff going on all year. I am grateful for the opportunity. I’ve had a great career, no doubt. It is definitely an accomplishment that is hard to achieve whatever discipline you are in.” Lockhart takes career earnings of $3,006,052 into her 16th consecutive Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, Dec. 1-10 in Las Vegas. She trails only four-time world champion Sherry Cervi who has won $3,380,095 during her career. Lockhart’s 16 Wrangler NFR qualifications are third most in NFR history. She enters the Thomas and Mack Center 14th in the WPRA world standings year. She took a big step to qualification No. 17 with her average win at the Badlands Circuit. The win at Minot came after a grueling September in pursuit of continued on page 22

Lisa Lockhart made headlines at the 2022 Badlands Circuit Finals Rodeo crossing the $3 million mark in career earnings and winning the average title to earn her 15 th qualification to the NFR Open. Lockhart continues to be at the top of her game qualifying for her 16 th straight NFR in 2022 as well. Photo by Alaina Stangle



Breakaway Roping Christensen Captures the Average Title and a spot in the 2023 NFR Open

By Joe Kusek O ccupations, Syerra Christensen has a few. Christensen helps on the family homestead, a cow-calf operation along with some farm irrigated land along the Missouri River in Kennebec, South Dakota. When her parents, Jerry and Melodi, head to Arizona for the winter months, Christensen is primarily in charge. She also works as a crop adjuster and helps at a hunting lodge in the fall when individuals from all over the United States flock to the small community in the south-central part of the state for South Dakota’s world-class pheasant hunting. And, oh, Christensen competes in breakaway roping. “I make time,” said Christensen. She made time, fast time, at the RAM Badlands Circuit Finals, Oct. 14-16, in Minot, North Dakota. Christensen caught three calves in 7.0 seconds to win the Badlands Circuit Finals title.

She finished 136th in the 2022 WPRA breakaway standings with $6,120 won. “I just mainly stayed around the circuit,” said Christensen, known more affectionately as “CY” by her family. “My great-grandmother had trouble pronouncing Syerra, so my father said to call her “CY,” Christensen explained of the story. She entered her second Badlands Circuit Finals 10th in the standings. “My one goal was to try and make the NFR Open,” said Christensen Syerra Christensen added a new title to her resume winning the average title in the breakaway roping at the Badlands Circuit Finals in Minot, N.D. She caught three calves in 7.0 seconds to take the title. Photo by Alaina Stangle

“It’s a pretty neat deal,” she said of her first circuit title. She earned her WPRA card in 2019. “It’s a good feeling. I was happy. It is dang sure something to be proud of.” With Swiss watch consistency, Christensen threw loops of 2.3, 2.3 and 2.4 seconds at the State Fair Center. “I drew good, my horse worked and it all worked out,” she said. “You had to be aggressive and push the barrier. It was good to get that first calf roped and same with the second. The third round, I drew a calf that went to the left the first two rounds. I wasn’t going to safety up. I roped what I could draw. He went straight in the round.” Christensen placed second, first and third in the three rounds to earn $7,787 more than double her 2022 season earnings. Syerra Christensen is a busy lady but finds time to breakaway rope in the WPRA. After winning the average title in the Badlands Circuit and punching her ticket to the NFR Open in Colorado Springs, Colorado in July, she will have to carve time out of her schedule to make that trip. A good showing in Colorado could be very profitable for the South Dakota cowgirl. Photo by Alaina Stangle

Samantha Fulton qualified for her first Wrangler National Finals Breakaway Roping and after winning the year-end title in the Badlands Circuit she has now earned her first qualification to the NFR Open. Fulton will be looking to follow in Martha Angelone’s footsteps who won the inaugural breakaway NFR Open title in 2022 and then went on to win the 2022 WPRA World Title. Photo by Alaina Stangle

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MOUNTAIN STATES CIRCUIT: BARRELS Rocky Mountain High Lord and Busby to represent the Mountain States in 2023 NFR Open By Kristen M. White I n some ways, the Mountain States Circuit Finals seem like old hat for Shali Lord – after all, the experienced barrel racer has competed at them about 15 times – but then again, in a circuit full of talented riders and mounts, Lord knows every year is unlike any other.

And since making the circuit finals in 2022 her main goal for the season, she already had that goal accomplished. Going in, she knew she was too far out to win the year-end title, so she’d need the average victory for her eighth berth to the national circuit finals (now the NFR Open). That’s just what she got. “It never gets old. It’s such a fun weekend,” Lord said of the Mountain States Circuit Finals. “It’s really jam-packed and so fun.” Lord won the average in nail-biting, photo-finish style, finishing three runs in 46.13 seconds while Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi was right behind her in 46.14 seconds. “Last year we won the average as well, she really likes that arena,” Lord said of her horse, CeCe (Frosted in Fame). “I just wanted to focus on what I needed to do, and on my horse in the third round. If I can do the best I can, that’s all I can do.”

so I worked her a little bit differently before the second and third rounds.” Kelly Yates won the first round, in a time of 15.27 seconds. In the second go, CeCe was definitely sharper, winning things in 15.27 seconds. It put Lord into contention for the average, but she knew they’d need another strong run. “It was like once CeCe got that first run under her belt, she was Andrea Busby used a huge win in Cheyenne the end of July to secure the No. 1 spot in the Mountain States Circuit standings, a position she didn’t relinquish. As a result, Busby earned a spot at the NFR Open in Colorado in July of 2023. She finished the year with $27,784 but Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi was hot on her tail finishing with $27,720. Photo by Tanya Hamner

And it was just enough. Lord said she’d been working with CeCe a little bit in the weeks prior to the rodeo, taking her to a couple of jackpots to get some runs in and get her ready to go after being on a break for a bit. “In the first round, she was good, but we didn’t place. It was tough,” Lord said. “I knew she needed to be a little shaper and a little snappier, Shali Lord and CeCe captured the average title at the Mountain States Circuit Finals to earn her a ticket to the NFR Open. Competing at a circuit finals is nothing new for Lord having competed at them for the last 15 years and with her win this year she secured her eighth trip to the big show. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi didn’t make it easy for Lord or Andrea Busby to capture their titles. Lord finished the average in a time of 46.13 seconds on three runs, while Pozzi Tonozzi was second in 46.14 seconds. Photo by Tanya Hamner

Shali Lord punched her ticket to the NFR Open after winning the average title at the Mountain States Circuit. Lord has now earned eight trips to the National Circuit Finals, which used to be called the Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo (DNCFR), then the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo (RNCFR) and is now known as the NFR Open. In fact, Lord won the DNCFR title in 2007. Photo by Tanya Hamner

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Mental Toughness Hoar Wins Average and Punches Ticket to NFR Open

By Kristen M. White T o say that it’s been an interesting season for Charity Hoar might be an understatement. So, for her to come out on top of the average in breakaway roping at the Mountain States Circuit Finals, being the only woman to catch in all three rounds, is sort of just par for the course. Hoar broke the barrier in the first round after “being too excited,” but knew that it wasn’t over until it was over, so she had to employ mental toughness to make it through the rest of the rodeo.

third in the average) that had caught in both rounds. But Hoar didn’t let herself become consumed by the thoughts of “I just have to title. She was the only roper to catch all three, so the broken barrier didn’t hurt her. Photo by Tanya Hamner Despite a broken barrier on her first calf, Charity Hoar, was still able to leave the Mountain States Circuit Finals Rodeo as the average champion. Hoar finished the three run average in a total time of 19.9 seconds to take the

catch this calf” or the merry-go-round of what might be. “I told myself that I wasn’t going to worry about that night’s run, that I needed to focus and stay away from the whole pressure of catching ‘one more calf.’ Just go rope and trust the process,” she said. The mental game is something Hoar has been working on in a big way for the past year. Last year at the WPRA World Finals, she didn’t rope a single calf and in talking to her husband, Stuart, they agreed she was too caught up in her head and needed to adjust.

Charity Hoar kept her focus at the Mountain States Circuit Finals Rodeo and in so doing she roped her way to the average title and a spot in the NFR Open in July. Hoar will be making her first trip to this lucrative event in just the second year that the NFR Open is featuring breakaway roping. Photo by Tanya Hamner

“Lynn Smith helped me a ton,” Hoar said. “We had a heart-to-heart and she sent me lots of links to coaching books and mental prep books. And then I sat down and made out my goals for 2022 and the process goals to get there. “The other thing that really changed was that I used to speak pretty negatively of myself, thinking that I couldn’t do what the other girls were doing, that I didn’t ‘have the right’ to be there and compete with continued on page 28

“I knew I could rope every calf, there was no doubt in my mind,” Hoar said. “And there was a point where I jokingly told my husband that I’d be the only girl to catch all three. But realistically, with the level of competition in our circuit, I didn’t expect that at all.” Still, it happened. In the first round, Abbea Fares and Peggy Garman tied in 2.5 seconds for the round win, and in the second round, Erin Johnson won in 2.3 seconds. Hoar was out of the money again in the second round, but caught, keeping things alive. After the first two rounds shook out, Hoar knew it was just herself and Taya McAdow (who would eventually finish

Erin Johnson took home the year-end title in the Mountain States Circuit and will compete for the second straight year at the NFR Open. The three-time WPRA World Champion Breakaway Roper is so thankful to be in the middle of the breakaway roping boom and is able to experience all these new opportunities. Photo by Tanya Hamner



COLUMBIA CIRCUIT: BARRELS NFR Open Tickets Punched Redmond Repeat for Allan, Gartner at Columbia River CFR By Tim Gentry A fter an amazing 2022 campaign, both of the reigning Columbia River Circuit Champions kept their respective crowns: Cheyenne Allan remains Year-End Champion and Kacey Gartner won her second-straight Circuit Finals Rodeo Average title. These two champions will once-again represent their circuit at the $1M NFR Open next July in Colorado Springs, and gives Allan a chance to repeat as NFR Open Champion.

Aboard RCA Royal Flush (Three), a nine-year-old sorrel gelding, Allan dominated the Columbia River Circuit all season from their home base in Mabton, Washington, and built a commanding lead of over $15,000 coming into Redmond, making the CFR a mere formality on the way to the Circuit Championship, the third of her career. Highlights of their incredible season included wins in Kennewick, WA and Joseph, OR, along with their dramatic win in the final round of the NFR Open in Colorado Springs, CO. Even failing to take a check at her circuit’s CFR couldn’t take the shine of her 2022 campaign, or diminish her faith in the horse she calls an angel sent from heaven. “Sometimes, I think God gives us a test,” explained the veteran cowgirl. “How will you handle your disappointment or your failures? It’s okay. I still believe in my horse.” As proud as she is of her Circuit Championships, her ultimate goal remains the NFR. Qualifying for and winning the NFR Open gave her a taste of what that experience would be like, and it’s driving her schedule planning for next year. The plan was to use the CFR as a springboard for 2023. “I went down there to win all three goes,” said Allan when asked if having a commanding lead kept her off Three’s throttle in Redmond. “The money that you earn sets you up for this year. That’s what helps you getting in for the next year because the money you earn at circuit finals helps you [qualify].” Even with the average win and checks in all three goes, the $6,413

Kacey Gartner earned piloting Rebel Look (Mercedes) could only bring her second place finish that much closer to Allan. Still, the Walla Walla, Washington, cowgirl focused on the many positives of the season she and Mercedes put together. “This was the closest that I’ve gotten and it’s the most money I’ve ever won in our circuit,” said Gartner. “Hats off to Cheyenne. She’s had a phenomenal year. To finish behind her is an honor, to be honest with you. She is a hero in my eyes, and she’s such a great woman and mentor. She’s somebody I’ve looked up to as long as I can remember. Being second to her is totally fine with me, but I would love a shot at winning our circuit.” The year-end may have been off the table, but there was still plenty of pride and money to vie for in Redmond, a pen Gartner and Mercedes have turned into their personal ATM of late. The pair followed up their 2021 CFR average title with a $4,000 first-place check at the High Desert Stampede in Redmond this past March. “I’ve always loved that pen,” said Gartner. “It’s a great arena. They’ve worked so hard on making good ground for us. This year was the first year we got a tractor drag halfway through. They hand raked after each girl ran. The committee dang sure worked their heinies off to make it good for us this year. It’s appreciated for sure.” Fast, even ground for the fastest horses in the circuit made for a tight race in all three goes. Chelsie Stodghill, Prineville, OR, set the fast time in round one with a 15.05, and only a quarter of a second separated the top four paying places. Gartner’s 15.24 was good for third, but they lost time on the second barrel when Mercedes cut in early and Gartner grazed it. They still clocked, but she knew they left a few extra tenths on the arena floor. Lewiston, Idaho, cowgirl Rachelle Riggers took top honors in the second go with a 15.10, and once again the window between first and fourth was razor thin. Stodghill continued her strong weekend with continued on page 28 Cheyenne Allan repeated as the Columbia River circuit year-end champion and will now have a chance to defend her NFR Open title she captured in July 2022. With another year-end title on her resume, she will make the trek once again in July 2023 to Colorado Springs, Colorado for the NFR Open. Photo by Bill Lawless

Kacey Gartner won her second straight Columbia River Circuit Finals average title and will once again join Cheyenne Allan in representing their circuit at the $1 million NFR Open in July in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Photo by Kent Soule


COLUMBIA CIRCUIT: BREAKAWAY Minors Sweep Breakaway Championships in Redmond Jordan Takes Year-End, Annie Takes Average

By Tim Gentry B reakaway calf roping is enjoying a surge in popularity nationwide, and a big part of that surge comes from the willingness of ProRodeos to include a new event in their performance order. The Columbia River Circuit has been at the forefront of this movement, having been the circuit the WPRA conducted their pilot program before introducing it nationwide. Now that more rodeos are adding this second all-women’s event, cowgirls who have been breakaway roping since they were old enough to ride and swing a rope are making the most of the opportunity.

had nearly ended her career. They’d won the event together in 2018, but Minor wasn’t sure if her Mojo was still working. “She lost her eye a couple of years ago,” explained Minor, “and I really didn’t know if I would ever use her at that high of a level anymore. I didn’t know if she would be as she was before. That was a good part to the summer, knowing that I had her back and she feels the same.” They entered the Circuit Finals in Redmond trailing the standings leader, Kimberly Williams, but still within reach. Minor came out strong in the first go with 2.4 for second, and had another clean run just outside the money the next night. One more in the third would have given her a strong shot at the average, but it just wasn’t her night. “I don’t have any excuses,” said a chagrined Minor. “The round was wide open and for some reason everyone was struggling that night. I got out really good on a good calf and I thought it was going to work, and it did not. That’s the one you really wish you could redo as soon as it happens.” In the end, the $1,131 she won in the first round was enough to nudge her into first place in the final standings by less than $200. At the end of a super competitive season, only $2,500 separated first and fourth place, and all four cleared $10,000 in Columbia River Circuit earnings. Just down in sixth place for the year, and a few branches over on the Minor family tree, was Annie Minor, who put together a dominating performance over the weekend in Redmond to win the average and punch her own ticket to the NFR Open. continued on page 28 Jordan Minor edged Kimberly Williams for the year-end title and a chance for a national title now at the NFR Open in July. Minor finished the year with $12,737 to Williams’ $12,561. Jordan will join Annie Minor as the two breakaway ropers earning a ticket to the NFR Open. Photo by Kent Soule

“It’s always kind of funny when I hear people say, ‘new event,’” said Year-End Breakaway Circuit Champion Jordan Minor, “because it is to a lot of people and it is to the ProRodeos, but at the same time most of us girls who do it have been doing it forever. We’re just having more opportunities now.” Opportunities that now include qualification to the NFR Open in Colorado Springs, Colorado, next July, an honor she shares with PRCA team roper and 2022 Wrangler NFR Qualifier Riley Minor. Both come from big, rodeo-centered families from the northwest. Jordan’s parents, Maureen and Shane Crossley, were both Columbia River Circuit Champions, and the horse she ropes on, Cisco’s French Mojo (“Mojo”), is out of the mare her mother campaigned on in year’s past. After an up and down year, the Ellensburg, Washington, cowgirl’s regular season highlight was splitting a win of the long go at the Pendleton Round-Up, along with fourth in the average to pocket nearly $8,000 and springboard her into contention for the year-end title. It was also Mojo’s first trip back to the Pendleton since an injury Annie Minor (left) and Jordan Minor will be the two ladies representing the Columbia River Circuit at the NFR Open in the breakaway roping. Annie captured the average title, whole Jordon took home the year-end title.



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