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Into the Woods Vacationing Away From the Beach

For years, our ideal family vacation involved taking a trip to the beach here in Rockport. Now that we live at the beach, we’ve had to find someplace different to vacation and escape the rush of tourists we used to be a part of. I didn’t really think about where we would go to get away from it all once we called our favorite vacation destination home. This year, as spring break approached, my husband and I looked at each other and asked, “Where are we going to go?” When I am able to take a vacation, one of the biggest selling points of any given destination is the opportunity to enjoy a change of scenery. When you’re at home, even if you have a day off, you can still feel like you’re trapped in a routine. At least, that’s how I feel. My husband realized early in our relationship that if he wants to enjoy quality time together, we need to get out of town. Being able to escape the everyday demands of life and explore a new environment is the perfect way to truly relax and unwind. Though the beach is not off the table for possible vacations, there are still plenty of chances to see something new — for example, the Beavers Bend Resort Park in Oklahoma. Beavers Bend is a beautiful state park with rich forests, streams full of trout, rolling hills, and trails that wind up and down mountains. It’s one of the most popular state parks in the region, and for good reason. There’s so much to do there. John and I haven’t been to Beavers Bend in 14 years, before we were married, but we have great memories of our trip. Hopefully, we’ll be able to take a family trip up there this year.

certainly afford to get away from the internet and video games for a while. Kids today don’t get many chances to feel connected to nature anymore, and I think Duncan and Logan could truly benefit from I’m looking forward to taking this trip with my sons and letting them be boys with the freedom to run around, ride bikes, climb trees, and play in nature. When little kids get to go outside, it unleashes their imagination and their spirits just come alive. That said, I have seen how enthusiastic my husband gets about being out in the woods, so maybe it’s not just kids who can appreciate the call of the wild. Wherever you go and whatever you do this spring, I hope everyone has the chance to take a break and spend time with their families. After the year we’ve had, we all deserve a little vacation, don’t you think? the experience.

I would be more than happy to really unplug for a week and enjoy the great outdoors. My boys could

–Dr. Valerie Sperry

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