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A MATCH MADE IN … SIDE How a Chance Conversation Turned Into Life and Love

Exactly two years ago, Christopher Dempsey of Frankfort, Illinois, overheard the most important conversation of his life. It also happened to be the most important conversation in another individual’s life — Heather Krueger. Christopher was relaxing in the break room at work when he caught part of the conversation. A co-worker mentioned a relative was in need of a

Shortly after the confirmation came in, Christopher called Heather to break the news. It wasn’t long until the two met, went out for lunch, and started to get to know one another. As the surgery drew near, they spent more and more time together. The pair even did some fundraising work together. “We were going out looking for donations for a benefit, and I just started thinking,”

liver transplant. The co-worker’s cousin, Heather, had stage 4 liver disease. Her doctors said she had a 50 percent chance of making it through the following two months. Time was of the essence. Wanting to make a difference, Christopher decided to get tested and find out if he was a match for Heather. “I just thought to myself,” Christopher said, “I would want someone to help me or my family in that situation.” The test came back. He was a match.

Christopher said, “She’s a really nice girl. She is somebody I would like to get to know.” Then, about a month after they had first met, they were in the operating room. The transplant was a success.

After the transplant, it turned out the spark was mutual. Christopher and Heather were in love — and it all began with a chance conversation, which turned out to be an incredible journey. In November 2015, Christopher proposed to Heather, and in October 2016, they were married.

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