AppalachianPT: Don't Let Hip & Knee Pain Keep Things Down

March, 2020



Whether you have hip or knee pain or have been suffering for a long time, seeing a physical therapist at Appalachian Physical Therapy, Inc. can help you return to a more active and pain-free life. Give us a call at: • Broadway: 540-901-9501 • Harrisonburg: 540-209-8977 • Pinehurst: 910-215-0541 The hip is a very strong joint comprising of the femur or thigh and the acetabulum or socket. Actually the socket of the hip is made up of three bones which come together to form the hemipelvis. Hemi because each side forms half of the whole or pelvis. The pelvis attaches to the sacrum which is the triangular bone attached to the end of your spinal column. Sounds pretty complicated but it really is quite simple until you begin to try and figure out why you might have pain. Think about it this way. Your hip is always working. It never gets a rest. Obviously standing or walking has at least your body weight transferring through your joint structures and if you are running or jumping, well you can multiply that several times. Sitting puts several muscles and ligaments on stretch that can cause or lead to discomfort. Even sitting on a wallet can fire up structures about your hip that can really be painful. Reclining or laying down also loads the pelvis depending on your position and the list goes on and on.

There are many causes for painful hips. There are just as many treatments and I will go over these for you. The bottom line is most of the time your pain can be alleviated and corrected with proper treatment and stretching along with exercises to keep this from reoccurring.

Common Causes of Hip Pain : • Overuse including tendinitis/bursitis • Muscle strain • Ligament sprain • Weakness and abnormal gait • Sciatica/neural • Poor posture

• Arthritis • Disease • Trauma

All of the above except arthritis, disease and trauma are treatable initially by physical therapy and the latter three will usually filter through our clinic after the disease process or trauma has been identified and treated medically.

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