Ellis: Back Pain & Difficulty Walking

Newsletter How Motivated Are You To Transform Your Body? METABOLICWELLNESS PROGRAM

What Is The Metabolic Program? Ellis Physical Therapy has partnered with the Powell Metabolic Program! This program was specifically designed for our patients to aid in the recovery of their physical pains. We provide a nutrition and exercise based weight loss program alongside physical therapy! How much does it cost? The Metabolic Program comes at NO EXTRA CHARGE to your Physical Therapy visit. We want our patients to improve fully instead of simply treating the onset condition! Let’s get to the root of the issue together so that you can be free from the pain that continues to hold you back! How Can You Sign Up? Step 1: Obtain a Referral/Prescription stating

the Physical Therapy need as well as any of the following: A. Metabolic B. Nutrition C. Obesity D. Weight Loss E. Diabetic That’s it! Then call us to schedule an appointment!


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