Clean and Gleam Spray Mop Instructions

2. Pour 12x concentrated hard surface floor cleaner* into the cleaning reservoir up to the 12x fill line. Add water to the top fill line. Tighten cap onto reservoir.

3. Turn reservoir so the spout can be inserted into mop base. Press firmly into place.

1. Place mop head (A) on the ground and insert bottom pole (B) into mop head. Insert bottom pole into top pole (C) until it clicks. SPRAY MOP INSTRUCTIONS

Water fill line

12x fill line

*Do not fill cleaning reservoir with floor polish. Floor polish should be poured from its own bottle directly onto the floor.

4. Press reusable cleaning pad onto end of mop head.

5. Squeeze trigger to spray floor cleaner as you mop your floors.

Reusable Mop Pads Reusable Cleaning Pad : Use with 12x concentrated hard surface floor cleaner. Reusable Polishing Pad : Use with floor polish. Apply floor polish directly onto floor and spread evenly.

Reusable Dusting Pad : Use on dry floors.

Thoroughly rinse or wash Reusable Polishing Pad immediately after use.

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