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1 | Christ’s College Cricket 2020 CANTERBURY Each boy at his best. CHRIST’S COLLEGE

Sponsorship is more than reaching outcomes. It is more than dollars and cents.

Archibalds and Jaguar are key sponsors of the 2020 Christ’s College cricket programme, but more importantly they are part of our cricket community. Archibalds is our principal sponsor and Jaguar our major sponsor and we are thrilled to have their support, which provides the extra resourcing we need to give our boys the opportunity to strive for excellence. We want to thank Archibalds and Jaguar, for joining our cricket club and for actively supporting our community and our cricket programme.

Welcome to Christ’s College Cricket 2020

Welcome to another season of College cricket. It looks to be a very promising year, as we have increased our numbers from 130 to just over 150. We have over 40 new entrant cricketers in 2020 and our T20 cricket now has four competitive teams. The 1st XI are just back from a very enjoyable Trans-Tasman tournament in Sydney, and our Colts team had a successful week in Hamilton in December, beating the two top-ranked in New Zealand Year 10 cricket teams. Recent Old Boy Nic Lidstone is currently with the New Zealand U19 team in South Africa. As Peter Fulton is leaving us to coach the Black Caps, I am pleased Mike Peacock is able to fill this role. Mike currently works for Sport Canterbury and played a lot of his representative cricket in Australia. Mike will oversee the cricket development programme and trial process at College. He will also be available on Saturdays to talk about your son’s progress as he watches College matches. We still have some work to do to ensure all boys get an equal opportunity to develop and grow their passion for the game. This often comes down to how teams are managed and coached. In 2020 we have increased our coaching and managing stocks and all teams will have two coaches and a manager, which ensures that each Saturday all boys will feel they are catered for and given equal opportunity. I would like to thank all those parents who have offered to help. It is fantastic that a number of you are able to help manage and coach some of the teams. We are now on to the next phase of facilities development, having completed the internal upgrade of the pavilion and the new training block adjacent to the pavilion. Our plan is to put a raised decking area over the concrete pad next to the pavilion, which will give us scope to hold after-match functions and a better view of the number one playing wicket. We would also like to add artificial wickets next to the new training block. We are in the process of asking for council approval of this work. The Friends of Cricket committee represents all our parents and is a conduit for our cricket community into the governance of the sport. It is there to offer support and advice, and I encourage all parents to keep in touch with the committee. You will find contact details of committee members at the back of this manual. It is our goal to engage with all parents and create a positive culture throughout our club. Please feel free to wander over to the cricket pavilion for tea or coffee at any time.

All the best for the season ahead. I look forward to meeting you all over the course of Term 1.

Stephen Dods Master in Charge Cricket

3 | Christ’s College Cricket 2020

Communicating to our community

Important rules

We communicate in a number of ways

These rules are non-negotiable

Facebook – We have a players only Facebook page “Christ’s College Cricket players page 2020”. I know not all boys will have a Facebook account, however, we do accept parents onto this page and we will also contact parents via email. – We have the “Christ’s College Cricket” Facebook page that all parents are also encouraged to join. This will not have all the information sent to boys, but it is our intention to use this page to post photos and team information. Email – All parents should have access to email if their son is playing cricket. If you are not receiving emails, please contact Stephen at – Teammanagers should be sending out an email to parents once or twice per week, outlining team commitments and general information.

1. Arrive at your match in whites and blazer (no warm up shorts or College hoodies)

2. No cellphones on the sidelines

3. Support teammates while batting, be available for throwdowns and stay with your team 4. When scoring, check totals with opposition scorer after every over 5. When scoring, catches and/or run-outs, must be allocated to the correct player 6. You must be at your match at least 30 minutes prior to the game commencing. Some coaches and manages will require longer.


Cancellations will be placed on our Cricket Facebook page:

They will also be found on the Christchurch Metro Cricket homepage:


Can be found on the Christchurch Metro Cricket website:

4 | Christ’s College Cricket 2020

Teams and training schedule







Andrew Levenger

1st XI

Mon, Wed, Thurs Keryn Ambler / Mike Peacock


2nd XI

Wed, Thurs

Rob Clarke

Rob Clarke

Rob Clarke

3rd XI (White)

Ryan Thomas / Harry Chamberlain Ryan Thomas Ryan Thomas Graeme Duston

Wed, Thurs

3rd XI (Black)

Craig Aitken / RichardTurpie

Craig Aitken / Jono Brent

Wed, Thurs

Craig Aitken

Jono Brent

Warren Lidstone / Gill Kilpatrick Warren Lidstone Gill Kilpatrick


Mon, Wed, Thurs Warren Lidstone / Tom Burt


Mon, Thurs

Will Jones-Allen Isaac Windley Will Jones-Allen Jeremy Fox / Mark Pearson

John Garry / Neil de Joux / Geoff Young Neil de Joux / Richard Laing / Dev Eglinton Neil de Joux / Alex Todhunter

John Garry / Thom Graham

John Garry / Will Greenslade

9A Black Mon, Wed, Thurs

Geoff Young

Nic Lidstone / Thom Graham

Richard Laing / Dev Eglinton Dev Eglinton

9A White Mon, Wed, Thurs

Alex Todhunter / Hamish Newstead


Mon, Thurs

Alex Todhunter

T20 Mavericks Year 13 T20 Cubs Year 13


Victor Sue-Tang Victor Sue-Tang Victor Sue-Tang


Jason Gunn

Jason Gunn

Jason Gunn

T20 Rams Year 12


Callum Bell

Callum Bell

Callum Bell

T20 Bulls Year 11


Isaac Windley

Carey Prebble Carey Prebble


9A White, 9A Black, Colts Coaches: Mike Peacock, John Garry, Nic Lidstone, Ryan Thomas, Harry Chamberlain




Monday 4–5.15pm Thursday 4–5.15pm Mike Peacock will be available for 1:1 and team sessions Monday–Friday. Wednesday 3–5.15pm

5 | Christ’s College Cricket 2020

The role of the Manager

Staff or Master/Manager Please ensure: • All players attend training on time or have an appropriate reason for lateness/absence • All players are in correct College playing uniform on Saturday • You have contact numbers for all teammembers and parents • You meet your team at practice, to ensure team standards, protocol, match times and other issues are communicated • You liaise with your team coach to ensure all players and absentees are accounted for • You ensure the team bag and first aid kit has all the essentials to cover matches • You make sure the captain collects a new match ball each week from Stephen Dods • You set up a communication system with your team parents so they are aware of matches, training schedules, photos and team get- togethers, and can contact you when they have queries or issues • You inform the weekend coach/manager by email of the batting and bowling order as determined by the coach • You ensure photos of matches and,in particular, special achievements of boys,are emailed to theMiC • You provide the captain with a structured team fielding warm-up, if the coach is not present • You ensureMel Smith ( and theMiC are emailed all the results fromSaturday by Sunday evening.This needs to include the full name of the opposition, the total score/wickets for each team,win/loss, and details of those boys who have taken 3+wickets (for this please include the number of wickets, runs, overs bowled) or scored 30+ runs.You do not need to do this if your results have been uploaded to CricHQ. Please include a brief (three lines) match report • You ensure the team end of year report is completed and sent to Claire Sparks by the requested date.

Saturday and/or parent manager

It is our desire to have a staff member present at all matches, but this may not always be possible. It may be the team coach, or parent or another manager who assumes responsibility. Please ensure: • The team is at the ground and ready for warm up 30 minutes before play starts but some coaches and manages will request longer • The team is correctly dressed in cricket whites and blazer and that boys wear their blazer when umpiring • Umpires and scorers are organised and in place when required. Scorers are expected to correlate the score with opposition team scorers from time to time during the match. • Boys stay together as a team and support their teammates • All gear is accounted for at the end of play • The ground and change rooms are swept and clear of rubbish • It is not the responsiblity of the Saturday coach to score the match • That you are providing strategic assistance and advice to the captain and players

6 | Christ’s College Cricket 2020

The role of the mid-week professional coach

The role of the Captain

• Give technical advice to each player • Work with the teammanager to ensure each team has a match strategy • Provide a professional and safe training environment that creates a positive team culture • Be a role model for our students • Help with selection and talent identification • Provide advice on strengths and work ons for each player

• Lead by example • Ensure all players feel a part of the team • Ensure all players get batting or bowling opportunities • Speak positively to the players at all times • Respect the opposition and umpires • Avoid cliques and favouritism • Organise the team when on and off the field of play • Listen carefully • Share the credit • Direct your ambition and passion towards the success of the team • Create a warm engaging environment • Form a bond with every teammember • Work hard at all times • Demonstrate optimism and inspire hope • Use a style of captaincy that suits your personality

7 | Christ’s College Cricket 2020

Player Information

Injuries and rehabilitation • If a student has a cricket injury (or any injury), he should see his parent, House matron or guardian in the first instance • A parent, guardian or Housematron shouldmake the initial appointment with a doctor or physiotherapist.MarionMeates is our in-house physiotherapist and I would encourage Christ’s College students to use this service. Marion runs her clinic in the bunker after school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 1–5.30pm. (Students who have sports injuries are not required to see a doctor first) • If a boy has a serious injury, he should attend the 24-hour emergency or A&E at the hospital. He can then book with Marion for follow-up care if required. If a boy requires immediate treatment, the manager, coach or a staff member will call an ambulance or transport the boy to the closest hospital. Parents, guardians and the boy’s House matron should then be informed • After Marion has diagnosed the problem, she will put together a rehabilitation programme that in many cases our strength and conditioning trainer will oversee. If the injury requires further diagnosis, Marion will refer the boy to a specialist. This will most likely be Dr Andrew Vincent, an Old Boy and orthopaedic specialist, who may be able to accelerate the scanning, diagnosis, care and recovery for our boys • Communication is vital, as an injured player should not continue to train or play unless cleared by Marion, his own physio or other medical professional • At the point of diagnosis,Marion will inform the boy, Housemaster and Kris Miller of the likely back-to- play plan. Contact Marion her on mobile – 021 066 7244, or email –

• Once a player has committed to a College cricket side in February, they are committed to that side until the end of the season (December) • Players are expected to attend all team trainings • Players must attend all teammeetings called by the staff manager during the week • Players must train in appropriate training gear, CC shorts or track pants and a white shirt. Correct footwear must always be worn • Players must attend matches in their College blazer and wear it when umpiring • All players must have a CC cricket cap or floppy • On Saturdays, players must always turn out in full whites, unless using approved College one-day tops • All players (including those boys playing T20) must wear a helmet when batting and, if possible, when in close proximity to throw- downs • Training balls are not provided by College. Every College player is responsible for having his own ball for practices • Players must score thematch and when doing so should be next to the scorer from the opposing team.

8 | Christ’s College Cricket 2020

9 | Christ’s College Cricket 2020

Cricket Pavilion and CCCG

Each week, set up the game to be scored as follows: 1. Make sure the iPad is connected to the internet 2. Open CricHQ app 3. Sign in using team administrator email and password 4. Click on “Scoring”

The cricket pavilion is generally used by the 1st XI when playing on #1, though other teams may also use this facility during the course of the season. Tea and coffee is available to all parents and supporters. There are also toilets available in the pavilion. It is the responsibility of those using the pavilion and #1 ground to: • Clean and tidy the pavilion, wash and dry all dishes, including the coffee machine. Please notify MiC if any items need to be replenished • Clean and tidy change rooms and seating area • Roll in boundary rope and return to groundsman’s shed • Put up and put away white picket fences The FOC group intend to have after match drinks for all our community once per month. We encourage ALL parents to come down and socialise on these days. You will be sent an email when the dates are finalised. All College teams (except T20 sides) will score electronically using the CricHQ system. This means a full scorecard will be available for all College teams on the CricHQ website, for viewing by boys, coaches/managers, and the wider cricketing community. Each team will nominate at least one administrator (usually manager/weekend coach) to:

5. Click on “Create new game” 6. Click on “From CricHQ fixture” 7. Click on your match

8. Click on your team. Your players should be listed 9. Click on the grey box to the right of each player who will be taking part in the game. This will change the grey box to a green box with a tick 10. If you have extra players, click on “Add player”, then enter the name in the search box, then click on the player. If you are using a player that is not a registered CC cricketer you will need to click on “Create new player”, enter surname and first name, then click done 11. Click on the opposition team. This will show you whether they have players entered on the CricHQ system. If they DON’T, you will need to create their players (see point 10 above) at the match, before the game 12. Click on “Save” to score later

1. Provide email address to Dev Eglinton 2. Accept emailed invitation to act as team administrator

10 | Christ’s College Cricket 2020

At the match: 1. You don’t need an internet connection 2. Open CricHQ app and sign in using the same administrator email and password 3. Click on “Scoring” 4. Click on “Saved matches” 5. Click on your match 6. Click on the other team and get details from your opposition 7. Click “Start match” 8. Follow prompts re toss, opening batters, bowlers, wicketkeeper etc 9. Start scoring During the match: 1. Keep the iPad on 50% brightness or use a battery power pack to preserve battery life 2. Don’t score in the sun with no shade – your iPad may overheat (and freeze) 3. If the app freezes or shuts down, re-opening the app and returning to “Scoring and Active matches” should allow you to select the match and return you to the most recent scoring entry 4. It is possible to provide live updates/live scoring during the match by selecting this option in “Settings” and intermittently hot-spotting the iPad to a mobile phone 5. Turn off wagon wheel etc, under “Settings” to simplify scoring if preferred 6. Change the batsman on strike by clicking on the arrows to the right of the batting pair 7. Select a new bowler by clicking on the arrow to the right of the bowling pair 8. Select a new wicketkeeper by clicking on “Actions” 9. Delete balls scored in error by hitting the back arrow to the right of the currently displayed over 10. Edit balls in previous overs by clicking on “Edit”

After the match: 1. If you don’t have an internet connection, click on “End match and upload later” 2. Once you have an internet connection, open CricHQ app and sign in using the same administrator email and password 3. Click on “Scoring” 4. Click on “Finished matches” 5. Click on “Upload match” 6. Occasionally a message will pop up saying “9 of 11 players selected”. If this happens, click on the message and make sure all players have a tick next to their name. If you have used “Unsure player”, you must also place a tick next to it. If you don’t have enough players add “Unsure player”, then tick it. Once all players are selected for both teams you will be able to upload your match. It is advised to carry paper scoring sheets for use in the event the iPad or CricHQ app fails. Please contact Dev Eglinton with any questions or concerns with regard to CricHQ Email: Mobile: 027 212 1218 The following player achievements will be noted each week when results are posted 1. 3+ wickets 2. 30+ runs 3. Hat-tricks (please notify Dev Eglinton directly in the event of a hat-trick or team hat-trick, as CricHQ will not pick this up on the scorecard) 4. 3 catches

11 | Christ’s College Cricket 2020

12 | Christ’s College Cricket 2020 9 | Christ’s College Cricket 2018

NZ Cricket Code of Conduct

Players All players and officials shall agree to take positive steps to maintain the high reputation of the game of cricket. Everyone on the field shall ensure the match is conducted within the spirit as well as the laws of cricket. On the field, the captain is responsible for ensuring this. No player shall fail to comply with the instructions of an umpire, criticise their decision by word or action, show dissent, or generally behave in a manner on or off the field which may bring an umpire into disrepute. Examples of unacceptable behaviour: • A player assaulting or attempting to assault an umpire, another player, a spectator, or tournament official • A player abusing an umpire or disputing (as distinct from questioning) an umpire’s decision, or reacting in an obviously provocative or disapproving manner by word or action – either towards an umpire, their decision, or generally not following an umpiring decision • A player using crude and/or abusive language, or engaging in conduct detrimental to the spirit of the game • A player using well-known crude or abusive hand signals • A player employing dramatic actions accompanying appeals, or any actions or words which may be construed as pressuring umpires • A player abusing or engaging in audible remarks about players of the opposing teams – for example,

TeamManagers and Coaches

All players, managers and coaches shall agree to take positive steps to maintain the high reputation of the game of cricket. It is the responsibility of managers and coaches to ensure that the match is conducted within the spirit as well as the laws of cricket. Where there is conflict between advantage for their own team and the good of the game, teammanagers and coaches shall place the good of the game above all else. No manager or coach shall attempt to communicate with any player or players on the field of play. Teammangers or coaches should take positive steps to ensure their hosts are in no way embarrassed by the actions of visitors. Teamofficials shall set andmaintain a high standard of teamdiscipline both on and off the field. Any difference of opinion with a player or official shall not be discussed publicly nor without due regard for the feelings of the other. Teammanagers or coaches wishing to question, as distinct from disputing, an umpire’s decision, shall do so privately and well after the close of play. Under no circumstances shall teammanagers or coaches remonstrate with umpires on or adjacent to the field of play. Team coaches and managers shall ensure all players are aware of the Players’ Code of Conduct and all laws, regulations and playing conditions pertaining to the conduct of players. Complaints Parents should email the coach or manager if they have any concerns or complaints. If these are not suitably addressed, they can request a meeting with the MiC Cricket. Parents should not approach a coach or manager directly at any time during the match.

sledging, which is deemed to be contrary to the Players’ Code of Conduct – is not condoned by New Zealand Cricket.

13 | Christ’s College Cricket 2020

The spirit of cricket

The spirit of the game involves RESPECT for: • Your opponents • Your own captain and team • The role of the umpires • The game’s traditional values It is against the spirit of the game: • To dispute an umpire’s decision by word, action or gesture • To direct abusive language towards an opponent or umpire • To indulge in cheating or any sharp practice – for example, to appeal knowing that the batsman is not out or to advance towards an umpire in an aggressive manner when appealing Violence There is no place for any act of violence on the field of play. Players Captains and umpires together set the tone for the conduct of a cricket match. Every player is expected to make an important contribution to this.

Cricket is a game that owes much of its unique appeal to the fact that it should be played not only within its laws, but also within the spirit of the game. Any action which is seen to abuse this spirit causes injury to the game itself. The major responsibility for ensuring the spirit of fair play rests with the captains. Responsibility of captains The captains are responsible at all times for ensuring that play is conducted within the spirit of the game, as well as within its laws. Prior to the commencement of each match the captain will toss the coin with the opposing captain. Each captain of a College teammust do so in a blazer and cricket whites. instructions by an umpire, or criticises by word or action the decisions of an umpire, or shows dissent, or generally behaves in a manner which might bring the game into disrepute, the umpire concerned shall in the first place report the matter to the other umpire and to the player’s captain, and instruct the latter to take action. Fair and unfair play According to the laws, the umpires are the sole judges of fair and unfair play. The umpires may intervene at any time and it is the responsibility of the captain to take action where required. Umpires are authorised to intervene in cases of: • Time wasting • Damaging the pitch • Dangerous or unfair bowling • Tampering with the ball • Any other action that they consider to be unfair Player’s conduct In the event that any player fails to comply with

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15 | Christ’s College Cricket 2020

Christ’s College Cricket Selection Procedure

Community Trust – Year 9 and 10 The Community Trust side will be selected in October from the Year 9 player pool as assessed by the Year 9 coaches and the MiC. The majority of the side will be made up of the Year 9A team but Year 9B players are eligible and can be selected. This knockout competition runs during Term 4 as a Year 9 and Term 1 as a Year 10. Year 10 teams In general, Year 10 teams flow-on from Year 9 selections. However, there will be instances where movement may take place in some teams. This could be due to any of the following circumstances: • A player has clearly been placed in the wrong team/level – that is, having consistently poor or good performances • A player is new to College and cricket • A player drops out or wants to join a team in Year 10 • A player chooses to play in a lower grade

The following selection procedure is designed to create a level of transparency and fairness for all boys who wish to play cricket for Christ’s College. Note, trial matches are not used in the selection process as these can often be misleading in cricket. Statistics can also create problems when comparing players and will therefore only be used as a guide or indicator. Junior Cricket Boys must play a summer and a winter sport at College. Any boy who elects to play cricket will be placed in a team. It must be stipulated that once a boy has chosen to play cricket and is placed in a team, he is committed to that team until the end of the year. Year 9 teams (new entrants) All Year 9 cricket teams will be selected based on skill analysis determined during the two net/open wicket trials held during Week 1 of Term 1. It should be stressed to players and families during registration and trials that: • Net and open wicket trials provide the only real opportunity for selectors to make judgement on abilities • Previous teams and playing history will be taken into consideration but will not guarantee selection Attendance at our pre-Term 1 camp is encouraged as this does help us to ascertain players’ strengths and weaknesses. Although this is not a selection process for new entrants, it does help us to begin evaluating players. While we do our very best to ensure players are placed in the correct team, the odd aberration may occur for a variety of reasons. Consequently, there is some flexibility for movement in these teams, particularly during Term 1.

16 | Christ’s College Cricket 2020

Senior (Year 11-13) Cricket Timeline of selection process:

December/January • Registration of all senior cricketers for following year • During registration, players will select which grade/ team they would like to play in • Other players will go through the following selection process and it will be assumed these players have aspirations of making the 1st XI and will be given the opportunity to make this side • Summer break – large numbers of players involved in representative cricket, others invited to play friendly matches or be involved in tournaments • Selection XI vs The Willows XI, 10 January 2021 • Final selection meeting, 31 January 2021 • Trans-Tasman Quadrangular, third week of January 2021 • New entrant cricket camp end of January 2021, 9.30am–12.30pm • Cricket trials/matches end of January 2021 Analysis and coach ratings. The information gained from the season will be used to build an overall picture of each player. Other important notes: During the summer months (October–March), cricket commitments must come before any other winter sports activities such as trials, practices etc. If for any reason a player is unable to attend a practice or match, they must inform and gain approval from their teammanager or coach in advance.

October/November • Youth, Social, T20 (9am start) or 3D grade or above (10.30am start) • Players cannot select their own social teams • Players who choose to play youth T20 will be placed in teams based on previous playing history and, where possible, kept in year groups so boys can play with friends • Skills assessment sessions for players intending to play 10.30am grades only. Coaches indicate players to be tracked in Term 4 • Term 4 cricket begins – teams from Term 1 resume. Coaches/managers report notable player performances weekly with MiC. Specific skill tests/ sessions with selected players take place during trainings • Selection meeting with team coaches and Saturday managers to make temporary team placements for the following season

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Christ’s College Cricket Structure 2020


Polo Grounds

Season Calendar 2020

Cricket Committee Contacts 2020

1 Feburary

Senior cricket competition begins

Garry Lund (Chairman) 021 504 787 Dev Eglinton 027 212 1218 Richard Breitmeyer 021 863 783

24–25 February

1st XI vs Otago Boys’ High School, CCCG

8 February

All cricket resumes

6–7 March

1st XI vs Christchurch Boys’ High School, CBHS

14–16 March

1st XI vs Wanganui Collegiate School, Whanganui

28 March

Last playing day of Term 1 for all youth cricket

Craig Gibb 027 443 0153 Nic Anderson 027 412 8211

10 October

Senior cricket, 1st XI and Colts grades start

17 October

Term 4 cricket resumes for all teams

Jono Brent 027 564 2002 Rob Clarke (Director of Sport) 027 494 8809 Stephen Dods (MIC Cricket) 027 212 5505 Mike Peacock (Coaching/Player Development) 020 4174 3400

21 November

Youth T20 finish

26–29 November Year 9 South Island Quadrangular – Christchurch

28 November

1st XI, 2nd XI, 3rd XI grades finish

3–7 December

Year 10 Festival of Cricket, St Paul’s Collegiate School, Hamilton

5 December

Year 9, Year 10, Colts grades finish

7–11 December

Vettori Shield Year 9 & 10 selection in Hamilton

2021 10 January

1st XI selection V “The Willows”

14–20 January

Trans-Tasman Quadrangular Tournament – 1st XI squad Kings College, Auckland

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20 | Christ’s College Cricket 2020

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