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More and more pastors and Christian leaders are recommending. BIOLA COLLEGE LA M IRADA CALIFORNIA Because of the great need for Christians in all walks of life, Biola is striving to give Christian young 'people a well rounded education in the spiritual, academic, cultural, and social aspects of their lives so that they might he qualified to do the task to which God has called them. Majors are offered by the following Divisions: Biblical Studies, Education ( including Physical

Education and Psychology), Fine Arts, Humanities, Science, and Social Science.



Dedicated to the spiritual development of the Christian home T l i e K i n g s B u s in e s s A PUBLICATION OF THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES. INCORPORATED Louis T. Talbot, Chancellor • S. H. Sutherland, President • Ray A. Myers, Board Chairman Vol. 56, No. 11 • NOVEMBER, in the year of our Lord 1965 • Established 1910 A/tfak

FOR OR W ITH — H. C. Hunt ................................................................ 10 THE UNPARDONABLE SIN — M. R. DeHaan ................................... 12 GUILT — Merv Rosell ................................................................................. 14 SINGING AMBASSADORS — Phill Butler ............................................. 16 BUT IF NOT — Vance Havner ................................................................ 18 THE SECRET OF THE HAPPY FAMILY — Gordon Chilvers ........... 21 FAMILY THANKSGIVING — J. Edgar Hoover ................................... 24 SMOKE NOW— PAY LATER — Earl C. Wolf ...................................... 34 DOUBLE STOPS AND DECISIONS — Betty Bruechert ....................... 36 SHARING THANKSGIVING — Janet Wheeler ...................................... 38 WHAT THE MOVIES DID — a Teenager ............................................. 40 A MODERN PARABLE — Doreen Woodbridge ................................... 42 Feata MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR — S. H. Sutherland ............................ 6 DR. TALBOT'S QUESTION BOX — Louis T. Talbot ......................... 20 PERSONAL EVANGELISM — Benjamin Weiss ...................................... 25 TALKING IT OVER — Dr. Clyde M. Narramore ................................. 26 BOOK REVIEWS — Arnold D. Ehlert ...................................................... 28 SCIENCE AND THE BIBLE — Bolton Davidheiser .............................. 30 UNDER THE PARSONAGE ROOF — Althea S. Miller ....................... 31 CULTS CRITIQUE — Betty Bruechert .................................................... 32 Coluimu PEOPLE IN THE NEWS ............................................................................... 4 READER REACTION .................................................................. 8 PRESENTING THE MESSAGE ..................................................................... 27 ( W Cover photo by courtesy of Luoma Photos. — All Rights Reserved —

Christian answers to your daily problems Why do Christians experience emotional upset—become frustrated, worried? Dr. Henry Brandt, internationally famous Christian psy­ chologist and radio counselor, comes to grip with these and other pressing questions. Simply, and with practical examples drawn from a wide ministry, he explains the causes of internal conflict. More important, he shows how God’s Word provides practical answers for victory over personal problems! 80 pages. $ 1.00 2 NEW BOOKS BY DR. BRANDT

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S. H. SUTHERLAND: Editor AL SANDERS: Managing Editor BETTY BRUECHERT: Copy Editor

JAMES BRAMER: Controller

JANE M. CLARK: Circulation Manager VIRGINIA LUBER: Production Manager

BILL EHMANN: Coordinator EDITORIAL BOARD: William Bynum, Bolton Davidheiser, Arnold D. Ehlert, Charles L. Feinberg, James O. Henry, Martha S. Hooker MEMBER EVANG ELICAL PRESS ASSOCIATION

Please send me the following books by Dr. Brandt: ___ copies The Struggle for Peace at $1.00 each. ___ copies Build a Happy Home With Discipline at 50c each. ___copies When a Teen Falls in Love at 50c each. Enclosed is my check fo r_____________________ including 25c for postage and handling.

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people m iK© News

famous Chase Manhattan Bank of New York, recently has been ap­ pointed the executive vice president of the United World Mission, St. Petersburg, Florida. Mr. Matthews had served with the New York bank for 28 years. As an official of UWM, he will take over the administrative responsibilities of this growing faith missionary organization. UWM cele­ brates its 20th Anniversary this coming year and is a member of the Evangelical Foreign Missions Asso­ ciation.

ished people.” Campaigns will be conducted among the American Ma­ rines, Infantry, Air Force and Navy, the Vietnamese soldiers, the refugees from Viet Cong terror and the civil­ ian population.

Howard E. Seymour recently has been appointed director of personnel for the American Bible Society. Prior to the appointment, he was an indepen­ dent management consultant. Mr. Seymour received his Ph.D. in psy­ chology from the University of In­ ternational Studies, Luxembourg. Glenn Wagner, Pocket Testament League Foreign Secretary, has estab­ lished an operating base headquar­ ters in Saigon; 200,000 Vietnamese gospels have already been printed. In a recent release, Mr. Wagner re­ ported: “ Shipped 3,000 Scriptures for the beginning of Vietnamese Campaign. Christian workers report need for great quantities of Scrip­ tures to be given to American and South Vietnamese soldiers and refu­ gees in hospitals, training centers, outposts and camps. Government and military cooperation assured. This is another Korean war with the excep­ tion that the war is all about you. There is no front line and it is diffi­ cult to know who your real enemy is. Pray for a mighty spiritual arsenal to meet the soul needs of these rav­

Malcolm R. Cronk, p a s t o r o f t h e W h e a t o n Bible Church, Wheaton, Illinois, will be the featured speaker at the Anniversary Rally celebrating the 88th year of s e r v ic e of Chica­ go’s Pacific Garden M iss ion , second

Pictured above, Mr. Wagner pre­ sents Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge and Chinese Representative Andrew Loo with PTL New Testaments in Saigon. Ambassador L o d g e wel­ comed the PTL work in Viet Nam.

oldest rescue mission in the country. Personal testimonies by Mission converts will highlight the rally. Dr. Cronk

John C. Matthews, former vice presi­ dent and district executive with the

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Psalms 113.9

Someone once said that God

The Bible, too, stands constant in a changing world. The University of Cambridge,

couldn’t be everywhere, and so He made mothers. The world changes, and man reaches into space, but nothing changes the warm love of the one who keeps the house.

through its Press, is proud of the privilege of having printed the Bible for longer than any press in existence.


e V-V xqt e £ \ n \ ^VsV a message from


the editor


U S E B I B L E T R A C T S by Evangelist Paul J. Levin


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A GLIMMER OF LIGHT A l f a i n t r a y o f h o p e shone from newspaper accounts o f the last annual meeting o f the American Bar Association. Included in the news item were excerpts from an address given by the president o f the association. Among other very pertinent com­ ments concerning conditions which confront society today, he stated, "A n ordered society cannot exist if every man may deter­ mine which laws he will obey and if techniques o f coercion sup­ plant due process.” He also quoted from a published letter by Attorney General Katzenbach to a federal judge. A fter empha­ sizing the need to enforce constitutional rights for persons ac­ cused o f crime, the Attorney General wrote, "B u t the first and foremost priority today must be a like concern for the right o f citizens to be free from criminal molestations o f their persons and property. Indeed, this is perhaps our most basic individual right. Unless this is adequately provided, society itself may become so disorganized that in the end all rights may be endangered.” It would certainly seem that we as a nation have gone far enough in our efforts to protect the rights o f individuals and mobs o f utterly irresponsible individuals who, by all manner o f demon­ stration, openly and flagrantly and scornfully have shown their complete disregard for the laws o f the land which have allowed them to indulge in such shameful activities. It is high time that the pendulum began to swing in the other direction and that our law makers and law enforcers reveal sufficient courage to speak up and act in behalf o f these more basic laws referred to by the President o f the American Bar Association and the A ttor­ ney General o f our United States. It will be a most refreshing day, indeed, if and when some o f these most basic principles of our ordered society sink, once again, into the cosmic conscious­ ness o f our various governmental branches. This disgusting and dangerous disregard for law and order was recently revealed in the newspapers by an account o f a howl­ ing mob o f demonstrators who actually tried to block a troop train in the San Francisco Bay area which was carrying troops destined for Vietnam. They formed a human cordon on the tracks in front o f the oncoming train. Fortunately the engineer refused

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to be stopped and fortunately, also, the mobsters had enough sanity left to jump out o f the way o f the oncoming train at the last moment. One wonders what sort o f hue and cry would have gone up if one or more o f the stupid mob had jumped too late and had been crushed under the engine’s wheels. Another alarm­ ing illustration o f this reprehensible affront to law and order has been the investigation concerning the causes o f the recent racial revolution in the Watts area o f Southern California. If news­ paper accounts are to be relied upon at all, it would seem that there is a greater condemnation o f the so-called "police brutality” in trying to quell the riots than there is condemnation o f the mobsters themselves who wrought such havoc and destruction upon life and property o f the entire Watts area. It is a sorry situation indeed when the law enforcement officers o f our land are subjected to ridicule, criticism and condemnation o f their actions in their honest efforts to keep law and order even at the risk o f their own lives. W e hear very little, if any, sympathy expressed for the policeman or his family who has been gunned down by irresponsible rabble rousers and law violators. But if a policeman ever injures or kills such an individual in self-defense, the cry rises to high heaven against him and the wail is heard throughout the land about the terrible "police brutality” ! It is small wonder that lawlessness and anarchy are increasing in every section o f the country, aided and abetted by so many o f our legislators and members o f the judiciary. But these attitudes and actions are simply illustrations o f a basic anarchistic view recently expressed by a very well-known Civil Rights leader, when he declared that in his judgment there were "just laws” and then there were "unjust laws.” He was quite willing to obey the just laws, but he found that he had a "moral responsibility” to disobey the unjust laws. O f course he was to be the sole judge o f which laws were just and which were unjust! The tragedy o f the matter is that no one in high governmental circles has dared to advise him that this is not the intent or implication o f our system o f society. The tragedy is that no one has the "intestinal fortitude” to inform him and others like him that such an attitude will not be tolerated in these United States because the simple facts are that this attitude is being tolerated on a de facto basis regardless o f the wording o f Our laws. So, he goes merrily on his way, being his own inter­ preter o f what he decides to do or not to do. Among other rea­ sons for our authorities’ not daring to thwart him or contradict him is, apparently, that it would cost votes. Tragically, it seems that this is by far the most important consideration in the minds o f our governmental leaders today. The Word o f God is very clear in its statements o f the obli­ gations o f citizens toward the principle o f law and order. Indeed the firm believers in the truths o f God’s Word constitute almost the last segment o f American citizenry who have any conscience whatever about obeying the laws o f our land. O f course our civil law has been based in large measure upon °n page 9)

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THE BOOK OF ISAIAH, by Edward Young, is the first of three projected volumes on Isaiah by this distinguished professor of Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary. Dr. Young considers Isaiah the author of the entire prophesy, and conse­ quently seeks for the author's meaning in what he conceives to be an organic whole. The English text is Dr.Young's own and in it he attempts to bring out clearly the force of the original. Cloth: $7.95. THE EP ISTLE OF PAUL TO THE GALATIANS (Tyndale Bible Commentary Series), by Alan Cole. What has been said of the Tyndale commentaries generally cer­ tainly applies to Dr. Cole's latest work. “ It is a plain fact that of all commentaries at present in process of publication, this is by far the best and by far the most reason­ ably priced.”—William Barclay. " . . . a solid combination of up-to-date scholarship with a dedicated willingness to let the text speak for itself.”—Otto A. Piper. General Editor is R.V.G. Tasker. Cloth: $3.25. NEW TESTAMENT TIMES (A companion volume to New Testament Survey), by Merrill C. Tenney, Dean of the Graduate School of Wheaton College. This new work provides a clear, well-organized and emin­ ently readable history for preachers, stu­ dents and general readers of the Scriptures. Profusely illustrated, it includes maps, charts, graphs and tables as well as indexes of places, names and scriptural references. Cloth: $5.95.

W M . B. E E R D M A N S P U B L ISH IN G CO. G ra n d R ap id s, M ic h ig an



WHY DIDN'T YOU? Why didn’t you put the Junior K ing’s Business in the magazine fo r July? I was very disappointed because I look forward to them. Another reason is be­ cause I love to read and it is one of my hobbies. Also because sometimes I don’t have very much to read, but I do enjoy the magazine very much. Ruth Caswell, Quito, Ecuador

different philosophy from so many of our professors, teachers and ministers. I thank you fo r the courage to speak out on this issue o f civil rights in the wholesome, common - sense m a n n e r which you portray. It is a sad situation when church men, yes, ministers en­ courage the sort o f thinking that leads to these demonstrations and race riots becoming so prevalent. Mrs. Wesley Leach, Olympia, Washington KB COVER Recently I took my fam ily for a vaca­ tion up in the White Mountains o f A ri­ zona, camping at Hannigan Meadows and roaming around all over the area o f Buffalo Crossing, etc. Then we came home and were surprised to see a pic­ ture on the cover o f THE KING ’S BUSINESS, taken in the very spot where we had ju st been. It certainly is a beautiful location. Rev. Eschol Cosby, Cochise, Arizona KB RENEWALS I am enclosing a check fo r 22 g ift subscriptions to THE K ING ’S BUSI­ NESS. I felt that I should renew these subscriptions fo r another year. Please pray that these people will read the magazines and that those who do not know Him as their personal Saviour, may be won to the Lord Jesus Christ. Kathleen Torrance, Banning, California

EDITORIALS I would like to say Dr. Sutherland’s editorial in the August issue was a needed one. We were previous mem­ bers of the Presbyterian ranks, and finally could stand it no longer. The article by Edgar Koons, “ Withstanding the Attacks” is timely and needed. So many people go along and never know what the denomination really stands fo r or anything about the literature they produce. Thank you for the maga­ zine. Marjorie E. Wetter, Los Palos, California While waiting in a laundramat last week, I casually picked up a copy of THE KING ’S BUSINESS fo r July 1965, and read your editorial entitled “ Rights Run Rampant,” and the article by William Ward Ayer, “ Christians Must Be Patriots.” It is encouraging that men such as you are teaching our young people in this day o f a much

E d it o r ’ s N o t e : Pictured above is a copy of Ruth’s letter to us. We thought our readers would like to see where she lives.

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FROM THE EDITOR (continued) scriptural law; but in view of the shattering results of modernistic preaching and teaching during these past decades, all sense of morality and moral responsibility is actually well nigh lost. Every man seems to be doing that which seemeth good in his own sight, and for the sake of expedience, those responsible for up­ holding and interpreting our. laws are doing very little about it. The end result could be just around the comer. How near we are to that comer remains to be seen! Statement of ownership, management and cir­ culation (Acts of October 23, 1962; Section 4369, Title 39, United States Code); 1. Date of filing 10-1-65, 2, Title of publication. King's Business; 3. Frequency of issue, Monthly; 4, Location of known office of publication (street city, county, state, zip code) 558 S. Hope Street, Los Angeles, Calif. 90017; 5. Location of the headquarters or general business offices of the publishers (not printers) 558 So. Hope Street, Los Angeles, California 90017; 6. Names and addresses of publisher, editor, and managing editor; Publisher (name and address), The Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc»; Editor (name and address), Dr. S. H. Sutherland; Managing edi­ tor (name and address) Mr. James A. Sanders; 7. Owner (If owned by a corporation, its name and address must be stated and also immediate­ ly thereunder the names and addresses of stock­ holders owning or holding 1 percent or more of total amount of stock. If not owned by a cor­ poration, the names and addresses of the in­ dividual owners must be given. If owned by a partnership or other unincorporated firm, its name and address, as well as that of each in­ dividual must be given.) Name, The Bible Insti­ tute of Los Angeles, Inc. (Non-profit — State of California) list of Board of Directors at­ tached; Address, 558 So. Hope St., Los Angeles, California 90017; 8. Known bondholders, mort­ gagees, and, other security holders owning or holding 1 percent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages or other securities (if there are none, so state); Name, None; Address, None; 9. Paragraphs 7 and 8 include, in case where the stockholder or security holder appears upon the books of the company as trustee or in any other judiciary relation, the name of the person or corporation for whom such trustee is acting, also the statements in the two paragraphs shoiv the affiant's full knowledge and belief as to the circumstances and conditions under which stock­ holders and security holders who do not appear upon the books of the company as trustees, hold stock and securities in a capacity other tha/n that of a bona fide owner. Names and addresses of individuals who are stockholders of a corporation which itself is a stockholder or holder of bonds, mortgages or other securities of the publishing corporation have been in­ cluded in paragraph 7 and 8 when the interests of such individuals are equivalent to 1 percent or more of the total amount of the stock or securities of the publishing corporation. 10. This item must be completed for aU publications ex­ cept those which do not carry advertising other than the publisher's own and which are named in sections 132.231, 132.232, and 132.233, Postal Manual. (Sections 4355a, 4355b, and 4356 oj Title 39, United States Code.) A. Total no. copies printed (net press run) average no. copies each issue during preceding 12 months 15,671, Single issue nearest to filing date 15,600. B. Paid circulation 1. Sales through dealers and carriers, street vendors and counter sales 783. Single issue nearest to filing date 783. 2. Mail subscriptions 14,097. Single issue nearest to filing date 14,098. C. Total paid circulation 14,880. Single issue nearest to filing date 14,801. D. Free distribution (including samples) by mail, carrier or other means 481. Single issue nearest to filing date 50. E. Total distribution (Sum of C and D) 15,361. Single issue nearest to filing date 14,931 F. Office “use, left-over, un­ accounted, spoiled after printing 310. Single issue nearest to filing date — 669. G. Total (Sum of E and F — should equal net press run shown in A ) 15,671. Single issue nearest to filing date 15,600. / certify that the statements made by me above are correct and complete. ( Signa­ ture of editor, publisher, business manager, oi owner.) POD Form 3526 January 1965. STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP AND POSTAL REGULATIONS

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T here are many earnest Christians who both speak of and rejoice in the truth of the second coming of our Lord, but who do not differentiate between His coming for His saved ones (those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour—John 5:24), and His coming with His saved ones. The coming for His saved ones (the first event—an “act of grace” ) is usually spoken of as the “ rapture” —referred to in the Bible as the “ day of Christ,” the glorious meet­ ing taking place in the air. The coming with His saved ones is His coming in power at the close of the Tribulation and will be an act of judgment — His revelation — the “ day of the Lord” — to judge the living nations and divide them as “ sheep and goats” according to their treatment of the faithful Jewish remnant, after which begins the Mil­ lennium. These are two separate events, and between them lies a period—general­ ly spoken of as being seven years in length — of deepening apostasy and tribulation. Unless one gives time for thought and prayerful study of the many scriptures relating to the second

coming, some confusion is sure to follow. Some people are satisfied to stand on a mountain and view the wide stretches of glorious landscape; oth­ ers are not satisfied till they have gone into the valleys and looked into some of the details. There are hundreds of texts that speak of the Lord’s coming, but most of them refer to His coming to the earth as “ Son of Man,” to put things right, preparatory to ushering in the Millennium. We rejoice that He has seen fit to set forth this glorious program in the Bible. Whilst there are said to be about three hundred verses in the New Testament referring to the second coming, only about six of these seem to refer to His coming for His saved ones in the air—the rapture. In I Corinthians 15:51, the Apos­ tle Paul says, “ Behold, I show you a mystery,” and it seems as if that glad event is truly in the nature of a secret, a m y s te ry , som eth ing “known only to the initiated” — an occurrence which is foretold in such a way that only those who devote prayerful study to the scriptures bearing upon the subject can com­ prehend it.

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In I Thessalonians 4:17, we read: “Then we which are alive and re­ main shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.” The meeting re­ ferred to takes place at the time the Lord comes for His saved ones. By even a superficial reading, it is evident that by far the larger num­ ber of scriptures on the subject of the second coming have to do with Christ’s coming with His saved ones. “ When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory: And before him shall be gathered all nations . . .” (Matt. 25:31-34). Th is passage clearly indicates a coming to earth in power and judgment, an entirely separate event, or, it may be said, stage of the second coming, predicat­ ing a period between the time when He catches away the church and when He comes in judgment. The late Dr. Griffith Thomas, in the Evangelical Christian, replying to the question: “ Is it correct to distinguish between our Lord’s com­ ing for His people and coming with His people,” says, “Most assured­ ly----- For all we know, this glorious mystery or secret is intended that we may be driven to study; not to take what others say about the sub­ ject, but earnestly to see “whether these things be so.” There seems nothing left to be fulfilled in prophecy before the com­ ing for His saved ones takes place, but it is readily seen that there is much to be fulfilled before the com­ ing with His saved ones can take place. Therefore, if we are looking for the imminent coming of the Lord, it must be when He comes for His saved ones. The following passages, carefully compared, show those that indicate His coming for the saved ones in rapture:

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Bok Soon (R-3) Age 6

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The Unpardonable Sin

by M. R. DeHaan O NE OF THE MOST MISUNDERSTOOD SUBJECTS in the Bible, one causing untold heartache and sorrow concerns the so-called “ unpardonable sin.” The sin against the Holy Ghost is mentioned by the Lord Jesus Christ in His address to the religious rulers of Israel who had attributed the work of Christ to Beelzebub the prince of demons. The sin unto death is mentioned by John the apostle in the fifth chapter of his First Epistle, and was spoken to BELIEVERS, who alone can commit the “ sin unto death.” Neither of these, however, is the unpardonable sin. In fact, the expression, “ unpar­ donable sin,” occurs nowhere in the Bible but is the name applied by men to one or both of the aforemen­ tioned sins. These three sins refer to three different classes of people. The sin against the Holy Ghost was a sin committed by a nation in rejecting the testimony of the Spirit concerning the authority of the Lord Jesus. The “ sin unto death” is a sin which is committed by the individual Christian and born-again believer in this dispensation. The unpardonable sin, accepting that term for the sake of distinction, is committed by the sinner. Let us take first the “ sin against the Holy Ghost.” The record is found in three of the Gospels, Matthew 12:31-32, Mark 3:28-29 and Luke 12:10. There is no reference to it in John. John is the Gospel of the grace of God through faith, Matthew is the Gospel of the Kingdom, Mark is the Gospel of the Servant of Jehovah, and Luke is the Gospel of the Son of Man. John empha­ sizes the one necessity in this church age: faith in the finished work of the Saviour. In searching the writings of theologians and com­ mentaries, one is forcibly struck by the lack of clarity, and the discouraging disagreement among Bible stu­ dents in interpreting these passages on the sin against the Holy Ghost. This alone indicates that it is one of the most difficult passages to interpret. There are those who say that to use the name of the Holy Spirit in vain constitutes the sin which cannot be pardoned. Others believe from the context that the sin consists in attribut­ ing to the devil the works of the Lord Jesus Christ which He performed through the Spirit. This seems to be implied from the record in Mark. Jesus had been casting out demons. The scribes and leaders of the people accused Him of doing it by the power of Beelzebub, the prince of devils. That accusa­ tion was the occasion for His making the declaration about blasphemy against the Spirit. From this setting, the sin may therefore be defined as the sin of rejecting




the miracles and works of the Lord Jesus while here on earth, and the rejection of the offer of the kingdom, which was confirmed by these signs and wonders peri- formed by the Lord Jesus Christ. There is also the dispensational interpretation. Those who believe this tell us that there were two offers of the kingdom made to the nation of Israel: one before the Cross and one after Pentecost. The offer before the Cross was made by the Lord Himself, John the Baptist, and the disciples of our Lord. This was a sin against the Son of Man when they rejected it and, therefore, was forgiven in answer to the prayer of our Lord on the cross when He cried, “ Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” But the second offer came through the apostles after Pentecost; when beginning at Jerusalem and all Judea, they once more offered the Kingdom to the nation through the Holy Spirit. This was rejected finally and definitely at the stoning of Stephen in Acts 7. After Stephen’s preaching, they brought him before the council where he made his memorable speech. This was the final rejection of the testimony of the Spirit of Pentecost by the nation offi­ cially. As a result, we have the conversion of Saul the Apostle to the Gentiles in the next chapter, and the Gos­ pel now goes for the first time to the Gentiles. We are told that this was the sin against the Holy Ghost of which Jesus spoke in Matthew 12. Now it is to be carefully noted that the word trans­ lated “world” in this verse is aeon in the original meaning “ age,” which refers to a definite period of time or dispensation. Jesus spoke these words before the Cross and Pente­ cost, and therefore the expression “neither in this age” would refer to the age of the Law which ended at Cal­ vary. The expression “neither in the age to come’’ would refer to the present dispensation, the age of grace. It is then pointed out that this is God’s pro­ gram: that the kingdom would be postponed and the nation rejected until after this present age of grace; then in the coming Kingdom age the sin of the nation would be forgiven; they would be restored and con­ verted and rehabilitated in their own land, for the glori­ ous millennial age of peace and righteousness. During the present dispensation of the gospel of grace the nation is in rejection, while the gospel goes to the indi­ vidual, so that any one who believes will be saved whether he be bond or free, male or female, rich or poor, white or black, Gentile or Jew. Another explanation held by a great many is that the sin against the Holy Spirit is resistance to His pleading until the Spirit ceases striving with the sinner altogether and he is left to his own destruction. It is pointed out that sin has a tendency to numb the con­ science and repeated exposure to any form of stimula­ tion tends to dull one’s spiritual sensibilities. This is true in the physical we know, and also in the spiritual. According to this interpretation, anyone who is guilty of this unpardonable sin would be neither conscious of it, nor concerned about it. As long as there is a fear of having committed the sin, the sin has not been com­ mitted.

Now you are asking the question, “Which of these interpretations is the correct one ?” Undoubtedly there is some practical truth in all of them. Each one of these various answers has some very able, Godly exponents and defenders who sincerely hold to their position. We must be very careful that we do not condemn all those who may not see eye to eye with us in all details. No greater damage has been done to the testimony of Christ than the quibbling among believers over differences of interpretation. The sinner is kept from coming to Christ because he sees so much carping and criticizing among us believers. If we differ, let us do so in love and regard for the other’s sincerity and devotion to the truth as he may see it. None of us can claim to know everything. When we disagree, it may be that you have not studied the matter through as you ought; the same may be true of me. Let us not judge one another any more, but judge this rather that no man put a stumbling block in a brother’s way. There may be many applica­ tions of the same truth and in this case the same may be true. We believe that the sin against the Holy Ghost was a particular national and dispensational sin of rejecting the offer of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Israel will be forgiven and restored as a nation after the age of law and the present age of grace have run their course. “ So shall all Israel be saved, as it is written.” While all Scripture may have but one primary inter­ pretation, we also know that it has many practical appli­ cations. The one we want to emphasize is the danger of rejecting the testimony of the Spirit of God in which the Spirit speaks to the hearts of men and women. First is by the Word of God through the Bible, for this Book is the Spirit’s Word concerning the Son. He wrote this Book through “holy men of old as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.” To ignore the Word of God and to refuse to believe the Bible is to reject the testimony of the Spirit. If this is persisted in until the end, there is no forgiveness in this life or in the life to come. Then, in addition to inspiring this Word written through human authors, the Spirit also takes this Word and convicts the sinner of the sin of rejecting the Saviour. The only sin in all the world which will condemn a man is the sin of rejecting the Saviour. John tells us so plainly in these words, “He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believeth not God hath made him a liar; because he believeth not the record that God gave of His Son” (I John 5:10). Salvation is believing. It is believing what the Holy Spirit tells us concerning the Son of God in this Book. To continue in your refusal to believe must end in damnation and coming finally to the place where the offer of grace ends for you, and there is no more for­ giveness. The Spirit tells us through Paul that we “all have sinned” and there is no one who can save him­ self. But Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again the third day, according to the Scriptures. “ The Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And who­ soever will, let him take the water of life freely” (Rev. 22:17).



by Merv Roseli

A C hicago f a th e r , home early one afternoon last autumn, opened the door of his son’s bedroom and found himself staring at a terrifying tableau. His son, a 15-year-old vocational-school student, was sitting there, one forearm bared, a hypodermic syringe in his hand. Another boy was holding a teaspoon over the flame of a cigarette lighter. Both the syringe and the teaspoon contained heroin. Weeping, the boy confessed that he had used drugs for a year—first marijuana on a dare from a school­ mate, then the virulent morphine derivative, heroin. The drug made him feel “high and light” and after he met a peddler named “Greasy George,” he started using it regularly. To get a “ fix” of heroin, he had only to ask George. For a dollar, the peddler would produce one of the capsules of white powder. Once supplied, the boy and his friends would repair to basements or bedrooms, fur­ tively dissolve the powder with water in a spoon, and give each other shots. The case was not unique. During the past few years, authorities have become aware of a tremendous and frightening spread of narcotic addiction among teen­ agers. In one New York court there were 161 arrests of youths between 16 and 18. And there is no telling how many others are using narcotics. One Manhattan wel­ fare worker guessed: “ thousands.” Once “hooked,” the youngsters behave frighteningly like older addicts. To get money for heroin, they steal at home and sell the drug on commission in school hall­ ways and lavatories. Some boys become thieves and holdup artists; many a teen-age girl has turned to pros­ titution.

There are in the U.S.A. 60 suicides every day, a murder every forty minutes. Billions of dollars are being spent annually on crime and drink. Immorality and sex laxity are so alarming that few feel safe on the streets at night. America is sick, sin-sick with nauseating agonies greater than a composite of all other sicknesses! It is not a foot trouble; not a hand hurt; not an eye ailment; not a lip difficulty; not a brain clot; our America has serious heart trouble! We have entered what may be a doomed decade, unless the Great Physician intervenes. In her people’s craving for money, fame, position and power, America is reaping war, crime, lust and insanity. Our children are cursed, blighted, doomed. They are fooled as they are schooled, and now are regimented in a great nation-wide sweep. We have forgotten to make sure that they were first regenerated! Must the children and youth of America be forever besmirched with the influence of parents living in sin? God made their ears, but not for lying propaganda; their eyes, but not for lust; their hands, but not for machine guns; their bodies, but not for liquor; their keen minds, but not for filth. Yes, God made their hearts, but not for sin and hate! He made those hearts to enthrone Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord! Only He can satisfy that great empty void in the heart that was prepared for His presence. A convert from a recent meeting wrote, “ In these lines you are going to read of a life broken by sin, but I know that Christ died for me. If I did not believe this, I would have nothing to live for. “Hear me out. If you-believe me and can help me find



peace and freedom, I pray God will make it possible for me to talk with you. I talked with a personal worker, but did not dare tell her the sordid details of my past. “ At thirteen, I was baptized. At fourteen, I went forward in a dedication service. My joy knew no bounds. In the next three years I changed my letter to a larger, more modern church. At 17, in a summer conference, I stood wtih a young man I loved, as we dedicated our lives for Christian service. The following year, while in nurses’ training, I found he had married another. Dis­ couraged and broken-hearted, I went to a large metro­ politan city. To my astonishment, the “ good” girl friend whom I had taken in to live with me while her fine hus­ band was overseas, had taken to running around with other men. Soon I, too, was going with them, dancing, drinking, and involved with several. “ I became very infatuated with a sailor and eventu­ ally took time off from work to meet him. We planned to be married. He wanted to wait till he had a longer ‘leave,’ but even so we did not deny ourselves. Several months later, a shipmate of his told me of his wife and three-year-old baby. This news came after I had spent all my money preparing a home for us. “ After thirteen years of such awful living, I wonder if there is any peace. Last night I know I should have been at the foot of the cross. Can you help me to know how to begin life again? On my knees I beg God to show me His will for my life.” What a heart-breaking appeal! I would not print it if I could not follow it with another letter from the same girl. It came after about a week of consultation and prayer with a consecrated and wise pastor’s wife. The solution was sought by God’s power alone. “ I want to say a personal ‘thank you’ from my heart. I feel so humble and yet so wonderfully free since the guidance God gave me, as well as His forgiveness. For the first time in my life, I am free from the torments of sin that had bound me. Now I’m standing on the promises of God, praying His way for my life. His Word is becoming alive and real. Prayer has become such a joy in my heart even in the few days since I found Christ as Saviour.” A large area of the psychologist’s theory of “ guilt complex” can be explained by the simple old-fashioned truth of Holy Spirit’s conviction of sin. Thousands of people crowd our cities whose maladjustment to society stems from the fact that God and His church have had no chance in their lives. For some strange reason, men these days turn to psychology and psychiatry rather than to Christ and His ministers. Our spiritual leaders have been so lacking in compassion that men have lost confidence in the churches. Rare is the minister who has time or desire to counsel with the scores of people who need him. People who rule churches have cluttered his schedule with everything else. Modern sophistication has it well covered, but sin still rankles deep in the heart. Walking among us are the leaf-covered Eves; the blood-spilling Cains; the Bath- sheba-taking Davids; the leprous Naamans; the com­ promising Lots; the avaricious Achans; the Absaloms, Dinahs, Hophnis and Phinehases who are all guilty and needy of the grace of God (Romans 3:22-23; Galatians 3:22). Man has willfully broken contact with heaven. Our rebellion, transgression, disobedience, ungodliness, im­ piety, iniquity, deviation and insubordination make sin self-evident. We have incurred an infinite liability, an indebtedness which we are completely unable to meet except for the grace of God. We must re-convince the world today that the cor­ rect diagnosis of our spiritual dilemma irresistibly

drives us to the fact that sin is the core of our trouble. Society calls it “ indiscretion.” Scholars often label it “ ignorance.” Religious “ Eddyism” says it is an “ error of the mortal mind.” The Darwinian die-hards insist that it is “ a trace of the brut^ in man.” Rationalists suggest that we must “ cull” the “ defect.” Liberals indi­ cate that it is a rather annoying “amiable weakness or a touch of selfishness.” Some may label it an “ accident” or an “ infirmity”—but God calls it sin! Let us recognize it and deal with it God’s way. A leper never laughs at his falling fingers. A nar­ cotics addict never smiles at his terrible tremor. The man with cancer does not consider it funny. The asth­ matic never carelessly shouts over his labored breathing. The diagnosis of diphtheria, malaria, or meningitis brings no joy. Strange then that those with the great­ est malady, the vilest diseases, the most cutting pain, can go on carelessly. Men with cancer of the soul or lep­ rosy of the heart, diphtheria of the spirit, must not ignore the burning eyes of sin. A Bible teacher once counseled me: “ If it’s a secret sin, confess it to God; if it’s a sin against one person, confess to God and him; if it has affected three people, confess to God and the three; and if it has affected an entire church or community, confess it to God and the entire church—at prayer meeting night.” I could wish this piece could cover the specific prob­ lems of broken homes, divorce, complicated moral situa­ tions and difficulties, but I can merely recommend that if you have such problems resulting from sin, counsel with the most godly pastor you can find. He will be glad to kneel with you and help you to get the matter settled. “The soul that sinneth, it shall die” ; “ It is appointed unto man once to die and after death the judgment” ; “The wages of sin is death” — all of these are fearful truths. We can only meet them with God’s gracious answers: “My grace is sufficient for thee” ; “My strength is made perfect in weakness’ ; “ The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” What sweetness and satisfaction can come to the needy heart when God speaks forgiveness for sin! It was midnight in a Midwest city where I was preaching. There she was on her knees hard against the altar of a great warm church. Beside her, Christian mothers knelt as though the sobbing girl were their own child in trou­ ble. Look at her! How quickly the commerce of sin and Satan can write “ counterfeit,” “ cheap” and “ sham” across the beautiful face of a willful child. Lips that God had once penciled with the clean brush of purity are now carelessly coated with the unhappy admission of loss. Fingers are now yellow with nicotine and clutching for something steadfast. Clothing is studded with cheap jewelry (a cry for beauty when the precious pearl of chastity is gone), yesterday’s garments of laughing abandoned. Hair once brushed smoothly over unburdened childish shoulders now is bleached in dis­ array, faded, sheenless. A face is lifted with tired eyes, hungry for escape, for truth, for God’s love, for spiritual answers and hope! Out of that tight throat comes one heart-rendering whisper, “Oh God, I’m sick of it all! I’ve seen the seamy side of life. Now is there any peace and forgiveness for me and my fatherless child?” This is one picture of the results of sin I shall never forget. There is no impossible case with God. Today that sin-scarred heart can sing of His complete forgiveness as she stands in the sun of His salvation. The choir friends who stand around her are no more surely saved by grace than is she. The price tag on sin is terrifying . . . but the gift card of forgiveness is ours through the acceptance of Jesus Christ our Lord.



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