David Blackwell Law - January 2020





Sometimes Getting Better Means Getting Smaller A DECADE OF CHANGE AT DAVID BLACKWELL LAW

It’s never a good day when you have to see a lawyer, especially an injury lawyer. For many of my clients, until we sit down together, their only experience has been dealing with insurance companies looking to minimize their case. By the time I see them, they are beyond frustrated and overwhelmed by the entire distrustful process. I can relate to where they’re coming from because I’ve personally walked in their shoes. The first lawsuit I was involved in was my own. I wasn’t a lawyer back then, but before my case was done, I knew I was going to study law. I found out quickly that the lawyer representing me was simply going through the motions and didn’t give my case or me the time of day. I was worse than an afterthought to him, not even a number. So, I basically represented myself. Oh yeah, the lawyer on the other side didn’t seem to care either. I won the case, but still felt defeated because I was not taken care of like I was promised. I learned a lot along the way that has helped me to take care of the injured people I now represent. I saw first-hand, with my neck on the line, the investigative legwork, network of the right experts, and ongoing preparation that it takes to succeed. I knew that if I truly cared about people I represented and worked hard, I would never have a shortage of work and that has held to be true.

Today, I have been handling only personal injury cases for quite some time because my belief in caring for people and my roll- up-the-sleeves efforts have paid off. In the past, I grew my law firm to four lawyers and 10 support staff. Over the years, however, I realized that I enjoyed being more personally involved in each case and that, by being more selective, I could make sure that I was providing exceptional service. Being selective isn’t always about money; it generally means making sure the people I select to represent are a good fit for me and that I am a good fit for them. So, I decided to scale down to one legal assistant and me. I am the only lawyer, so I am with you every step of the way. You talk to and see Dana and me. That’s it. There is no transferring you from associate to associate and no dropped communications. The buck really does stop here, and I like it that way. I only personally represent people who have been injured in car accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, moped accidents, and trip and fall accidents. In addition, I represent the families of people who have died because of the negligence of someone else. Because injury cases may go for some extended period of time, I want to really get to know the people who trust me to take

care of them and they get to know me. Most people are looking for what’s fair and for it to happen in a timely manner. We have changed over time, but the reason I got into law remains the same: to personally care for people who trust me, roll up my sleeves, and outwork and out-prepare the other side. Let’s get to work!




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