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H urricane Florence wreaked havoc on our Carolina coast. Torrential wind

“Our entire community, family, and friends have been brought closer together because of this tragedy. It was a blessing in disguise that taught us the power of our collective strength.”

and rain hammered down on our communities, destroying homes, flooding our cities, and devastating lives. It’s been categorized by locals as the worst hurricane in history for Morehead City, and residents are still finding ways to recuperate. But in the midst of devastation and destruction, I watched my community pull together and lead by example just to help others. Hurricane Florence created many opportunities to serve. During times of devastation and great sadness, I’m often reminded of my good friend and mentor, Beulah Raynor. This wise woman lived to be 102 years old, so I always take her pearls of wisdom to heart. Years ago, she gave me a piece of advice that still holds true today. She said, “If you’re feeling down, do something for somebody else.” It will get your mind off of yourself and your own worries. That’s exactly what Hurricane Florence has given us an opportunity to do. Shortly after Florence hit our coast, my wife, Carol Joy, and I decided to help residents in need of supplies. Our church reached out to a nonprofit out of Nashville, Tennessee that specializes in disaster relief, and within a few days, a semi-tractor trailer full of supplies was in our church’s parking lot. It was a daunting amount of supplies, and we wanted to spread the word. We posted on Facebook, and the story appeared on local TV stations. Luckily, we were able to provide items to those struggling to buy food, cleaning supplies, and other daily essentials since the hurricane wiped their resources clean. I don’t tell this story to pat myself, Carol Joy, and our church on the back. It’s just one example of the many ways you can get involved in the aftermath of disaster.

The damage of a home can be too much for some people to repair. Some

homeowners may find it easier to wipe their hands clean of their damaged property and start new with a different home. This opens up the market to a slew of new sellers. But, not everyone is a real estate expert. They don’t understand the intricacies of selling in a damaged area or even how to begin looking again. This is why people rely on experts. On that same token, if there are a bunch of new sellers, there are going to be a load of new buyers. Apartment tenants may use this opportunity to seek home ownership, not wanting to get back into apartment living. Some of the same sellers who decide to start new and sell their home will also be looking to buy something else in the area. For as much damage as we have in the Carolinas, we also have a number of homes that have minor damage and could easily be fixed up and sold. This is where real estate agents and investors can use their talents and expertise to make a big difference: Get involved with these new sellers and buyers and give them honest guidance on how to sell their home after Hurricane Florence.

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