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16 October 2017 Flowing Forward

National Water Week 15 – 21 October We celebrate National Water Week from 15 – 21 October to cultivate community understanding of water issues in Australia. The theme this year is ‘Water – the heart of our culture’ which encourages young people to explore

It also gives us a huge opportunity to start conversations and encourage people to learn more about the technologies and the people that keep our taps running and ensure Australia has a sustainable water future to support our economy and our communities. We have an internal display at JTWC and Balcatta (see Refresh for details) and Trafalgar Bridge will be lit up during the week. We also have a range of school and community activities planned – check out our public website for more information.

how water shapes our everyday lives through recreational activities, the natural world and our community values. The week is a call to action, challenging us all to make changes to our day-to-day lives to protect this essential resource which shapes almost everything we do.

Students and a teacher at Bertram Primary School embracing the waterwise message.

Building insights into customer issues Tap In is our community engagement and customer research program, led by Customer Insights Manager Paul Tuffin. As part of our Customer Strategy, we’re listening to, engaging and communicating with customers in different ways.

Analysis of all the issues identified four major themes (demand, supply, regulatory and environmental), and a number of sub-themes that sit within them. The 18-month plan for Tap In will culminate in a final report for internal consideration in mid-March 2018. “We’re now engaging internally to develop solutions that could be implemented to address our customers’ most important issues. We’ll be recruiting some subject matter experts from across the business to help facilitate further workshops to explore the subjects with customers in more detail.” Tohave your say, visit yoursay.watercorporation.com.au or contact Paul Tuffin.

“Tap In is one of the largest community engagement and researchprogramswe’ve ever undertaken,” saidPaul. “To date, customer feedback from the Tap In program has included 37 focus groups, more than 1,500 surveys and the ‘your say’ website that invites customer comments and conversations on water-related issues. “The information gathered will help us identify what water related issues are most important to our customers and the people of WA.” From 29 May to 19 September, the program had more than 12,000 visitors to the ‘your say’ website, and more than 4,000 comments and completed surveys.

The research for the Tap In program reports on results from metropolitan and regional residential and non-residential customers.

Our spring customer campaign – making waterwise a social norm We know from past marketing campaigns that our Perth customers have good recall of waterwise tips – most know how they should be saving water. The challenge encountered in planning our latest demand management campaign, especially after some good winter rain, is they don’t yet know why . These insights have come together in our new Stay Waterwise WA campaign, which launched at the beginning of spring, and is now moving into a how phase of communications. This phase is promoting simple and actionable steps customers can take to be more waterwise. Targeted “This model allows us to be

more responsive in our marketing communications approach depending on the weather, and makes us more relatable and current to customers.” For more information, get in touch with Lisa Westcott on (08) 6330 6687.

behaviours for spring include sticking to your watering days and times, and not over-watering your lawn and garden. The campaign has involved a mix of print, TV and outdoor advertising. In addition to these materials, we’ll be closely monitoring the weather and have the ability to either increase our advertising or change it to relate specifically to current weather conditions, like rain or heat waves, or if people are using too much water. This is made possible by the Perth weather and water use model created by Phil Heckley, from Asset Performance and Forecasting within Assets Planning Group.

Lisa Westcott, Lead – Marketing Communications says that community-level behaviour change has been extremely successful in the past with other public-benefit actions especially in influencing people to not litter, to wear a seatbelt or to be sun safe. “Our aim was to get customers to think of saving water in the same way, by positioning water saving behaviours as a social norm instead of being ‘optional’, said Lisa.

If it rains, we can quickly execute advertising like this to remind customers to switch off their sprinklers.


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